Summary: Zordon and Alpha go missing, and there's a monster on the loose. What are the Rangers to do when they have scenes to film?

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Chapter 4 It Was All for the Best

Everyone took a deep breath. This was going to be the first day of taping without Tommy. The mood was almost like the first battle without Tommy when he lost his powers. Kim had stayed up all night talking to Tommy. She wanted to make sure everything was fine.

"All right, I know it's been a little rough without Oliver here," Mr. Jackson said.

"A little rough without him?" Kim asked. "Come on, Mr. Jackson. Without the full six Rangers, we're nothing."

"Well there's one way Oliver can come back," he said.

Suspicious looks could be seen be all five teenagers. They all exchanged looks with one another.

"What is it?" Jason asked.

"If another Ranger showed up," Mr. Jackson said.

They all shook their heads. There was no way that was going to happen.

"We're shrewd then," Zack said, throwing his hands up in the air, and turning the other way.

"How do you know that?" Trini asked.

"It's highly impractical for there to be another Ranger," Billy said.

Kim put her head down.

"You guys know who we have to convince," she sighed.

She picked her head up and winked.

"And who might that be, Hart?" Walter asked.

"Oh… ourselves," Kim half lied.

"Oh," Walter said, walking away.

"Nice save, Kim," Trini said.

"I meant it. There's no way we can convince Zordon, right," she asked.

"Who knows," Trini sighed.

"I'm not about to try," Zack said.


Kim went to Tommy's uncles to visit him on the weekend she had off from filming. She knew the only way Tommy could cool down was going to his uncle's place.

"Tommy," Kim laughed.

"What, Kim?" he asked.

She sat up on the bed and put her hair behind her ears. If things went any further, she was afraid that she would not be able to tell him what she wanted to tell him.

"I didn't come here to fool around. I need to talk to you," Kim said.

"We can still talk," Tommy whispered as he began kissing her neck.

"The shows nothing without you, Tommy," Kim cried.

He looked into her watery eyes. Talking about the show was something Tommy did not want to do this weekend with Kim there.

"Well, it is Mr. Jackson's fault for kicking me off now is it," Tommy smarted off.

"For sure," Kim smiled.

"Was that all you came for? I've been gone from you long enough," Tommy said.

"Tommy… just a little longer," Kim begged.

"Fine," he sighed.

"When were you planning on coming back to school?" Kim asked.

"I have no clue. Unless Zordon teleports me to the Command Center," Tommy replied.

She knew what he meant by that and looked down.

"That would be nice," Kim laughed.

"All right, Pinky. When are you going back to Angel Grove? You've been here with me since yesterday," Tommy reminded her.

"I'm here for the whole weekend," Kim smiled.

"Oh good, it's only Friday afternoon," Tommy said.

"Ah huh," Kim laughed as Tommy slipped his hand under her pink blouse.

He gently laid her back down and began kissing her.

"We have tonight, tomorrow afternoon, and tomorrow night," Tommy said, taking breaths between kisses.

"Sounds good," Kim smiled.

"I love you, Kimberly," Tommy whispered into her ear.

"I love you too, Tommy," she smiled.


Zedd had sent down a monster to attack the Rangers that next week when he sensed that Zordon was not around.

"This guy won't quit, will he?" Billy asked.

"Doesn't look like it," Trini said.

The Megazord began shaking violently. They were being thrown from one side to the other.

"What's happening?" Kim asked.

"Whoa," they all yelled.

Everyone yelled as they went flying out of the Megazord. As each of them hit the ground, they demorphed.

"This is real great," Jason smarted off, kicking the dirt.

"No kidding, Jason. First, Zordon and Alpha go missing, and now our zords need major repairs," Zack said.

"Is this how it ends?" Trini asked.

Kim bit her lower lip. What had just happened was not good.

"I hope not," Kim said.

"I'm going to check something at the Command Center. Met me at the lab," Billy replied.

Trini looked down and put her hand on his shoulder.

"Be careful," she whispered.

"Right, Billy," Jason said.

Trini sighed after Billy teleported out.

"We have to tell Mr. Jackson we can't film today," she said.

"Good idea, Trini," Kim replied.

Everyone nodded. There were more important things to worry about than filming.


The four Rangers ran into the studio and told Mr. Jackson that they could not film.

"What are you guys saying you can't film today?" Walter asked.

They all looked at each other and sighed.

"Listen, Mr. Jackson, something has come up," Kim said.

"But, Hart…" he started.

