Author's Note


Right, so, it's been nearly two years since I finished this fic, and I wanted to just put in a quick thank you to everyone who dedicated so much of their time simply to read and (hopefully) enjoy my work.

This was the longest multi-chapter fan fic I ever finished, and only the second one I ever did finish. The other one is a bit too short to really be considered in the same league as Once He's Dead, but regardless. So, this was a very big accomplishment for me. It assured me that I could actually write something with a proper beginning, end, and a decent inbetween. I still like rereading this fic, I must add. And, to be honest, that's not conceit; I honestly enjoy reading this story again and again. I can't say that for many of my written works.

I invite you all, now, to continue the journey with me. Some of you have already noticed and some of you may have decided that you no longer want to pay any attention to this fandom or genre or fan fiction in general, but I still invite you to revisit this great accomplishment for me by reading the sequel to Once He's Dead.

Once She's Gone is on its second chapter already. I hadn't written much fan fiction during 2007, and only at the end, when I revitalized one of my favourite storylines I've ever done, did I really remember how much I liked it.

Once She's Gone will not feature Revan or the Exile, at least not as actual present beings in the story. As the title implies, like with its predecessor (in which Atton never appeared, but was always significant), the Exile, the she, will be the most significant character, though never present. This story belongs to the other four Lost Jedi: Mical, Visas, Mira, and especially Bao-Dur, I discovered after beginning to write it.

It will be short, probably as long as Once He's Dead, but I think character interaction is bound to play a larger role than internal dialogue. After all, these characters are not plagued by being wounds in the Force. Their stories are different.

So, again, I invite you to visit my profile and view my posted works; Once She's Gone is listed there. I am very enthusiastic about this prospect and, therefore, really want you all to revisit this world with me.

Thank you again, everyone, for your fantastic support during those fabulous few months when I wrote this fan fiction. Your feedback means more than you may know.