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Fist of Naruto

By The Unknown 007

Disclaimer: I don't own Fist of the North Star or Naruto. They belong to two great authors, so don't sue me, I have nothing to offer or sell save my eternal soul.

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"Heheheh" – Kyuubi speaking

Chapter 11

The Chuunin Exams:

The Finals

Naruto screamed as he awoke with a start. For the past 10 days, Kenshiro continuously trained Naruto as the days and nights blurred to one continuous fight. Naruto was pushed to the extreme and beyond, as Ken would constantly use new techniques to force Naruto to create counters. Along with that, Ken had increased the amount of weight on Naruto, which made it even harder for Naruto. But through it all Naruto never complained, only got right back up and into fighting position. By the end of the 10 days, Naruto collapsed… mainly because there was nothing left within him.

Naruto looked around and soon realize that he was not alone. Rubbing the back of his head, he gave a silly embarrassed grin to his visitor… Shikamaru. "Heheheheee, yo?" he said.

Shikimaru shook his head. "Teeee, so troublesome," he said as he looked to his game. After he mesmerized where the game was, he turned back to Naruto. "Hey. Finally awake?" he asked.

"Where am I?" Naruto asked, as he sat down and turned his head.

"The hospital," Shikamaru said. "I heard you were asleep for three days straight."

"Three days? Three…" Naruto said groggily. He quickly became angry and leapt back up to his feet.

"W-What?" Shikamaru asked.

"Shikamaru, when are the final matches?" Naruto yelled.

"Tomorrow…" Shikamaru said.

Naruto sat back down. He breathed a sigh of relief. After all the training he had been through with Ken-sama, he was happy that he would not miss the final matches of the tournament. Although Ken-sama had reminded him not to show any techniques and to face each challenge with seriousness, the chance to show everyone what he could do still excited him. A feeling that he was proving to those people just how good he was, felt satisfying.

Suddenly, he felt something was wrong but he couldn't figure out what it was. As he looked around, he noticed the hourglass. "What's going on with that?" he asked Shikamaru.

"Hmmm," Shikamaru asked, he followed Naruto's eyes to the hourglass. "Oh, I don't know. It just stopped. It might be stuck," he said as Naruto grabbed the hourglass. He watched as Naruto moved the hourglass from one side to the other.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, the sand did not move at all, even when rotating the hourglass it remained the same. Naruto quickly went to the closet to get his clothes. He quickly put them on and looked at Shikamaru. "We need to go," he stated firmly.

"Naniii! What for?" Shikamaru asked. He did not know what Naruto was doing, but the fact that he quickly put on his clothes and was interested in the hourglass, he knew that it couldn't be good. Sure, he remembered the times when he and Naruto would gather with others, and have fun. He never saw Naruto in a serious mood, until recently. After the preliminary round, he began thinking that the Naruto that everyone thought was in fact not the "true" Naruto. Shikamaru shook his head; these thoughts could wait right now Naruto needed him to watch his back. Something that Shikamaru knew he would gladly do.

The door opened to Lee's hospital room. Sabuku no Gaara slowly entered the room. His memories were still free from the fight. He remembered each punch, each kick, and the pain that was produced when Lee broke through his defenses. For weeks, Gaara heard his mother whisper into his ear, demanding the blood of the attacker. Lee was able to get out of being punished, how it happened still haunts Gaara's mind. He had waited until that pink haired girl left before he entered into the room. He wanted to take his time with what he had planned for Lee. As he approached the bed, the sand began covering Lee's body. Gaara began remember how Lee had escaped from him, how his commander had destroyed the sand that was about to end Lee's life.


Gaara grabbed his head in pain and asked, "Why? Why did you help him?"

Gai looked at Gaara and said, "He's… He's… an important subordinate I love."

Gaara looked at Gai and then at Naruto who was working on Lee. Naruto, without taking his eyes of Lee, said, "He is one of my important people. I will defend my life for him."

