Okay…….this looks nothing like Florida! Jasmine thought inside of her head. She looked thoughtfully around the place. Girls in bikinis and surfers everywhere. Okay, it looks sorta like it…..but still! Why did we have to move! Jasmine sighed as her thoughts raced back to one monthago.

Jasmine was laughing as she entered through the back door, coming back from school. "Hey mom! Hey dad!" Jasmine greeted her parents cheerfully. But as soon as she saw their serious faces, the smile was wiped off her face. "Whats wrong?" the young teen asked, fear in her voice. "I'm sorry sweetie, but……." Her mom trailed off. "Tell me." What could be so bad? Jazz thought. "We're moving." She could immediately feel her insides turn into a knot. "What? Wh-why? This must be a joke, right?" Her dad soon spoke up, "I'm sorry Jazz, it isn't a joke.""WHAT? We can't!" jasmine screamed. She loved this place. It was her home. But deep inside, she knew she couldn't stop them. Her mom stood up, and wrapped her arms around her daughter to comfort her. "We're sorry hunny. Your dad needs to be transferred to another place for his job." Jazz sighed. Wherever were moving, at least let this place be nearby Florida. "Wheres this place?" "Playa Linda, California." "WHAT! That's too far away from here!""We're sorry. But your boyfriend Alex and your friends, Rebecca, Tyler, and Michelle are moving with us , with they're families. Turns out they're families have always wanted to move to Cali.

""Maybe I should just get an airplane ticket and FLY back to Florida!" Jasmine cried out sarcastically. People around her gave her strange looks, but she just ignored them. Sure my friends from Florida are here, but I still miss it there! The frustrated teen said to herself. Then something caught her eye. A sign that said, "Jay's Surf Shop". There was also a sign in the front of the surf shop that read, "Wanted: Assistant Worker". Hmmmm…….this seems interesting! Mom DID say I can get a job here for some extra money. The girl thought to herself.

She walked into the shop, and spotted a hot Austrailian guy setting up some surf boards at the display window. "Um, hi? I was wondering about the job for Assistant Worker here?" the guy looked up, and smiled. "You have the job." Jasmine was surprised. Wasn't there supposed to be questions asked? "Umm….okay?" The guy stuck out his hand. "I'm Jay, by the way." Jazz shook his hand. "I'm Jasmine." Jay smiled. "You can start tomorrow."Jasmine walked out of the shop, smiling to herself. This is interesting…….maybe this place won't be so bad after all!