Hellu! It's Aki-No-Good again, reporting to you from places unknown! This is just a stupid fic I wrote as an experiment. Actually, I was just upset over the fact that I'm not funny enough. So I wrote this insanity. It really makes no sense, so don't flame me whining about how you don't get it. Hokay, enjoy.

- - -

That night, Tidus awoke with an undeniable craving for…

"Toast! I need toast!" the boy with nice hair proclaimed even though he hadn't taken a bath in weeks

Tidus knew by then that if he didn't get his toast right then, Sin was liable to attack. He didn't know exactly why he had to worry about Sin, seeing how he and Auron were dead, but still living, but never the less he was still afraid. The thing smelled really bad, sort of like old socks.

Tidus then realized that he hadn't washed his socks or even changed his clothes since he left Zanarkand. The blonde boy smacked his head.


So, Tidus set off on his epic adventure.

Being careful not to wake anyone up, Tidus jumped down the stairs and made as much noise as was possibly possible. You see, everyone was living in this nice two-floored house together, because the author doesn't like to describe the battles.

What Tidus encountered at the bottom of the stairs was something he'd hoped he'd never see again.

"Eek! It's Wakka in a night gown!" He squealed, too shocked to move.

"You idiot, I'm Lulu. Can't you tell the difference?"

"Hmm…" Tidus pondered this question thoughtfully. He really enjoyed these simulating conversations.

"No!" He finally replied.

Lulu opened her mouth as if to say something, but at that moment she spontaneously combusted.

Tidus scratched his head. "She must've been in a hurry to get somewhere", he decided. But Tidus didn't have much time to think because a flying coconut flew out of the air and hit him in the head, knocking him to the ground.

"Seymour!" Tidus scowled, shaking his fist at nowhere in particular.

"That's right! It was I!" Seymour declared from the top of the steps.

"Oh, hey Seymour. What're you doing here? You look awfully nice in that gown."

"Oh, you think so? I bought it on sale at Marshals for only…Hey! It's not a gown, it's a robe!"

Tidus shrugged. "Same difference."


"Oh! I know why you're here!"

"You do? Finally! Finally you realize that I am here to seal your doom-"

"You're here for a sleepover!" Tidus proclaimed.

"Sleepover!" Wakka giggled, appearing out of nowhere.

"Yup. Seymour's already in his pajamas-"

"They're not pajamas!"

"Yay! Can I do your hair, Tidus? It's so soft and shiny…unlike mine", Wakka said, pointing at his sad excuse for a hair-do.

"It's alright Wakka. You may be a freak, but just look at Kimahri!"

"Oh yeah, you're right. And Yuna. She has different colored eyes."

"Please, I'm trying to talk here!"

Wakka and Tidus turned to look at Seymour. But unfortunately for him, he had turned into a duck.

"Does that happen often?" asked Wakka.

"Yeah, but only on days that start with a J."

"Oh, well that makes sense seeing as it's Jurtlewsday."

"Did someone say spaghetti?" asked Yuna, running down the stairs dressed in a pirate suit.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

"Hello, welcome to McDonalds, how may I help you?" Tidus said as he answered the door.

"AHH! It's Sin!" Shrieked Wakka.

"I'm here for the sleepover…your ever impending doom can be full-filled later."

"Can I do your hair?" giggled Wakka.

"Yes! Make me look pretty!"

Tidus looked uneasy.

"Tidus…there's an alligator in your pants…did you know that?" Yuna said

"Yes, it's been making me feel rather uneasy."

"Whoops, how'd that get there?" Auron said, stepping out of Sin's mouth.

"Is this your alligator, Auron?" Tidus asked.


"Oh…well then…"

"Chappu!" Shrieked Wakka. "That must be Chappu, re-incarnated!"

"You idiot, I'm Lulu", the alligator said.

"Lulu, what are you doing in my pants?"

Just then, Lulu evaporated.

"Can that happen?" Auron asked.

"I have a feeling I'm forgetting something…like, a quest unfinished…" Tidus pondered.

"Quack", said Seymour.

- - -

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By the way…did you know that hokey is a real word?

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