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Who is this Guy?

Konoha – 5 miles

An elder monk walks down the path to Konoha. 'How long has it been since I have traveled down this path? Hm… I believe it was about 15 years ago… I heard he has fulfilled his dream. I guess I will have to wait as see how he is.'

A grin appeared on the elder's face. "I guess we will find out shortly."

"Man, just because I was mean to that little demon, doesn't mean that I should deserve guard duty for the week. What am I going to do now? Huh… Who goes there?" The genin said.

"Sorry to interrupt your musing, but I just want to enter your town. I hope you don't mind." Said the monk as he walked up to the gate. 'Demon? I thought Arashi dealt with the Kyuubi.'

"Oh, not at all, although you do have to talk to the Hokage, if you plan on staying long," replied the guard.

The monk bowed, "Thank you."

"No problem… What a nice guy."

Sarutobi overlook the town from the tower. 'I am sorry I failed you Arashi. Your son is not received as the hero that you wanted him to be.' He let out a sigh, 'I am getting to old for this.'

"Where is Hokage, Sarutobi?"

Sarutobi turned swiftly and threw a dagger at the voice. Only to have it caught by a hand that came from the shadows. 'Wait a minute, how is it possible for anyone to get past the Anbu? … Oh no, of course, only he could do that.' "How have you been, Ken?"

The monk came out of the shadow, "You haven't answered my question yet. Where is Arashi?"

Sarutobi studied Ken. 'He hasn't changed since I have known him.' "You haven't heard the news, I guess."

"I heard about the Kyuubi, but it was defeated. But once again I ask where is Arashi?"

Sarutobi looked down, "Then you haven't heard all of it… Ken, Arashi sacrificed himself to stop the Kyuubi."

"How is this possible? He should have been able to deal with Kyuubi without having to die."

"I don't know about that but he did leave you a letter that he wanted you to read," said Sarutobi as he went to the desk and pulled out the letter. "He said that it would explain what he did to you."

Ken took the letter, opened it, and began to read its content. 'I should have known, Arashi always did have Lynne's heart…' Ken looked to Sarutobi. "Where is Naruto?"

The Hokage looked stunned, "How did you know…"

"It was written in the letter, that he had a son… Where is he?"

"Naruto lives in Arashi's old apartment… Ken, Naruto does not know of his heritage, Arashi…."

"I know, that was also written in the letter. Is he alright, who has been taking care of him?"

"No one," replied the Hokage.

"WHAT!" Exclaimed Ken. "WHY NOT?"

"No one wants to deal with the 'Demon Child'."

"What sort of foolishness, can't they… They can't, can they. They still see the Kyuubi, don't they?"

The Hokage nods. "The older generation does, the young don't know. I forbad anyone from talking about it. To the young, the Kyuubi died that day."

Ken nods, "I suppose prejudice and hate will always stay in the hearts of those that don't want to grow. Where is he?"

"He should be going home, school ended five minutes ago."

"I would like to meet him."

The Hokage nods and hands a key to Ken. "Here, this will let you into his home."

"Thank you."

"Get back here you, brat!"


"Why don't you just die, you stupid demon."

Naruto ran, as long as he could remember the villagers hated him. Today was no exception. Earlier Naruto decided to take a short cut to get to his home faster, but he happened to pass a bar. Needless to say, a few of the drunken villagers decided to remove the 'taint' that had affected Konoha, which led to Naruto being chase through half of Konoha.

'Why does this happen to me? I am not a demon, I don't know what I did to deserve this,' ran through Naruto's mind as he ran away from the villagers. Naruto ran and turned left, 'Almost home, just a bit further… Oh no.' A wall blocked his path.

"There it is!"

"No where to go now, huh, demon."

"Let's kill it now, everyone will thank us once it's done."

'Please,' Naruto prayed, 'Someone, anyone help me.'

The villagers began picking up rocks and looked for sharp items to use against Naruto. "Die Demon!" Exclaimed a villager as he threw the rock at Naruto.

'Please help me,' Naruto thought as he covered his head with his arms.

A second pass, then two, then three. Naruto peaked from his arms to see why the rock never hit. Only to see the back of a man, looking at the terrified villagers.


"There it is!"

"No where to go now, huh, demon."

"Let's kill it now, everyone will thank us once it's done."

Ken heard the voices from the roof where he was perched. 'Demon, could it be…' He looked to see a group of drunken villagers cornering a child, picking up rocks and looking for weapons. 'Naruto…'

"Die Demon!"

Ken acted, releasing some of his touki to the villagers; he dropped between Naruto and the villagers catching the rock. He crushed it within his hand and slowly allowed the sand to pour out of his hand.

"Leave. Now."

The villagers having felt Ken's touki, shivered. One of the more inebriated villagers staggered forward, "Give us the kid. This doesn't involve you."

"When grown men decide to kill a child it becomes my concern."

"He is no child, he's a demon, he deserves to die for what he did."

Ken feels the anger boil within him, 'How dare they presume anything!' He unleashes his killing intent, knowing that it would bring the ninjas. 'Not to mention scaring these pathetic worms.'

The villagers felt it, cutting through their drunken haze. The cold hand of death grabbing them and preparing to send them to the abyss.

"W-w-who are you?" one of the villagers stuttered.

Ken didn't bother to look up, allowing them to fully understand how insignificant they were to him. "Kenshiro." Was all he said.

The reaction was immediate. The look of shock and fear appeared on the faces of villagers. "Hokuto Shin Ken," one villager replied as if to confirm Ken's identity.

In a chilling voice Ken said, "Yes, and if you leave, and I might not kill you today."

With those words, the villagers scrambled away from the man and praying that he would not come after them.

Ken restrained his killing intent, and after making sure that the villagers left, he realized that a crowd of ninjas had arrived. He grinned as he saw the ninjas get ready for battle. Suddenly, the Hokage appeared and told the ninjas to leave. Some protested not knowing what was going on, and wanting an explanation on the killing intent that they all felt. The Hokage told them that it was none of their business and that they should go back to their regular routine.

After the ninjas dispersed, he turned to Ken, "Was that really necessary?"

"Yes," Ken replied as he turned to Naruto. "Are you alright little one?"

Naruto nodded not understanding what was going on, but realizing that this man had saved him from the villagers. "Thank you," he said in a quiet voice.

Ken smiled, "Not to worry, little one. I won't hurt you, come let's take you home, shall we."

Once they had arrived to Naruto's home, Sarutobi asked Naruto what had happened. Naruto told him everything, from the bar to when Ken had saved him. Sarutobi hearing this was stunned and saddened, 'I have failed you again Arashi.' He looked at Naruto for a second before he held Naruto.

"I am sorry, Naruto. I did not realize that it had gotten this bad. Please forgive me." Sarutobi said.

Naruto gave a fox-like smile, "Don't worry old man, I am alive now. How about taking me out for Ramen, nee nee."

Ken studied Naruto, 'He is covering up how he truly feels, I can sense it within him, but he refuses to let it take over. How strong is he?'

Ken smiles, "Okay Naruto, Ramen it is."


'Why do I have a bad feeling about this.'

"You couldn't have told me about his eating habits."

Sarutobi chuckled, "I figured that you would know, you do remembers Arashi's appetite, right?"

Ken sighed, as he carried Naruto back to his apartment. "True, but twelve bowls of ramen, Yodaime could do that on a good day."

Sarutobi gently smiled, "True, but he did have a voracious appetite." He paused and a frown slowly appeared, "Now, what are we to do with Naruto?"

"We will see…"

Author's notes:

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