He felt her heartbeat as she desperately clung to him. She had begun to tremor instead of convulse, and her teeth chattered as if she were cold. She sobbed, he could tell she'd screamed herself hoarse. The bedroom, was lit by the sun coming in through the window, the rays had fallen on the bed, making it considerably warm. He tried to place her there, but she wouldn't pull from his embrace.

"lie down." he said softly.

"I don't want to." she whimpered, readjusting her grip on his shirt.

He stood at the edge of the bed with her for a few moments, and then opted to sit in the arm chair that was positioned in the corner by the window. He sat and adjusted her body where her head rested on his shoulder, and her feet curled over his knees. He quietly listened to her breathing slow and her shivering stop, as she fell asleep in his arms.

When she'd been younger, she had taken to climbing into his bed at night. He secretly missed the comfort that it had provided, and had half hoped she'd do it again when he kept her that first night. He kept all his feelings inside, never showing them to anyone, not even to her. He leaned his head towards hers, and felt his eyelids become heavy, sleeping was the only thing to do at this point. Jaken would come in later, and after gazing at them fondly, he would cover them in a blanket.


"That's him…." Naraku said almost jovially, standing before the large window in his office, watching an armored truck pull through the security gates. "That's our Jewel…" He tapped on the glass to make a point as the rest of his affiliates stood behind him. "Kagura…"

"Sir?" she stepped forward. "see that his cell is properly equipped….." he looked at her sideways in a knowing glance.

"done." she bowed and left the room.

"Menomaru.." Naraku called out next.

"Sir." The Moth Demon said with more confidence.

"You will transport him from the bay area to the ward."

"Yes, Sir." and he also left the room.

"The rest of you may leave, except for Kouga that is…"

The rest of the Demons, filed out of the room. Kouga stood in his white lab coat, with his hands behind his back. Naraku slowly walked up to him. "From you, I want a complete psychological, and physical evaluation, including his right arm."

"done, Sir." He turned to leave.

"Oh and Kouga?" Naraku said with exaggerated boredom.


"Find out where Inuyasha is."

Later that night….

Sesshomaru awoke, to the darkness of the room, with the moonlight pouring through the window and lightly touching his feet, almost in a comforting way. He then realized he was missing something. Rin was gone. He was suddenly on his feet, the blanket crumpling to the floor. The house was silent, only the soft snores of Jaken in the next bedroom.

"Rin…" he said aloud.

No, movement and then he caught her out of the corner of his eye in the corner of the bedroom. Sitting with her hands around her knees. Watching his every move. He stepped toward her and her eyes darted around watching him. He could see her muscles tense up like a cat ready to spring, and then she did.

She caught him in an upper cut to the jaw, while it couldn't possible harm him, it did stun him, and his face swung only slightly to the side. In that instant she was gone, and silently too. So silent in fact, HE hadn't even heard her jump over the bed to get to the door. Or did she?

He could smell her scent, and it did go out the door. He slowly walked out into the hallway, and was met by the same eerie silence as before. She was good, he could still hear Jaken sleeping.

Then, a glass broke in the kitchen. Silently he moved down the staircase keeping his eye on the kitchen doorway, all he could see was the dining table.

Anger finally replaced bewilderment, He stormed into the kitchen only to find it just as silent as upstairs, a shattered glass in the middle of the floor. Suddenly, a sharp pain spread through his shoulder. She'd stabbed him from behind with a kitchen knife.

He swung around and hit her across the cheek, sending her into the stairway. She immediately, regained her balance, and scrambled up the stairs around the corner knife in hand. He barely missed the tail of the night gown as he grabbed for it.

Jaken was miraculously still sleeping after all the racket, Sesshomaru clutched his shoulder, and carefully ascended the dark staircase, again all was silent, and again she was nowhere to be seen. He started towards the bedroom, but halted when spied the light coming out from underneath the bathroom door. It lit up the short hallway, and the front of Jaken's bedroom door.

