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Soul's Song

Close my eyes

In the darkness I can hear

I can hear your heart beating

I can hear the sound of your breathing

I can hear a sound that cannot be heard

A music in the night

A music in my heart

I hear you playing the music

The music that is

My Soul's Song

There are many kinds of story. This is a story of love. Or, at least it will be. I find it hard to start a story without first introducing the world in which it happens, in which the people in the story live and dream.

So I shall tell you about the world in which these people went through their ordeals, their triumphs and their defeats. The story does not involve the whole world of the story. That would take far too much time and most of it is unimportant to the story itself. There are just two countries that are really needed to complete the tale.

The first country is Hirlos. It is the east country and is ruled by the De Chagny family. The ruler is His Majesty, King Philippe de Chagny and his wife Sorelli de Chagny. The third member of the family is Prince Raoul de Chagny, Philippe's younger brother. He is twenty-four years of age and as handsome a man as you are ever likely to meet. Hirlos is a fine country, wealthy and prosperous for its inhabitants.

The second country is Rymansia. It is the west country and is ruled by the Daae family. The ruler is His Majesty, Charles Daae, who lost his wife Annette. But not before she gave him a daughter, the Princess Christine Daae. She is nineteen years of age and beloved of her people. Rymansia is a proud nation, hardworking and impressive.

Raoul de Chagny and Christine Daae are two of the most important people in this story. But there is a third character who will make his presence known in due time. For now, let us start the story…

A/N: I know, an extremely odd way to begin a story. Don't worry, I'm not giving up on From Heaven's Mind. I've got rather blocked on that particular story so I'm posting this instead. There will be more soon, OK? This story is set in a completely different world, in a kind of medieval age, but not quite so far back. If you know what I mean.

Lotsa luv