End Flashback

Love that was something that was always described to him but Gaara never knew what it truly meant. His mind flashed back to his early life, and Yashamaru… Gaara grabbed his head as the pain of his first intentional kill went through his mind. The sand responded and began wrapping around Lee. Gaara breathed heavily as he reached out his hand to crush this insect.

'My body…' screamed through the mind of Gaara as he found himself unable to move, 'won't move.' He turned his eyes to see two other Nins looking back at him… Shikamaru, and… Naruto.

"What the hell are you doing here, Gaara?" Naruto demanded as he looked intensely at Gaara. "What are you trying to do?"

Shikamaru breathed a sigh of relief, as he was able to use Kagemane no Jutsu to stop Gaara from moving. He remembered the preliminary match, how affective Gaara was with his sand.

He was beginning to get worried, as Gaara remained emotionless and stared at he and Naruto. He was about to repeat Naruto's question when Naruto quickly asked.

"Well! What did you try to do to Fuzzy Eyebrow?" Naruto demanded.

Gaara stared intently at Naruto, he could not hear his mother when this blond-haired spoke. It was as if his mother was listening to every word this kid said. He quickly steadied himself and looked at Naruto. "I tried to kill him," he stated in his quite voice.

"WHAT?" Both Naruto and Shikamaru exclaimed.

'How can he remain so calm?' Shikamaru thought. 'He shouldn't be able to move because of my Kagemane no Jutsu.' Shikamaru prepared himself and said, "Why do you need to do that? You won the match. Do you have some sort of personal grudge against him?"

"No." Gaara stated calmly. "I'm going to kill him, because I want him dead."

"You grew up in a bad environment, didn't you?" Shikamaru continued his questioning. "You're really egocentric." But Shikamaru was thinking differently from what he had said. 'Actually, this guy is weird. I'm getting the chills. If he does something, I don't think even Naruto will be able to handle him. Geez, what should I do…?'

"If you bother me, I will kill you, too." Gaara continued.

Naruto was squeezing his fists tight, he knew things were bad but Gaara seemed determined to piss him off. His distain behavior and his attempt to kill Fuzzy Eyebrows had put him on edge. He knew that

'I guess I'll bluff to see how he'll react.' Shikamaru thought. "We know that you're strong, since we saw your match with him. But… This guy here and I are pretty strong as well. We didn't show our strongest move in the preliminaries. And it's two versus one here. You're at a disadvantage. If you listen to us, we can let you go." Shikamaru said.

"I'm only going to say this once more. If you bother me, I'll kill you!" Gaara said.

'This guy…' Shikamaru thought. But before he could continue, Naruto began chuckling.

Naruto said, "You think your strong, you think you're a monster. You don't know the meaning of the word."

Naruto listen as Shikamaru and Gaara spoke. As Gaara explained how he became who he was and what was done to him. Naruto felt the blood drip from his fists; he watched Shikamaru response to Gaara's explanation. After Shikamaru's horrified expression on how Gaara was forced into becoming a weapon for the Sand, Naruto knew that Shikamaru was not ready to find out about Arashi's sacrifice and the village's response to his "gift".

Naruto listened to Gaara speech about his life and his torment that was brought upon him from his father. Naruto knew that this kind of traumatic life would cause an imbalance that would also help further Shukaku's attempt to corrupt his host. Thereby releasing himself into the world again. Naruto knew how he felt, for the first few years of his life he was tormented like Gaara. However, unlike Gaara, who was only attacked by his father, Naruto was constantly beaten and abused by the people of Konoha. Gaara, because of his relations with the living Kazekage, was shielded from the more violent attackers. Naruto shook those thoughts from his head as he felt Gaara begin his manipulation of the sand.

Naruto waited and allowed Gaara to continue with his sand manipulation. He faked fearing Gaara so that neither Shikamaru nor Gaara would think of him as a threat. Naruto could feel that Gai was coming closer and he prayed that Gai would show up before Naruto had to respond to the growing threat that Gaara was rising to as he It was with the intervention of Gai that cause Gaara to stand down and leave. Both Gai and Shikamaru watched him go.

