Author's Note: This chapter contains strong sexual content.


I decided to break this story into installments. So with a double-update and an installment coming up, you know what that means? Oh, that's right…this chapter is a cliffhanger.

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"Oh, it's like that, huh?" John stripped off his shirt.

"Damn straight." Trish laid down on the leather seating as John leaned down between Trish's legs. He nestled his head between her thighs, right above her mound and reached up to grab the vibrator from her. He turned the setting down to the softest level; he didn't want to shock Trish with the highest intensity yet.

"Let me know when you feel uncomfortable, okay?" He whispered.

"Okay." Trish replied.

John rolled the vibrator around Trish's warm core, letting her feel the vibration against her flesh. John studied Trish's reactions as he slowly increased the speed, seeing how much she could take at once. He then rolled the vibe down to her tender nub, which was aching of release. He placed the vibe against her pearl and moved it up and down. He felt Trish becoming more hot and wet as he reached down with his free hand to start playing with her.

"You like that?" He moaned.

"Oh yes." Trish cooed.

John placed the vibrator in his other hand and began delicately lapping up Trish's mound. Her sweet taste and intoxicating scent made his shaft create a tight feeling in his crotch area. He then began to use the vibe on Trish, licking her as he glided the vibe in and out of her.

Unlike the night before, Trish had to contain her screams. She surely didn't want rumors of a wild sexcapade in the back of limo but there was plenty of time to think about that later. She was having a hard enough time focusing on John's tongue and the vibe he was using on her.

"John…John…" Trish's panting became heavier as she was nearing climax.

"Ooh, not yet, baby." John stopped licking Trish and turned the vibrator up a few more notches.

Trish didn't know how much longer she could stand it. She grabbed the pants leg of her jeans and bit down on it as hard as she could. John was giving her the most excruciating pleasure she's ever felt and she knew there was more waiting for her when they arrived at their hotel destination. Her legs started to shake and her body started to form tiny beads of sweat.

Knowing that he was driving her senseless, John decided it was time for Trish to have the release that she begged for. He leaned back down and furiously nibbled on her hot mound as he continued to slide the vibe inside her. It wasn't very long before John heard one of the loudest muffled screams in his life and Trish's hands were pushing his face away.

John removed the vibe from her and sat up, smiling at the scene. He had the world's most popular songstress in a sweaty, delicious heap in the backseat of a limousine. He removed Trish's pant leg from her mouth; it already had visible teeth marks from when she chomped down on it.

"Did you like that?" He asked with pure cockiness.

"Oh you know I did." Trish smiled.


After Trish finished her breakfast, she and Dave had an intimate shower together. It was normal how they spent their mornings with each other before they went their separate ways—Trish, to whatever business project she had going on that week; and Dave, to Tina and Alessia in their new home in Florida. Trish was relieved that Dave stopped questioning what has been going on in her head. Too bad her thoughts were before real life.

"So are you positive that there is nothing you want to tell me now, Trish? I'm getting the funniest feeling that there is something you want to say." Dave said as he got dressed.

Trish finished packing up her suitcase. "No, everything is fine. I've just had a lot on my mind lately." Isn't that the truth?

Dave walked over to Trish. "Well, I've been thinking of you a lot lately. I really miss seeing you."

"I miss seeing you, too, David." Trish put her arms around his waist. "I hate it when I don't see you."

"The feeling is the same, baby. I wish I could spend more time with you as well." Dave rubbed Trish's back.

Trish pulled away from Dave and grabbed his hands. "Well, we need to make the most of our…" She stopped speaking.

Dave gave her a questionable look. "What's wrong?"

Trish gathered the strength to speak as she felt completely stupid at the moment. "You're wearing it." She said as she rubbed Dave's wedding band.

"I always wear it."

She shook her head. "You didn't wear it last night or this morning."

"I'm about to see Tina in a few hours, Trish. I always wear it when I'm with her."

"I thought we agreed that you wouldn't wear your ring when we're together?"

"And does that make me any less married?"

Yes, it does. "That's not fair, David."

"Trish, you knew about Tina from the get-go. I even introduced you to her. I never hid the fact that I was married."

Trish sat down in a nearby chair and rubbed her face. "No, it's not that…"

Dave walked over to Trish and sat across from her. "My mind reading skills aren't up to par so you might have to help me out here."

Trish began to speak. "Dave, I really like you. I like you a lot."

"And I feel the same way."

Trish put her hands by her mouth as she tried to make sense of what she was feeling. "But this is just getting too hard for me. Like you encouraged me to date other people and when I do, you get upset. And when I encourage you to date other people and you do, I get upset. Like this is way too serious for the both of us."

"So what are you saying?" Dave asked.

Trish looked into Dave's eyes. Her mind was telling her flat-out that she was making the wrong the decision but she needed to do what was best for her heart. "I need to let go."

Dave didn't need to ask if Trish was referring to him, John, or even Jeff for that matter. He knew exactly who she was referring to. His heart sunk to the floor as he tried to comprehend everything that just happened. The woman that captured his heart and turned it in every way but normal just dumped him. He was surprised, shocked and especially heartbroken—because he was in love with her.

To be continued…..