Another Life

A/N: Written as a response to the Serpent's Challenge. I've never done a challenge fic before, but I'll definitely try my best. Conditions of the challenge will be posted in my bottom ANs as I reach them. Thank ye muchly.
Warnings: Yaoi/Slash, Angst, DARK themes, Backstabbing, Incest, Yuri/Fem-slash, and other various nastiness. Hard R rating.
Disclaimer: Ain't mine.

Thanks to SailorChibi for betaing!!

The Heartfelt Affair

There was nothing quite like feeling her neck pulsing under his lips. Sensing that thundering heartbeat, so strong and wild, was positively intoxicating. The smell of her breath, her tears, her sweat: it was an aroma that soared above all others. It was more enthralling than the most expensive perfumes. Her soft moans, gasped wails, sobbed cries were music to his ears; their meetings on that enormous, crimson shod bed were his salvation. Her fiery hair was a shining halo that framed her head; the beautiful ivory skin flushed with desire and need as the glorious eyes sparkled.

The best part of all was that she was his.

She glorified in it.

At last, the build-up was complete. They came down from that magnificent high with panting breaths and whispered promises that they knew could never be kept. She could not stay. He could not keep her, no matter how much they desired it. She was the goddess of his life and he, in return, the god of hers. Together, they could have been unstoppable.

Could have. Would have. Should have.


They showered, running shaking hands over skin and through hair to memorize each other for the long time that they would be apart. They dressed one another slowly, lovingly, lamenting at the thought of covering the perfect forms they longed for. Then, they very nearly stripped each other bare again, but restrained themselves. This insane love between them would have to wait until another time.

When she reached the door, she couldn't quite force herself to open it. This place was more her home than anywhere else. He was more her husband than the man she had legally married. This life was more of a life than anything else could be.

His hands settled on her shoulders as he pressed himself against her back, gently kissing her neck. His quiet words emboldened her, and she was filled with the knowledge that no matter how long they were apart, he would always be with her and she with him. His hands slipped down her arms as his head came to rest on the curve between neck and shoulder. Something shone on his hand as it moved. A simple silver band. She watched in silence as he removed it and slid it onto her finger, on the hand untainted by her wedding band.

"I will always love you, Lillian Zakiah Evans," he whispered in her ear, his voice alive with emotion. She wanted to cry, to laugh, to never leave his side.

"I love you, Thomas Marvolo Riddle," was her only reply, soft as a gentle rainstorm, before she glided out of his grasp and was gone.


Conditions met: