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A general haze had settled over the members of the Special Victims Squad as they attempted to come to some sort of grip with the situation. They had somehow made their way back to the precinct with various pieces of evidence and yet none of them were exactly sure how they had done it. Somewhere in the haze Olivia Benson had asked for her gun back, and Elliot although concerned complied. "Give it back to me before you head home tonight," he had made her promise. She now sat at her desk and was staring at the door to the interview room where Malone still sat, no one attempted to make her look away. She found some mild comfort in knowing that she was armed at lest for the moment.

"Move him to lock up already," Cragen finally growled. Fin and Elliot jumped and quickly walked to the door, "Try to get him there is one piece and alive guys," the two detectives sighed at their Captain's lack of trust although both of them did want this guy dead. They cuffed him and not so gently lifted him out of the chair in which he sat. Slowly they paraded him out of the interrogation room to the holding cell down stares. As they walked through the room where Munch, Cragen, and Olivia still sat a quite hush feel upon them. Everyone's gaze shifted between Olivia and Malone.

"Hello," Malone smiled as he spoke to Olivia and the detective contemplated whether or not to speak to him, or make eye contact, "So you aren't even going to look at me?" an annoyed tone was clear in his voice, "my love," a sick smile spread across his enraged face. Olivia stood from her seat behind her desk, resisting the urge to slap the man that seemed to control her every move. Malone began to struggle with Fin and Elliot, "Look at me!" He yelled, but she refused although everything in her was telling her just to look at him and get it over with. He was flailing around in the air now jumping and kicking attempting to get free from the two strong men's grasp.

"Get a hold of him!" Cragen was yelling, ironically from the safety of his office. However even the seasoned detectives were not prepared for such a fight. Malone was like a hungry pit bull before a fight. Although his hands still cuffed behind his back he was still able to throw his weight around enough for him to get free and the detectives to lose their balance. Manual dashed forward and headed straight for Liv. He tackled her and they were both on the ground.

"Look at me bitch!" he was yelling at her face as he struggled to hold on to her without any hands. Warm breath blowing on her face as the man she hated more then any other, more then the father she never knew, once again had control over her. This time she was not defence, no not this time. No this time she could fight back. She drew her gun as best as she could and lifted it as high as she possible could with the weight of the heavy man resisting her every move. She looked up to see Munch, and Cragen racing towards her, she pulled the trigger. Malone let out a howl of pain and rolled off of her into a ball. Springing up she trained her gun on his temple, right between his eyes. She visualized shooting him, the bullet entering his soft flesh, penetrating his skull, killing him as it ripped trough his brain. Nothing else seemed to matter, the world around her was blurring out, and she could only see him. A sudden realization that if she killed him that would be it, nothing else would matter anymore, it would mean the end of her career, the end of friendships, the loss of respect, but she would truly be free from his grasp. The possibility of being charged with a crime her self flashed briefly in her mind, countered by the look of gratitude on the other victim's faces when they buried the son of a bitch in the ground. Then she would be no better then him.

"Put down the gun Liv," Munch's strong voice sounded muffled in her ears. Her hands were shaking now.

"Shit," was all she said as she threw her gun down, and crouched next to the man who had controlled her life for the past month and now for a brief moment he need her to live. She took off her jacket and applied pressure to his bleeding thigh. "Somebody call for a bus," she yelled. Elliot was already on the phone. Munch had caught her tossed weapon, and placed it on her desk. Cragen was crouching next to Olivia.

"I got it Liv," He placed tried to slid his hands under hers to take over, but she did not move, "Olivia, I have it now," His voice more forceful, but she still refused to move, so the Captain motioned to Fin. The detective placed two forceful hands under Olivia's arms and heaved her up. She was slightly stunned, and struggled briefly, but eventually gave in. Cragen took over applying first aid as Olivia's pinstriped jacket turned a dark soggy blood stained mess. She was unsure whether she wanted to cry, or scream. As Fin carried her to her desk she yelled back,

"You stupid Son of a Bitch! Don't you die on me!" unsure of anything but the fact that if he died then he would have won; he would have the last laugh. As he placed her firmly in her seat, she could hear Malone laugh. Every time she went to stand he forced her to sit. She was facing away from Manuel when the EMTs showed up, the firm hand of Fin still on her shoulder. Within five minutes they had loaded him up and taken off.

"Well that was eventful," Elliot attempted to break the icy silence in the room.

"He better not die," was all Olivia said.

"You aim was off," Munch said sarcastically, "I though you would have been a little higher," Olivia rolled her eyes and chuckled.

"Yeah well I tried," she sighed and let her head flop back over her chair, "I really liked that jacket you know," her voice quit, "It wasn't cheap either, it was the jacket I bought when I made detective. Bought it in one of those fancy designer boutiques as a gift to myself. I am surprised it still fits after all these years. It had a good life; made it through some of the toughest cases, guess it finally had enough. At least it made it in one piece, no bullet holes or anything," she sighed at looked over at the bloody mess, "I'll miss you my friend" she said to her bloodied jacket.

"Liv it's just a jacket," Cragen said slightly concerned over her reaction to the object, "its not like it's a person or anything,"

"I suppose, but I really liked it, I was going to be buried in it,"

"Really?" Cragen seemed taken aback by the fact that she had her death already planned when he himself, the eldest, did not.

"No, but still," she paused an chuckled slightly, "Its getting better now," they smiled, not quite sure was she was going on about now, "I did it, I looked at him and it didn't bother me anymore, he does not have me anymore," her audience was unsure whether to be happy or serious about her comments. "I really could use a drink now, and a new jacket, anyone for a shopping and drinking trip?" She reached for her car keys and headed for the door. No one moved, "What?" she looked at the clock, "I got off duty ten minutes ago," they all looked at their watches, "Fine I'll go by myself then," and began to walk out of the precinct.

