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The Way Things Go

Rin jerked her arm roughly from the grasp of the woman guard taking her back to her cell. A day of rigorous lab and physical tests had made her agitated and sore, not to mention hungry. The guard named Kagura grasped the young girl's upper arm again tightly.

"If you don't quit jerking away from me, I'll call for a sedative and a three day lock down!"

"Fine! Its better than having to see your ugly face!" Rin countered, secretly praying that Kagura wouldn't send her into lock down.

If anything was pure hell it was being put in lock down. No food, no water, and two guards that put you through the worst horrors imaginable. Rin had been there at least eighty-seven times between the time she was taken from the nursery at six years old to just three months ago. She had been accused of stealing a bracelet from Kanna, the daughter of the head of the Triple A organization. Even when the bracelet was never recovered with skepticism that there even was one. Rin was sentenced to a public beating and five days in lock down. She was so dehydrated by the time the cell was opened that she spent another two weeks in the infirmary.

She was shoved unceremoniously into her cell, the titanium bars shutting with a loud echoing clang behind her. Kagura walked away muttering angrily to herself and swinging the keys on a long thick chain. Rin leaned against the concrete wall and pulled her knees up to her chest, listening to Kagura's footfalls and the slamming of a distant door.

"Hey!" a voice said from the other side of a titanium wall to her right followed by knocking that had the same consistency of banging on a metal trash can.

Rin reached upward and slammed her fist down on a little red button above her head. The shiny wall slowly retracted into the ceiling above clanking noisily like a garage door. The two cells joined into one, and Kagome came forward with a small package of peanut butter crackers and a deck of cards. She sat in front of Rin and handed her the package, and began to shuffle the cards chucking the box over her shoulder.

"I thought you might be hungry so I saved them from lunch today." Kagome said, picking up a stray card that had popped from the deck.

"You know you can get in trouble for that...how?" Rin replied with a slight smirk on her face, opening the package and offering Kagome one.

Kagome took it setting the deck of cards between them. "Inuyasha helped me...deal. " she said popping the cracker into her mouth.

"Your guard? But he's always such a jerk...Fish? or Battle? " Rin asked, putting her cracker in her teeth and dealing the cards.

"Fish...He's not so bad when we're alone..." she said picking up her cards and fanning them out.

Rin shrugged chewing the cracker, set down the remaining deck and picked up her own cards. "Any fours?...Just be careful Kagome and remember who you're dealing with..."

Kagome eyed her cards thoughtfully. "I will...go fish."


Naraku leaned forward in his black leather chair, and placed his hands together upon the mahogany desk in front of him. He looked thoughtfully at the two doctors on the other side. "So...what is her evaluation?"

Ayame crossed her legs and flipped through the papers in Rin's file. Kouga leaned on his katana, behind Ayame and put his hand on the back of her chair. "Well..." She said, pulling a yellow paper from the stack and sliding it across the desk. "See for yourself..."

Naraku took the paper and stared at it a few minutes. He looked at them over the top of it, contemplating his words carefully. Setting the paper down he opened a drawer to his left and pulled out a fancy green fountain pen. He looked at them again before signing his name in large wispy writing across the bottom of the page. "Advance her...to level red..."

"Sir she's only sixteen!" Kouga said stepping forward.

Naraku sat back and crossed his arms. "Im thinking of advancing the other two as well..."

"But sir!" Kouga and Ayame said simultaneously.

Naraku raised his hand to silence them. "You know as well as I know that they have risen far beyond, my expectations. Especially for humans."

Ayame stood up swiftly knocking her chair backwards, and slamming the file on the desk with a loud smack. "They haven't completed the last two stages!" she yelled, her glasses nearly falling off.

Kouga gently grasped her shoulders and pulled her backwards for she was about to jump in search of blood. She shook him off and stared intently at her boss. Her hair was falling out of her bun held tightly by a large flower comb, and her fists were crammed tightly into her crisp lab coat.

"I don't think it is necessary..." Naraku said reaching forward to grab the yellow file folder.

"Not necessary! Not necessary!" she fumed slapping her hand down on the file to prevent its movement. "Those girls with the exception of Sango have never set foot out of this facility! They haven't a clue what the simplest things are! Like flowers or rain! Without the last two stages it would be like throwing a cat into a pen full of dogs!"

Naraku closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. "Ok." he said.

"Two months...you have two months to show them the basics of living in the outside world."

Ayame's lips formed a tight line that almost made her mouth disappear. She snatched the file from the desk and stormed out of the room, her lab coat fanning out behind her. Kouga ran out after her, as Naraku picked up a shiny black phone to his right. He dialed the numbers with general dexterity an waited for his call to go through. "Inutaisho...send me another guard..."

Back at the cell...

"Ha! I win!" Rin said triumphantly slapping down her tallied pairs.

Kagome stuck her tongue out playfully. "I'll whip you at it someday." she said collecting the cards, and reaching backwards to retrieve the box she had thrown earlier.

