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She held her head in her hands as the world spun around and around. She didn't know where she was, she didn't want to know, and in fact she was fairly sure she didn't want anyone else to know. How did she get here? She did not know that either. She had been on her way home…no wait…she had stopped for a drink, at a local bar. A man. A man had bought her a drink. Yes, but she had felt tired and ill and wanted to go home. The man offered to help her…help here where? To her car? Home? No she was not in either of those familiar places. Why? Why was she not at home? As the world began to slow its ever turning movement, and her eyes began to focus on the world around her she began to look for things. Important things. Her cell. Where was her cell? In her pocket? Yes! She remembered having it in her pocket. She reached down into her pant pocket…but it was not there…and neither were here pants. A small panicked voice began to scream in the back of here mind. Where, where are her pants? There across the room. She crawled across the floor. They were all there, her pants, her cell, her gun. Thank god her gun. Her badge. No her badge was not there. She scanned the room for her badge, on the nightstand her eyes came to rest. There was her badge. Next to the man, she did not want to wake the man. Although she did not know why, she had a bad feeling about the man. She carefully moved across the hard wood floor to the nightstand. She had her badge. Good. She moved out of the room and found herself in a small apartment. She pulled on her pants, here gun, placed her phone back in her pocket. She saw her jacket next to the door, tossed aside carelessly. She carefully pulled it one. It hurt. Her arms were sore, her shoulders were sore, everything was sore. Why? She was afraid to ask. Afraid to know. She placed her badge on her coat pocket. She heard a noise. The man stirred. "Please don't wake!" She pleaded under her breath. He did not move. He rolled over. She heard him sigh. Without looking back she left the apartment. She walked all the way down the hall, and out the front door. She did not know where she was. She checked her phone for the time. 7:30AM it blinked in the bright green letters. Work, she would go to work. She would not be late and then they would not worry. She would not tell them where she was. They did not need to know. She would never tell them. Never.

AN: I know that it is short and kind of choppy. I was trying to show her confusion. If you don't know who it is then you don't watch enough of the show because there is only one female detective.