A Vampire Killing (5 of ?)

By Kayla Gayle

Sometimes inspiration just strikes. Here's another chapter. The whole thing has full permission to archive at any known site.

Nick followed Natalie down to the morgue. Once inside she shut the door and faced him.

"Alright, what is going on?"

A perplexed look came over the vampire's face.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you have been ignoring me for the past couple of weeks. Why?"

Nick turned away.

"I haven't been ignoring you."

"You have, Nick. Every time I ask about you, you turn away and have something else to do all of a sudden. And yesterday I took some protein drinks to you house and guess what I saw? A coat belonging to some female." She gave a small laugh. "Now I know I have no right to be like this, but I thought we were getting to be close."

"The coat was Janette's," Nick confessed. "I was with her last night."

"You know, Nick," said Natalie, trying desperately to control her temper, "you say you want to be mortal and then you go ahead and...stay with another vampire. This is not doing you any good, you know."

"I know that." Now, Nick was indignant. "It's that just sometimes I need to be around another vampire—another female vampire."


"Because she gives me something you can't, being human and all."

"Oh, so now you don't care about me, is that it? You have your precious Janette and I can go take a leap! Tell me, Nick, are we still going to the movies this Saturday?"

Nick looked down and Nat knew the answer right off.

"No. I promised to take Janette to the Toronto Fashion Expo."

"Oh, of course. Fashion shows are just your thing, aren't they?"

"She helped me with the case. Without her, Touchof might still be out there, killing people. I told her that I would go with her as thanks for the help."

"Some thanks," Natalie griped. She turned and handed Nick a folder.

"Autopsy report on the baby. It's not pretty."

And with that, she turned to go. Nick went to go after her and then stopped himself. Instead, he glanced at the folder and went upstairs to finish up the dreaded paperwork.

The confession didn't take long and neither did the bail hearing. Bail was denied and Touchof went to the department shrink for evaluations. Nick and Schanke got a lot of kudos for the case and grudging praise from Cohen.

Natalie put in for vacation two days after the argument so Nick hadn't really been able to talk with her. It bugged him. He really liked her, but he and Janette were getting close again.

The evening of the Fashion Expo came and Nick dressed in his best Hugo Boss and went to pick Janette up from her apartment at the Raven. She took his breath away dressed in a slinky evening dress that accentuated every curve and heels so high, she was almost as tall as he was. The midnight blue of the dress was accented by diamonds and it brought out her eyes to perfection. Nick smiled thoughts of Natalie gone from his head for the moment. She has always intoxicated him and now she was doing it again.

"Well, mon cher, are you ready to go?"

Nick just nodded like an idiot and they walked to his Caddy. Janette balked.

"I don't think so, Nicola. Let's take my car."

So they ended up taking her Mercedes to the Convention Center where the shows were just beginning. Actually, they had taken place all day, but the major designers decided that it would be in to show after dark, and so they did.

Janette, known in the fashion community, received front row seats—a status symbol at shows like these. Nick, drawing admiring glances from all over, took the seat next to her as the announcer stepped in front of the curtain where the models would walk.