They both became alert as the distant sounds of an unlocking iron door reached their ears. Kagura came into view leading Sango by the arm as she had done Rin earlier. Sango was strangely quiet and her hair was dripping, making the traditional white spaghetti strap shirt and karate pants the girls wore wet down the back. Kagura passed the other to girls in silence, and put Sango into her cell. They heard the bars clang shut and the large hall door reopen simultaneously. Inuyasha walked in carrying his keys on the same thick chain Kagura had. He strode to Kagome's cell and unlocked it, slowly sliding the bars open. Kagura waited unnaturally patient behind the hanyou as he beckoned Kagome forward from Rin's cell. Rin followed knowing that she was next, banging the red button on her way out. With a clanking shudder the cell divider slowly descended, giving Rin ample time to walk under it and out of Kagome's cell door. Her body hadn't even made the transition between entrapment and freedom when her forearm was returned to the familiar vice like grip.

The cell ward turned into a long white hall with no windows, and shiny white floors. Rin gave a shiver as they left the comfortable air of the cell ward into the freezing air of the hall. Kagome and Inuyasha led the way, both of the guards boots making squelching noises on the pristine floor. Kagura was very quiet, so quiet in fact that Rin wasn't sure she was even breathing. At the end of the hall they stopped at a set of bright orange doors. Inuyasha produced a card key, swiping it through the mechanism on the wall with his left, while holding Kagome's wrist with his right. The doors swung open to reveal another hall with series of elevators. The group waited in front of the mirror-like doors until finally one opened and they filed into it. This was the place Rin usually found out where they were going. Inuyasha pushed one of the buttons, floor 2.

'Good, we're going to the third meal...' Rin thought.

Her hopes were dashed though when Kagura pushed the button for floor 5. Rin's heart fell into the pit of her stomach, Kagura had called for lockdown. The elevator moved down silently, until it reached Kagura's designated floor. Rin began to struggle violently, cursing and screaming at the Youkai guard, who had her in a double armed headlock.

Kagura found this strangely amusing. "Where do you think you're going in a elevator!"

The doors slid open, revealing two smirking guards. "Welcome back Rin..." one of them said evilly.

"Menomaru..." She whispered through gritted teeth, struggling uselessly again.

The other guard she did not recognize, his hair was long and blond, tied up into a ponytail on top his head. His eyes glowed a piercing blue, staring at her as though he loathed her greatly. He was taller than Menomaru and surpassed his partners pastel colored visage, by a long shot. Even though he stared at her with a deep hate, she sensed he was weak.

Kagura pushed her out of the elevator with a particular violent shove. Rin lost her balance and fell on her hands and knees at the guards' booted feet. Menomaru quickly subdued her by twisting her arm behind her back and pinning her face down on the floor.

"NO!" Inuyasha yelled at Kagome, as she lunged forward to help her friend.

He grabbed the back of her shirt pulling her backwards into him, and held her arms tightly against her body as she kicked and cursed at him. Tears came to her eyes. "Their going to hurt her!" Kagome cried.

"She deserves it..." Inuyasha said cruelly, but untruthfully.

Kagura laughed evilly as the doors closed, and Rin watched as her only escape turned into the reflection of her lying on the floor.


"I refuse to work with my filthy half-blood of a brother..." Sesshomaru said calmly, standing across the room from his father.

"You can and you will" Inutaisho said in an equally calm but dangerous tone. "We are slowly closing in on Naraku, soon we won't have to stoop to running his petty errands, and babysitting his human assassins."

"You're forgetting you fell weak to one of those human assassins...in fact Inuyasha almost gave us away due to his little romp sixty years ago with Kikyo..." Sesshomaru said grabbing his black trench coat from a silver coat rack.

"Yes, and if you haven't noticed we both have paid dearly for our mistakes...Inuyasha with fifty years of his life in a sleep chamber and the disappearance of Kikyo , and I with the public execution of Iyazoi..." Inutaisho said quietly shuffling papers and stuffing them in a file drawer in his desk.

Sesshomaru swung his coat around his shoulders and grasped the door handle. "If you think for one moment that I will go as low as you and Inuyasha and make bonds with a human, you are sadly mistaken."

Inutaisho stood up abruptly, and pounded his fist on the desk. " you have no right!" he yelled.

"What about the little girl son! The one you befriended, and haven't seen in ten years! That child loved you beyond anything else, and yet you let her believe that she killed you, in cold blood!"

"I had no choice in that matter, I was doing my job..." Sesshomaru said coldly.

"Doing your job! We had Naraku in the palms of our hands with that sick test he made that child go through, and right when you had the chance to pull her out of that room and end Naraku's plans for a revolution, you let your damned pride get in the way!"

"She was only six years old, it couldn't have traumatized her as much as you are implying..." Sesshomaru said opening the door half way.

"Oh it did!" Inutaisho fumed, practically ripping a file from one of the desk drawers and throwing it at his son's feet. "In there! In there it states that the trauma the girl experienced had to be controlled by, injections that stimulated her long term memory function. Without them it states that she lost the ability to perform the tasks she had learned within the few months she was out of the nursery!"

"What exactly is the point of all this!" Sesshomaru said his voice rising.

"My point is Sesshomaru, that the girl is going to be in your charge again..."