Sailor Star Fighter sighs, laying back in the tall green grass. She stares at the sky blankly, not seeing it--thinking back on everything that's happened--to her, her friends and family, the universe...

It's been almost a year since the defeat of Galaxia, she thinks. Amazing--an entire universe destroyed and one hope-filled young princess can turn back the apocalypse herself. We lost our princess and barely recovered. She lost everyone and yet found the courage, the strength to pull through. She smiles. Tsukino Usagi...what an amazing girl.

Her expression changes to that of sadness, and again she sighs. are you? Are you with your beloved Mamoru-san now? He's so lucky to have you. Never forget that. He had better love you as I love you, or he'll face me...someday, perhaps. Ah, Odango--did you know I loved you? I thought it was plain to see and hear, in my actions and my words. I would have given everything for you had you asked me. She wipes a tear from her eye with a black, leather-clad hand. Yet you never seemed to notice, or you ignored it. You made me feel special, Odango--but in the end, that's how you treat all of your friends, isn't it? It doesn't feel quite so special now, knowing that. And yet...

A shadow falls across her prostrated form, and her eyes come back into focus. She blinks up at Princess Kakyuu, then sits up. "Princess--"

"At ease, Fighter. We should have no formalities here." So saying, Kakyuu sits down on the grass beside her guardian, smoothing out her skirts and smiling. "Fighter, I have heard distressing news from the others. They have updated me on the things I have missed while I was hiding, and after I had died." Fighter looks at the ground, remembering those sad times. "What interested me most, however, is not what they told me happened while you were Sailor Star Fighter of Kinmoku, but while you were Kou Seiya of Three Lights." Fighter looks up, startled.

"What do you mean, Kakyuu-hime?"

"They told me of Usagi, and how the two of you...bonded." Fighter blushes.

"We became good friends."

"This I know. I could see it clearly when I saw the two of you together. Even then I knew that your heart had been torn between two princesses."

"Kakyuu-hime--" Kakyuu holds a hand up to silence Fighter.

"I do not mind so much as you thought I would. I have been selfish to try and keep the Starlight senshi to myself. The three of you have strengthened beyond what I had imagined since you went to Earth. The three of you have helped save the universe, Fighter, and now...I feel it is best that you retire."

"Princess! I could never--"

"I am not finished. I have already discussed this with Maker and Healer individually. I saw the three of you perform together, when you sought to expose the Light of Hope. You seemed so happy there, being on stage, almost like normal people. I decided then that as soon as it was all over I would release the three of you. Perhaps it is time to train the next generation of Starlights."

Finally Fighter has an opportunity to speak. "Princess, you know we could never leave you. Never! You still have need of us."

"No, Fighter," Kakyuu says with a sad smile, "I do not. The evil in the universe has been destroyed. All that is left is to turn to normalcy. I can return to ruling this planet, and the three of you can return to Earth. Do not argue, Fighter; I know the three of you wish to go so very much...and you wish to see your princess."

Fighter shakes her head. "Kakyuu-hime, even if I do return to Earth, Usagi has a love of her own--a man. And she deserves that love, and to have a man to give her children, love her as she ought to be loved."

Kakyuu smiles enigmatically. "Fighter, you have been able to change your gender all along--so far you have been switching between the two, but with your have the power to become a man. All that remains is to ask yourself, 'Do I love her that much?'"

They both remain quiet for a while, the one reflecting and the other patiently waiting. "I do," Fighter finally says quietly. "I would give up the world for her, I would die for her if I had to--I would kill to see her happy."

Kakyuu's smile grows. "That was all I needed to hear, Seiya Kou. I will miss you. Do enjoy your new life, and take care of each other."

Before Fighter can ask what her sovereign means, a bright light engulfs her--then everything fades to black.

Okay, sorry if I got any details wrong. I would have called her Seiya some of the time, but she was dressed as Fighter to I kept that instead. I plan to update this story frequently, turn it into a full-blown romance, but I'd still appreciate reviews.