Shikamaru suddenly remembered how Naruto rushed force him to come along and defend Lee. He turned to Naruto to ask him how he knew about Gaara, only to find a chibified Naruto doll with a note attached stating, "I'll see you tomorrow, Shika-chan!"

Shikamaru grumbled. "Troublesome," he growled.

Outside the hospital

Gaara was walking away from the hospital; he was contemplating how Gai's reaction had caused him pain. It hurt him, hearing the conviction from Gai about his student. He had never known why it did, but he wanted it to end.

But as much as Gai's word and conviction cause him pain, Gaara would wonder why his mother would stop speaking when Naruto talked. It sent a shiver up his spine because for as long as he remembered his mother would always speak with him. But for some reason he knew that his mother feared Naruto, and did not know what to do about it.

The Next Day

Naruto was waiting at the training ground. He looked up at the sky, he remembered back before Kenshiro took him away from this place. He remembered the curses, the yelling, the beatings… especially the beatings. He knew that on some level, Gaara had every right to be angry. However, even with all the excuses, it still did not excuse Gaara from the acts that he committed. Naruto took a deep breath; he felt that he would eventually have to deal with Gaara. He just hoped that he was strong enough to do face him.

Suddenly, Naruto feel a familiar presence hiding from him. "Hinata-chan," he said, "What have I said about lurking in the shadows?" He smiled as he heard a small squeak coming from the where Hinata was hiding.

Hinata slowly walked up to Naruto, she was still very shy around Naruto, even with the training that he gave her. However, once she was close to Naruto, she was surprised when Naruto produced a scroll and handed it to her. She looked at the scroll in wonder and then back to Naruto with a questioning look.

She remembered the first meeting what Naruto had said to her, about her style and what he planned to do with her.


"Hina-chan?" Naruto called out as he watched Hinata did her kata.

"H-h-h-hai, Naru-kun?" Hinata stuttered.

"Why do you do that?" Naruto continued once he got her attention.

"Do what?" Hinata asked, curious about what Naruto was talking about

"Standing there and attacking, not moving?" Naruto replied, as he got closer.

"I-i-it's a part of my clan's style." Hinata stuttered, as Naruto got closer.

"Why, its not efficient for you?"

"What do you mean?"

"The style is straight forward power style. It is designed for a strong individual with a confrontational manner." Naruto observed. "The style does not suit you."

"I see…" Hinata replied sadly, believing that Naruto believed that she was weak.

"Here let me show you a better way for you. Attack me with your style."

Hinata was stunned; she knew what the style did to a person. "Ummm, Naru-kun, my style…"

"Yes, I know but if you don't infuse your strikes with chakra it won't hurt as much. Come on, I want to show you something."

Hinata stepped slowly forward, lightly striking Naruto. "No attack me like you did the training dummy."

Hinata swallowed hard, finally after a few minutes, Hinata attacked. Using the hard strike to the chest, Hinata used it to stagger Naruto. It would have worked if Naruto was there. Before the strike to touch him, Naruto vanished. Hinata stopped, only to feel two taps, one on her arms and one on her side. She turned to see Naruto on her left side, smiling, "See what I mean."

Hinata blushed red, 'Naru-kun is soo close…'

"Hina-chan… Hina… Hinata!" Naruto exclaimed trying to regain Hinata's attention.


"Do you see what I mean?"

Hinata shook her head, still not seeing what Naruto was talking about.

Naruto took a deep breath and grabbed a stick from the ground and drew a line on the ground, "A direct and strong individual attacks straight forward, with determination that they will hit their opponent no matter what. However, from my observations of you, that is not the case."

"W-w-w-what do you mean?" Hinata asked, while thinking 'Naruto watches me…'

"What I mean is that you are not a straight line person." Naruto replied as he drew a circle around the straight line. "From what I have seen you don't like confrontation. You are willing to go with the group if it means less fighting."

"Y-y-you think I am a coward?" Hinata asked afraid of the question.

