Earth--An Hour Later

Usagi is nearly in tears. The concert is about to begin and there are no seats left in the auditorium. She fears that Seiya didn't reserve a seat, was lying to her, or someone took her seat anyway. Feeling her earlier depression creep up on her for this reason, she turns from the auditorium. She's almost out the door when Seiya reaches her, out of breath.

"Odango! Why aren't you in the auditorium?

"I...I don't have a seat," she replies quietly, looking at the ground.

"I didn't reserve you one." She looks up at him in shock.

"But you said--" He holds a finger up to her lips to quiet her.

"I didn't reserve you a seat, Odango, because you're going to be onstage."


"Yes, onstage. Or backstage if you prefer. No one else gets that privelege," he adds with a confident smile. She throws her arms around him. Cautiously he wraps his arms around her, then flinches.

"Ah, the concert. We'll continue this later, okay?" he asks with a wink, which causes her to blush--just the reaction he loves to reach for. Together they run around to a side door leading directly onto the stage.

Usagi settles for remaining backstage, peeking out from behind one of the large curtains to watch them perform with a smile on her face the entire time. Then suddenly the music comes to a halt at a signal from Seiya himself. Usagi frowns in confusion.

"My apologies," he says into the microphone. Yaten and Taiki don't look surprised at all; in fact, they simply exchange smug looks. "This wouldn't be much of an exclusive concert if I didn't tell you why we're doing it. Many of you just assumed we're performing here today because this is our school." At this, the audience cheers. When they settle down he continues, "But that's not the case. The band and my fellow singers are doing this as a favor for me. I wanted to do this concert in honor of one girl--one very dear and special to my heart. She has been a close friend for a long time, and I've wished for her to be more than that for about as long. Students, faculty, fans all--I give you Tsukino Usagi-chan, the reason for this concert today!" he finishes, indicating with one arm the spot where she hides. Her eyes widen, and she swallows hard, not sure what to do. She sees her friends signaling her from the second row.

"Usagi!" they yell. "Come onstage!"

Nervously she complies, walking onstage and looking out at the enormous crowd. Her heart pounds in her chest; she had always suspected she had stage fright, but this confirms it. The lights are too bright, the crowd too loud, all eyes on her...

And then she looks at Seiya, and all that seems to melt away. He's smiling as big as he's ever smiled, waiting for her to come to him. What really reaches out to her, though, is his eyes--hopeful and nervous at the same time. Nervous about what? That she'll turn away and make a fool of him in front of the entire school?

I would never do that to Seiya, she tells herself. Emboldened by the sentiment, she crosses the rest of the distance to the singer, and the look in his eyes changes to one of confidence and sheer joy. He grabs her hand and holds it up. She smiles a little and waves at the crowd.

"While this whole concert is dedicated to Usagi-chan, this next song will be sung especially for her," he says to the crowd. To her he says, "Usagi, stay onstage with me, please?"

She nods.

The song begins.

He looks at her the entire time.

In my dreams, how many times have we

Given each other tender kisses

When I look into your round eyes

I am drawn right into them

Kimi no naka de madoromu

Nukumori ni tsutsumarete sou

Aa itsu made mo samenaide to

Tsuraku sakebu no sa

Dropping off to sleep held by you

Like that, I am wrapped in your


Oh, if I could never wake up from


I yell that out with pain

Because my heart is beating so


I know myself that this is for real

This heartache is too much, I've

grown tired of it

I won't give up on this

If we had only met earlier

All I can find is that excuse

To the distances where the moonlight

doesn't reach

Oh, I want to take you away there

Shining as the sun rises

Your smiling face is too brilliant

Like this, I will get deep inside

I am scared of being alone

Suddenly ringing out, the PHS is

Coming across the distance between


You say I'm a friend, you say I'm a

nice guy

I just don't understand

Yesterday you were so sweet to me

But now you are being held in his


To the distances where the moonlight

doesn't reach

Oh, I want to take you away there

If we had only met earlier

All I can find is that excuse

To the distances where the moonlight

doesn't reach

Oh, I want to take you away there

During the song Seiya uses the same tactic he used when searching for Kakyuu-hime to send his love, both through the words of the song and his own feelings being projected toward his target--Usagi. The feelings impact her so strongly all traces of her earlier fatigue, depression and fear disappear under a cloud of warmth. Her eyes moisten at the words, which she knows instinctively are heart-felt and meant only for her. By the end of the song her knees are weak.

Sensing this, Seiya walks her offstage, still holding her hand. Before he releases her behind the curtain, however, he raises that hand to his lips and gently kisses the back of her hand. Her blush, present throughout the entire song, deepens.

Her dilemma hadn't been so difficult until that moment.


Dear Mamo-chan,

I don't know yet if Setsuna has made any attempt at contacting you yet. I've had the most distressing news--the destiny we share is only one possibility for me. Do you remember Seiya-kun? Well, in one other possible future of mine I end up married to him, and Chibi Chibi is our daughter. In that same future you are married to Rei-chan, but Chibiusa is still your daughter. Mamo-chan, I'm so confused!

You may not like how this sounds, Mamo-chan, and truthfully I don't either, but I used to think I only loved you--and I was wrong. Forgive me, Mamo-chan, but now I'm also in love with Kou Seiya! I don't know what to do. None of my friends will give me a straight answer for fear of hurting someone's feelings. I wish I didn't have to come to you with this, but it's fair that you know everything. Mamo-chan, this affects both our futures. Help me to choose. I know Rei-chan still loves you; she always has. Know that I will always love you, too, no matter what. I'm so sorry to bring this to you--but you had to know.

Please write back.


Tsukino Usagi

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