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Chapter One

Peace. This is something many people often take for granted. However, for some, this is in alarmingly short supply. For one in particular, this means a struggle for survival with no foreseeable end. Despite this, he has never lost hope that one day, he will find a place to live out his days without fear of imminent death. However, he is well aware of the possibility that this may never be the case.

This is his story.


"This place is so beautiful," a boy thought, sighing as he walked along a forest path. "So quiet, so tranquil… I hope the locals are just as pleasant." Despite his attempt at optimism, he knew that if there were any of… them… around, his stay would be brief, one way or another.

By appearances alone, one would not think too much of the boy, who looked no older than sixteen. From his attire to the pack slung over his shoulder, it was apparent that he has traveled a long way.

Perhaps the one thing about him that truly stood out was the headband he wore. Ordinarily, these ornaments signify one's status as a ninja and are engraved with a symbol identifying their clan. However, the one the boy sported had no such symbol. To those not dead set on beating his brains in, this might bring about some interesting questions.

Of course, none of this mattered now. What did was that the day was uneventful, a rare occurrence in its own right and, as it always was, fleeting.

All of a sudden, he stopped in his tracks. He didn't have to turn his head to know what was going on. "Figures," he muttered bitterly. "And always with impeccable timing." Unshouldering his gear and tossing it into the tree line, he prepared himself for what was about to happen--again. "T-minus 3... 2... 1..."

It was at that moment that the boy vanished in thin air. Had he waited a moment longer, he would have had three throwing stars imbedded in his back. From his new perch on a branch roughly forty feet behind his original location, he could easily spot his would-be assassin. "Not him again," he thought, recognizing the ninja below. "He should know better by now."

Despite the boy's wishes, his adversary was not going to be swayed by diplomacy--a fact of life he learned early on in his travels. With a look of pure hatred, the chunin turned and ran full speed before leaping towards his target. "DIE!" he screamed, but just when he was within arm's reach, the boy vanished once again. In one fluid motion, he changed his direction. It was as though he knew instantly where his mark went.

In stark contrast, the boy remained completely emotionless as he continued to skillfully avoid his aggressor's attacks. Every time he reappeared, it seemed as though he hadn't moved a muscle.

Meanwhile, the ninja was becoming more and more infuriated not only by his inability to strike down someone he saw as the scourge of the earth, but also that his opponent seemed to be mocking him the entire time. "Stay still so I can kill you!" he shouted. Unbeknownst to him, the boy mouthed those exact same words as he was saying them.

"How about I get you to stay still?" the boy thought. His plan of attack set, he lured his adversary into the center of the path, upon which, he sped up the tempo of his vanishing acts to the point where the ninja barely had the time to turn to face him, much less attack him.

His rage getting the better of him, the ninja kept trying to draw a bead on the boy, which lead to him spinning around multiple times until he was completely disoriented. Taking his opportunity to end the battle, the boy moved in. The chunin suddenly felt a hand grab the back of his neck, but before he could do anything about it, an intense electrical pulse was sent through him, causing no small amount of pain before cloaking all senses in darkness.

Not one to celebrate, the boy dragged his now limp opponent out of sight before retrieving his belongings and continuing on his way. The only thought going through his mind was not if he would find himself in battle again, but when.

A couple hours later, the ninja would wake up. Instantly, he would wonder where he was and how he got there, as he retained absolutely no memory of his fight against the boy with the unmarked headband.

End of Chapter One

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