"No, I mean that the style does not fit you. You are flexible; you are willing to see the other side. Your style, however, does not suit you. It is inflexible when it comes to attacks, it is straightforward, attack, attack, attack. There is no movement to defend, no movement to dodge. If you wish to use the style, you must attack to kill. No exceptions. However, if you wish I could help you to create a new style."

'Create a new style… Could I do that?' Hinata thought as she looked down at the drawing that Naruto made. "I-i-is it possible?" she said in a quiet voice.

Naruto shook his head in affirmation. "It will take some time but I think that you will like it more than the style you are currently using. Want to get started?"

"H-h-hai," Hinata said.

Little did Hinata know that two people were listening in on her conversation with Naruto. Each of the listeners had a different thought in mind.

Hiashi thought, 'A new style, bah, probably not as effective as the original. Naruto just wants to ease Hinata's mind.'

Kurenai, however, thought 'A new style, is that possible. How interesting that Naruto could notice how ineffective Hinata is at the Hyuuga style. I wonder how different the new style will be? May be I should check it out once they are done with it.'

End Flashback

"This scroll is from very wise man, use it well, Hinata-chan," Naruto stated. "Do it in secret. And remember, NEVER let anyone but your Heir use this scroll, and the secrets I taught you." Naruto said, as he saw Hinata nod. "Now is there anything I can do for you," he asked.

Hinata took her eyes away from the scroll and blushed as she stared at Naruto. "H-h-hai…" she stated softly. "Naruto about Neji-"

However, before she could speak, Naruto raised his hand, and stopped her. "I know you want me to take it easy on him right?"

Hinata nodded her head.

"Normally I would take that under advisement, however, he needs to see some things that will change his and your family's view of the world. Not to mention how others will perceive them. I want you to come and watch as well. Okay?" Naruto said.

Hinata nodded.

Naruto smiled, "Good, I will see you there." Naruto turned around and began running toward the arena.

Hinata watched as Naruto ran toward the stadium. 'He believes in me,' she thought as she held the scroll that he gave her. She had heard the story behind what the scroll, and the power that it had in its pages. She swore to herself that she would become stronger, for him… for… him… Hinata's face became bright red as two streams of blood shot from her nose.

Kiba came looking for Hinata, only to find her on the ground. Her face was still bright red with a big smile on it. Kiba lifted an eyebrow, and shook Hinata. "Oy, Hinata…Hinata! HINATA!"


Kiba couldn't understand why there were multiple Akuras running around him. He remembered yelling at Hinata then the next thing he knew that he was flying and then stopped suddenly.

"Sorry Kiba-san!" Hinata said as she was running to Kiba. She was shocked at how far Kiba traveled. She remembered him yelling at her and she just reacted.

"Noooo, Mmmoommmmmyyyyy, Iwanta stay up and play withAkrrrzzzzzzz" Kiba said as he lost conscious again.

Hinata sweatdropped…

Naruto was running toward the stadium, he knew that he could go faster, but he figured that he could waste time to arrive in style. As he ran, he heard a voice call out to him.

"Naruto nii-chan!" the voice cried out.

Naruto skidded to a halt and looked around to see who called him. He finally rested his eyes to a familiar sight. "Konohamaru?" he asked.

Konohamaru smiled, "I've arrived to save the day!" he exclaimed as he did a thumb's up for Naruto.

Naruto looked at Konohamaru questioningly. "Konohamaru, why are you here?" he said as he walked Konohamaru.

"We'll talk later. Come over here!" Konohamaru said as he turned and ran. "I know of a secret way to get to the stage directly!" he continued.

Naruto raised one of his eyebrows and decided to follow him. "After all," he thought, "It would only take him a few minutes to get there." He followed Konohamaru and watched as Konohamaru knelt down and walked around some of the tall grass to show a metal sheet.

"Eeeehehehehe, they repaired it." Konohamaru said.

Naruto smiles and grabs Konohamaru. "Let me show you a faster way," he said. Naruto disappeared with Konohamaru in a swirl of leaves.

