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Book Of The Cat

Chapter 1

"Kyon-Kyon, you're doing it wrong!" Uo grabbed the pen from Kyo's hand and tried to fix his errors. Kyo tried to grab the pen back while defending himself.

"I'm not doing it wrong. Your brain is wrong!" He ripped the pen from Uo's hand, breaking it and causing it to explode. A jet of blue ink squirted from it and painted Uo's cheek. Kyo laughed and looked down at the now destroyed paper. He smiled gleefully, and turned to Uo, "Oops, you were doing it right. My mistake."

Uo lunged at him, spraying ink across the bridge of his nose and in his hair. Kyo sprayed some more at Uo, but she ducked…

… And Kyo hit the teacher.

The teacher froze for a minute. The whole class was silent. Then the teacher slowly started to turn redder and redder, causing the blue ink to really stand out on his scarlet face.

"Get…Out…Now…" he said through clenched teeth, barely keeping control. Kyo and Uo didn't hesitate; they ran out as fast as they could.

Tohru and Yuki had been working together and had stopped once the ink fight started. Tohru stood, worried for her friends.

The class was silent, then slowly started to return to their original noise level. Yuki shook his head,

"Baka neko."

After class, Kyo and Uo were told to stay behind. The teacher sat at his desk, glaring at them. His once clean white shirt looked like it had been involved in a gruesome paintball fight, not that Kyo and Uo looked any better. Both were significantly blue. Kyo had acquired a new spot across his cheek during their time out of the classroom. It resembled Uo's handprint.

Uo instantly began apologizing to their instructor, but he held his hand up to stop her.

"You two… you two…" he paused, "NEVER DISRUPT MY CLASS AGAIN."

Kyo and Uo nodded, but the teacher continued. "You will not be permitted to complete the class you missed, however, I will allow you to do a make up assignment." He stopped as Kyo and Uo nodded again. "Together."

Kyo instantly started to object, "I can't work with this damn Yankee--"

Uo interrupted, "Well what makes you think I'd want to work with you!"



"ENOUGH," the teacher bellowed. "Twelve page report, with poster about the life and the culture of Ancient Egypt, due by the end of the week. If the both of you do not complete it, you will both receive failing marks for this class and two weeks of detention, after school. Everyday. With me." He dismissed them with a wave of his hand and they slowly walked to the door, heads down, as if they were walking to a funeral march.

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