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10 months later

2 weeks before Graduation

Jasmine sprinted around the corner, trying her best not to bump into any tourists or cranky locals.

"Hey!" "Watch where you're going!" "What in the world was that for!"

She pretty much heard those words yelled out from people around her, and she would weakly apologize and mumble, "…….Really sorry…….."

Jasmine finally reached her destination, heavily breathing as she nearly slammed the strawberry smoothie onto the counter.

She looked up at him, panting. He stared back at her, his gaze leaving the clipboard he was holding.

"You forgot the straw," Jay added. Bradin appeared from behind him, staring at him in disbelief.

"You lazy bigot!" he yelled, walking around the counter to calm and relax a distressed Jasmine. She smiled up at him in appreciation, leaning her head tiredly against his chest. "she at least got that damn thing for you! What, you couldn't do it yourself? The least you CAN do is thank her!"

Jay shrugged. "Just giving constructive criticism is all."

Bradin nearly got ready to blow his top off, but Jasmine pulled him by the arm.

"Brae, it doesn't matter! Let's just go to you're house. I need some water, anyways!"

He down at her in worry, but nodded. He gave Jay a last look, and with a huff he let himself be dragged off by her.


Nikki handed a glass of icy water to Jasmine, shaking her head. "Geez, he did it again? Bradin, if Jasmine hadn't stopped you from beating Jay up, I swear that I could have done it myself!"

Ava laughed, poking her head out from the kitchen. She obviously heard them.

"Ha, I guess Jay is using his chances to beg Jasmine to snag him a quick smoothie again, huh?"

All three teens nodded.

Ava shrugged her shoulders. "Oddly enough Jasmine, that's his way of showing that he's going to miss you! By the time you go off to college, he has to travel his long way to Tiki Squeeze to grab one himself!"

They all laughed, nodding in agreement.

Derek looked up bewildered, his eyebrows rose as he continued playing Halo 2.

Jasmine shook her glass of water lightly, watching the chunky ice cubes clobber each other into smaller pieces.

"I'm going to miss this place so much!" she cried out. She placed her glass back down onto the kitchen counter, sighing.

Nikki laughed, nudging her in the ribs. "Or are you just going to missDylan Rockwiler?" Jasmine blushed, suddenly taking more interest in her orange flip-flops.

Bradin cringed at the guy's name.

Eric was one of his closest friends, probably even a brother to him! And yet when he gushed everything about Jasmine and how amazing she was to him,Dylan STILL majorly crushed on her as well! By the time Jasmine came to school on her first day, he was already hitting on her! The fact that she and Alex decided to 'take a break' because of their distance from each other, she even said yes to go out with him!

As soon as Bradin heard of them dating,Dylan immediately earned himself a terribly bleeding broken nose. Unfortunate thing about it, Jasmine gave him the 'cold shoulder' for two whole weeks! (until he came begging for her forgiveness………)

He shook his head. "Why do you even go out with that jerk?" he inquired, not at all trying to hide the anger in his voice. All three women turned their attention to him, all eyebrows raised. He looked at the ground, sipping his glass of orange juice loudly.

"Aye, Bradin! Are you still going jealous about Dylan?" Nikki crossed her arms, her lips pulled into a tight line.

Bradin's cheeks flushed, as he turned to Jasmine.

"Hey Jazz, want to catch up with Michelle and Taylor?" he quickly asked.

Before she could even answer, he grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out of the kitchen in a hurry.

Even by the distance outside you could still hear Jasmine's whines!

As soon as they were both gone, Nikki turned to her aunt.

"He is so naïve!" she said, taking a long slurp from her mango smoothie. Ava stared away from the cookie dough she was stirring, and glanced over at her niece.

"Sweetie, that's his way of showing that he loves her! ALL men do that, believe me!" she replied. She opened a cabinet, rummaging through it until she took out a plastic bag full of chocolate chips.

Nikki sighed, aggravated. "I KNOW that already!" she shot back. "but what worries me is the fact that if he even knows that he's losing time to tell her! They're both going off to different colleges far away from each other, and he hasn't even spoken a word!"

Ava opened the plastic bag, digging her hand in until her hand was full of chocolate chips. "Yeah. I guess you're right about that one."

She looked out the kitchen window, which displayed a clear view of the beautiful beach. Ava sprinkled some chocolate chips into the bowl.

"He has to tell her sooner or later. Before its too late……."

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