The Arena

The group had gathered, the arena had gathered to full capacity. In the arena ground, every contestant had gathered except two: Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto. However, a bright flash had appeared in front of the contestant. Naruto and Konohamaru appeared within a swirl of leaves. Naruto turned and scanned the arena once he saw Sarutobi he smiled. "Hey, Old Man… CATCH!" he cried as he grabbed Konohamaru and threw him to Sarutobi.

Sarutobi barely had time to catch his grandson. But once, he did, he grumbled about overzealous smartass yellow-haired genins, just as the tournament began.

On the Arena ground

Naruto looked around and noticed someone missing. "Where is Sasuke?" he asked. When he saw that no one knew where he was, he shook his head. "I hope Kakashi-sensei does not give Sasuke lessons on being late," he said as he imagined Sasuke with a facemask holding the Icha Icha Paradise. He quickly shook his head and waited to see what would happen with the first fight.

In the Kage Seating area

After sending Konohamaru back to school, Saturobi saw a Chunnin appear next to him. The Chuunin appeared beside the Hokage and whispered in his ear. "Hokage-sama, Sasuke has not arrived, what do we do?" the Chuunin asked.

Before the Hokage could comment, he heard several voices coming from around the corner. 'I wonder who could they be,' he thought. The answer soon became apparent when seven people showed up. Three of them were chunins, but the others impressed the Hokage the most. Raikage, Tsuchikage, and Mizukage had arrived in the stadium. Hokage was impressed as he wondered who these three kages were here for, since none of the genin were in the tournament. However, that changed once he saw the final person. 'Kenshiro-sama' he thought, as he finally understood who the three kages were here for. The Hokage bowed to the three kages and said, "My, my, I never thought I would see all of us here at one time."

Raikage gruffed as Tsuchikage spoke. "Well even though our Genin teams did not make it, there is one person that we all want to see."

"Oh?" Kazekage asked, "And who might that be?"

Mizukage scoffed, "As if you did not know, I bet that you are here to see how your 'weapon' does against the 'First'."

'The first, what the hell are these idiots talking about?' Orochimaru thought. 'Damn… with the other kages here it will be harder for me to kill him. Wait doesn't the Tsuchikage still despise Konoha… Maybe I can use this to my advantage. If that's the case, I can persuade the Raikage to fight for me to get the Hyuga eyes. And the Mizukage is still on the bloodline hunt; this means that I can get all three to follow my lead. Kukukukuku…' Poor delusional Orochimaru.

The Hokage looked at the audience; he knew that the Sasuke vs. Gaara was what brought many people in. He knew that if he canceled the match it would cause many to become angry for not seeing the fight. Not to mention the Daimyos, who came from miles around just to see the fight. Sarutobi sighed and turned to the Chuunin.

Before he could tell the Chuunin what to do, the Kazekage spoke. "Is there something wrong, Hokage-san?" he said.

Sarutobi shook his hand as if to dismiss the problem. "No, no, just discussing some last minute changes," he said before he turned back to the Chuunin. "Have him wait until Sasuke arrives then start their match. Until then do all the other matches," he whispered to the Chuunin.

The Chuunin nodded before disappearing from the stand.

The Arena Floor

The Chuunin arrived and whispered into Genma ear. With a nod from Genma, the Chuunin disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Genma then turned to the crowd. "The Sasuke vs. Gaara match will be postponed for later. In the mean time, we will continue with the other matches. Will all other competitors leave the battlefield and the two fighters please remain on the field."

Neji vs. Naruto

Naruto makes a fist toward Neji – Naruto then moved his had to the either side of his head and use his thumbs to put pressure to his temple. Tears of blood flowed from his eyes. When he opened eyes, it shocked and amazed Neji. Naruto's eyes were pure white, which only meant one thing.

"Byakugan!" Neji cried. He stared at Naruto. "Your blind," Neji yelled. "Why? Why did you blind yourself?"

This caused everyone to gasp as they heard what Neji declared. 'Why would Naruto blind himself?' they all thought. But that soon ended as Naruto quickly exclaimed.