"Wait up," Cragen called, as he pulled on his jacket, Fin, Munch, and Elliot were right behind.

"I can't stay out to late," Elliot began, "It's my story night," he made reference to his children who he read stories too every other night.

Casey Novak was wearing a clean pressed suit as she always did in court. The entire SVU squad was sitting behind her along with all of Malone's victims. Judge Silverstine was presiding over the trial that had taken over two weeks.

"Has the Jury reached a verdict?" she asked

"We have your Honour," a man in a clean business suit stood, "On one count of Murder in the first degree we find the defendant guilty, on seven counts of aggravated sexual assault we find the defendant guilty, on six counts of forcible confinement we find the defendant guilty, on two charges of assault causing bodily harm we find the defendant guilty, on one charge of criminal harassment we find the defendant guilty,"

"Thank you. The sentencing hearing will be tomorrow at three, this hearing is abjured," Happy sobs came from all the victims but Olivia, she remained composed he new brown Swede jacket almost like a shield. Casey turned to her friends.

"Wow only an hour and a half that's got to be the quickest deliberation ever," she looked pleased with her self, so they all smiled. Everyone began to file out of the courtroom, but the A.D.A and SVU. Soon they were the only ones sitting there.

"Well I for one am glad this case is over," Elliot said existed.

"Is it really ever over?" Olivia wondered aloud, "now we all go on with our lives, the next case, and soon this will only be another number on a box somewhere in storage,"

"Um, Olivia's having another morbid moment," Munch injected

"Sorry," she hung her head, "been having a lot of those lately, although not as many as before," a silence feel upon them. The trial had been difficult. Things that she had not wanted said were said, and in the end it was difficult to do the right thing, testify.

Only Casey knew Olivia was going to be called to the stand. They had talked the night when Olivia and the gang went shopping and for drinks. After the others had made sure she made it safely back to her apartment she called up her best friend. Together they decided it would be best for her to testify, but she did not want any of her colleagues to know after she had been so adamant not too. It was easier this way; Casey would have subpoenaed Liv anyway. Olivia wore her new jacket to court she wore it proudly, Fin began calling it her 'survivor coat' because she had survived being a detective thus far, and because he was hooked on the reality TV show. It became a little joke between them.

She was the last victim called. The looks on her colleague's faces were priceless. Calmly she walked to the front of the courtroom. After she was sworn in it began.

"Can you tell us what happened that night Detective," Casey began,

"I wanted to go out for a drink after work, so I headed over to the bar that was closest to my house,"

"Can you please tell the court why you went alone," the lawyer moved to stand between Olivia and Malone,

"Well my partner had his children's concert that night, Detective Tutuola and Detective Munch had been up the previous night on a though case, and well my best friend," she didn't say Casey's name because it may appear as a conflict of interest, "Had just finished a long day in court for the same case,"

"Had you ever seen Mr. Malone before that night,"


And so it continued a whole lot of "yes" and "no", some more details. She had to re-tell all that she remembered, she had to talk about the steak-out, she had to watch the video again, and go through shooting Malone one last time. She never cried. And then the defence stood up.

"You say you never saw my client before that night?"


"How could you possible not notice a man following you around then?"

"Excuse me?"

"Well he must have followed you around if he has pictures of you in his house, well that is unless you put those there," finally the man moved from behind his desk over to the jury.

"Why would I do that?"

"Because you had a one night stand with my client that you regret and are now trying to get even,"

"Objection!" Casey stood up

"Move on Consoler," The judge growled,

"Why did you not remove yourself from the case?"

"I stayed professional, there was no need to step down, I never interrogated the suspect," she managed to remember to say suspect instead of just him.

"Why did you wait so long to report the 'attack'" he made the quotation single with his hands as he said 'attack'.

"Because I was embarrassed and ashamed. I work with victims of assault everyday, and I didn't want to be one," Olivia's eyes were now trained on a spot on the floor.

"No one 'wants' to be a victim detective. They," the man pointed his fat finger at the other victims, "They didn't want to be a victim either!" His voice rose, "They stepped forward, but many may not have had to if you had the courage to step forward detective. So in a sense you are as much to blame as my client for their attacks,"

"Objection your honour counsel is badgering the witness," Casey stood from her seat, and Olivia was glad she did not have to answer for the accusations he had made.

"Are you finished counsellor," the judged asked the defence.

"Just one more question sir," he turned his attention from the judge to Benson. "Why did you shoot my unarmed defenceless client while he was in police custody detective?"

"He got away from to strong detectives, managed to pin me to the ground, all the while his hands were cuffed behind his back. He didn't seem that defenceless to me. I defended myself." Olivia had been expecting that question but it angered her all the same. The lawyer moved his way back to his client.

"That will be all," he tried to cover a look of insult; he did not get what he was expecting, which was unusually for a lawyer.

"Olivia?" Cragen said for the third time. She shook her head.

"What?" she looked up like she had been woken up from a nap.

"I said are you ready to go?"

"Huh, oh, yeah I'm ready,"

"Liv I didn't want to say this till after the trail but my superiors have requested that you get a phsyc. eval. before returning to active duty,"

"God does everyone think I'm crazy?"

"I don't," Munch said in defence.

"That's not saying much coming from you,"

"Hey!" Munch pouted. She would never be the way she was before but she was getting more like normal everyday.

So it comes to a close, I hope you all enjoyed the journey.