"We really need to be going," Zack said.

The four of them began walking back out of the studio.

"You guys will be here tomorrow, right?" Walter asked.

"Yeah, Mr. Jackson," Jason said.

Walter shook his head as he watched them walk out of the building.


The Rangers now stood in front of Zordon after Billy informed them about a new ranger.

"Rangers, it's time to meet the White Ranger," Zordon said.

Everyone turned to see who their new leader was.

"No way," Billy said.

Billy looked at Trini.

"It can't be… can it?" Billy asked.

"It sure can be," Jason said.

As the White Ranger undid his helmet, Kim's voice was low as she fainted.

"Tommy…" she said.

"Guess whose back?" he asked.

"Man, that's awesome," Zack smiled as he gave Tommy a hand shack.

"We were all hoping it would be you," Billy said. "Especially Kimberly."

"Speaking of Kimberly," Tommy laughed as he saw her body on the floor.

He bent down and slowly lifted her head up.

"Hey, Beautiful… it's time to wake up," Tommy said.

Kim's eyes opened to find her in the arms of Tommy.

"I don't believe it. I must be dreaming. Is it really you?" she asked.

"In the flesh," Tommy smiled.

She smiled and pulled him into her arms.


Everyone was laughing at the studio the next day.

"You were saying…" Mr. Jackson said.

"You were precise, Mr. Jackson," Billy replied.

"This is so totally great," Kim smiled.

"Well, Oliver, it looks like you're back," Walter said.

"Thanks," Tommy smiled.

"What are we waiting for? Lets' get started," Jason said.

"Couldn't have said it better myself, Jason," Zack laughed.


The camera was in position. Everyone was in their places.

"And… action," Walter yelled.

"All right, I decided to bring back an old friend. Someone that deserves a new beginning," Jason said.

All eyes that was on Jason, now moved to a young man wearing white. Kim bit her lip and fell to the ground. The cameras turned off as everyone ran to Kim.

"Kim," Tommy yelled.

As Tommy picked up her head, Kim could not help but put a smile on her face.

"Kim," everyone laughed.

"What? I couldn't resist," she said.

"Hart, what was that?" Mr. Jackson asked.

Kim cleared her throat as she got up.

"Sorry, Mr. Jackson," Kim apologized.

"The week's ranking come in tomorrow, and if it's below 80 percent, this project's done for," he said.

"I think that would be for the best," Billy whispered.

"Billy, why don't you want to do this?" Zack asked.

"I just don't want something to slip, you know what I mean," he said

"Yeah, I do," Zack sighed.

"Would you mind, Tommy?" Kim asked.

"No, not really," he admitted.

"Yeah, I mean, we already know we're heroes," Trini said.

"I guess we'll find out next week," Jason sighed.

"Right, Jason," Billy said.


Mr. Jackson walked in with his head down with a paper in his hand.

"I am very sorry kids, but we got a seventy," Mr. Jackson said.

"That's all right, Mr. Jackson," Billy said.

"It had to end sometime, right?" Tommy asked.

"I guess you're right, Oliver, but you guys don't care?" Walter questioned.

"Sure, we would have loved to have continued, but like Tommy said, it had to end sometime," Kim said.

"There's only one thing I don't get yet, Mr. Jackson," Trini said.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Why did we have to get eighty percent," Trini wondered.

"You see, the more money you put into a project, the more people expect," Mr. Jackson said.

"Harsh," Jason said.


That same day, they all went to have a drink at the Youth Center.

"Six smoothies," Ernie replied.

"Thanks, Ernie," Jason said.

He could tell something was wrong with the teen in red.

"What's wrong, Jason? You sound a little ticked," he noticed.

"The show got canceled," Billy said.

"That's crazy. They couldn't have found any better Power Rangers," Ernie smiled.

"Thanks," Trini said.

Kim began to play with her necklace Tommy had given her.

"What are you thinking about, Kim?" Tommy asked.

"What does this all mean?" she wondered.

"What are you talking about?" Zack asked.

"Does this mean we're not good enough to be Power Rangers?" Kim whispered.

They all shook their heads and laughed.

"Not at all," Billy smiled.

"Yeah," Tommy said, "Zordon wouldn't have picked you five to begin with."

"You, too," Jason reminded him.

"I had no choice," Tommy said.

"Like hell you didn't," Kim protested in a stern voice. "Zordon chose you to be the White Ranger, don't you forget that. Rita had nothing to do with this. He could have picked anyone else, Tommy… but you were the one."


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