He slowly turned the knob, blood had run down his arm and was dripping off his hand. The door creaked slightly as he opened it. Surprisingly he seemed prepared for this, not angry that a human had ambushed him and managed to wound him, but he was unprepared for what he found when he opened the bathroom door. She was sitting on the white tiled floor of the shower holding her arm, it was bleeding, and she was rocking back and forth, her face contorted in pain. The bloody knife lay beside her.

"Rin?" he said breathlessly as he half lunged for her, not to restrain her, but to assess her injuries.

Before he could get to her however, the knife was swiftly pointed at him again. Knowing he could probably hurt her even more trying to get it away from her, he backed off and spread out his hands in front of his body.

"Who are you?" She demanded, standing up and sliding into the corner of the shower.

"I am Sesshomaru." He stated, still on his guard. "Rin put the knife down."

"Sesshomaru-sama is dead!" She screamed. "I killed him!"

"I am not dead Rin." he said calmly.

He made a step towards her and she didn't react. She stared at him intently, still brandishing the kitchen knife. He took another step. "I'm not going to hurt you."

She tried to back further into the corner. "You hit me!"

"you stabbed me." He retorted, although a pang of guilt bit at him.

"You're a liar! Sesshomaru-sama would never have hurt me! He's dead! You're an imposter!"

"Rin do you really think you could have killed me, a full grown youkai, at six years old?" He took another step.

"He is dead! He is! I killed him with that sword, and they dragged him away from me, they wouldn't let me say goodbye! He promised me I'd never go back, but he lied and then they made me slaughter the only person that ever loved me! What kind of cruel test is this now?" She jabbed the knife at the mirror behind him. "Who's through that glass, Naraku? You can come in now you sorry bastard! It's not going to work this time!"

"Rin, I AM Sesshomaru, It was fake, it was all fake, it was a cruel test, but you are safe now, you are with me and you are not going back ever, I won't let it happen again!" he raised his voice.

Right on cue Jaken poked his sleepy head through the door, "What's all the racket in- GOOD KAMI!" He exclaimed as he saw Rin, standing there with a bloody knife, and Sesshomaru with a blood soaked shirt.

"don't move Jaken!" Sesshomaru warned.

Rin looked between them, gathered her thoughts, and gasped "Master Jaken?"

She looked back at Sesshomaru, and them back at Jaken. "Is it really you?"

The old toad nodded, uncertain of what was in front of him, but he decided that no matter if she asked him if he was 8 foot tall he'd agree with anything she said.

She slowly turned to Sesshomaru and lowered the knife a little. "Sesshomaru-sama?"

"What is it, Rin?" he said in the bored tone he'd always answered her in.

Her eye's widened and she let out a sigh of relief. The knife fell to the floor with a rattling sound and she stood there, just staring at him.

He took another step towards her, and she didn't move. "Rin." he said.

"Why did…why did you leave me?" she asked softly.

He stepped right up to her. Her gaze never looked up, she just stared into his chest like she could see right through him and beyond, until he tried to touch her. She immediately crouched with lighting fast speed to retrieve her fallen weapon, but he was faster. He slammed his foot down on the handle and kicked it behind him across the floor, while simultaneously flipping her over and putting his arm around her neck. She struggled to break free, as he dragged her backwards. She grabbed the detachable shower head. With a loud clink, it broke free and hit the inside water lever. Cold water immediately came from all sides and soaked them. He in his slacks and white button down shirt, and her in her thin nightgown.

She gasped, as the ice cold water hit her full in the face and he took the opportunity to pull her out of the shower, and out of the bathroom completely. By this time Jaken had vacated the bathroom and was cleaning up the glass in the kitchen. "Jaken! I want Kouga now! Do Not, call Naraku!" he bellowed, as he lifted the her up by the waist in the crook of his arm, and crossed the kitchen into the living room with her kicking, cursing and fighting him the whole way.

Jaken, ran to the kitchen phone, and dialed Kouga's cell phone. Sesshomaru could hear it ringing on the other end, and then an answer. "Kouga speaking…"

By this time Jaken was sweating profusely, "W-we have a-an e-emergency! She-She won't-"

"I know." He said promptly. "I'm down the street, I'll be there."

Jaken hung up and watched his master fighting Rin, she'd managed to kick the coffee table over, breaking a vase. Glass littered the floor.

