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Chapter 8: Happy Ending

2 weeks after getting the family back together Rick and Evy were married and became one big happy family. Evy never knew why she had feared Rick so much; it was, and had always been, obvious that he loved her more than life itself.

Three months after getting married Evy got terrific news, one she went straight to Rick for. She was pregnant again. The second she told him he was happier then the day she told him about Alex. Ever since he found out he became involved with Alex's life, never once ignoring his child and with the new one coming along life could only get better.

When Alex was 2 ½ years old the baby came along, a little girl with hazel eyes and dark brown hair, they named Destiny. She would become a handful; Rick would learn, but he knew he'd rather be no other place then with his wife and kids. Hell, he was even happy to be with Jonathan again, the uncle of two now. Yes, life was truly good. The only thing that could make life better was…well…nothing.

The only problem was, because Destiny was a girl, Evy wanted her to go to an all girls camp when she turned six, one she could spend in the summer. Little did anyone know that sending her there would be excluding her from the journey of a lifetime to Ahm Shere.

Well that's it. I wanted them to have a girl so later, if wanted I could do a sequel, but I don't know, and if I do I only wanted them 2 ½ years apart and sending Destiny off to a summer camp seemed to be the only way she would exist, but not be in the mummy returns.

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