Sesshomaru didn't want to hurt her, but by restraining her he was hurting her anyway. She broke away from him again only to step on a shard of glass, and slip. He body landed sideways, more glass went through her wet nightgown, and into her thigh. She cried out in pain, but did not let down her guard.

Kouga came through the doorway just as Sesshomaru retrieved her flailing body from the floor. Although she was still impossibly strong, and still fighting him, he could tell she was getting tired.

"What the hell…." Kouga said seeing Rin and Sesshomaru covered in blood, glass and soaking wet to top it all off.

"The basement!" Sesshomaru yelled breathlessly.

Jaken led the way, as Sesshomaru, tried to hold Rin upright to get down the stairwell. She kicked the walls, and almost sent him falling backwards. Kouga grabbed her legs and they brought her toward the table. Unintentionally, her body was roughly slammed onto it. This dazed her, when she hit her head.

They buckled her in, and Sesshomaru stepped back to breathe. Kouga, was already filling a syringe. Rin moaned and lolled her head around.

Sesshomaru had his hands on his knee's, then he looked up and saw Kouga with the syringe. "Stop."

Kouga looked up, "stop?"

"What is in that, and what will it do?" Sesshomaru glared.

"It's a sedative…." he said, not sure how to answer. "It will calm her down, for the rest of the night, and hopefully she'll be competent enough to hear your story, in the morning."

"Fine, as long as it doesn't hurt her." he said suspiciously.

"No, it won't hurt." Kouga said.

"How did you know?" Sesshomaru demanded. "were you ordered to watch the house?"

"No." Kouga said, shrugging his shoulders, and cleaning a spot on Rin's arm. "Ayame told me you wouldn't let her near to inject the other two medications, so she told me to be prepared."

"this has happened before?" Sesshomaru said, angrily.

"Only once, The meds were new when we first started injecting her. Eventually, we thought we'd made a mistake, we hadn't realized that we were possibly destroying the part of her brain that holds memories. So we took her off of them for three days, she went crazy, she tried to hurt herself, and as you can see was hurt when we tried to restrain her. We are not hurting her, we are helping her. Without the medication, she cannot function Sesshomaru. She will never be a normal human being again and I personally am deeply sorry for that. She might as well be dead, but she's alive and she has a purpose for being here, and I am pretty sure you know what that is. She has been taught to be an assassin, but she will never be able to do that, due to our stupidity, therefore, Naraku has given you another task, and if you want to keep her alive, you will do as he says."

Sesshomaru narrowed his eye's even more. "What were all the meds she was given?"

Kouga ran his hand over her forehead gently, "The first (the one she did receive) was the one that brings all her long term memories to the forefront, Kind of like lining them up, the second, shoves them away, forcing her to forget about them. There was probably a vitamin shot, and the last one, well…. It takes away her sexual drive, menstrual cycle all of that."

While talking, Kouga had managed to bandage her leg, foot, and arm. Clean her body, and change her night gown to a hospital gown, and leave her unbuckled on the table. "She's all yours." He said passing his hands over her.

Sesshomaru stood there staring at her, Kouga had explained a lot. "Don't report this." he said.

"I won't." Kouga said. "you know where to find me, if you need anything else." and with that he left the basement.

Sesshomaru, listened until he heard the front door close. He walked to the table, and touched her hand, she was sleeping peacefully.

He left her only to take a shower and change clothing, his wound was almost healed, so no point of bandaging it now. When he came back, she was still there, just breathing, and sleeping. He tenderly lifted her, and held her to his chest.

As he walked up the basement stairway she awoke, and groggily said "I want to sleep with you…."

He hesitated in the kitchen a moment, he could hear Jaken snoring again. He gave in, she needed him.

The bed was soft and rich, with a tall antique headboard and feather down pillows, he lay her down softly thinking she was asleep. Be fore he could stand up straight however "Sesshomaru…." she said his name without the formalities. He leaned in and whispered. "What…"

She weakly lifted her hand and placed it on his cheek, then she lifted her head off the pillow and kissed him once, softly. She stroked his stunned face, and said "Don't leave me…"