Shattered Dreams


When we finally lost hold of what we tried so hard to retain

When reality started to slipped between us

When the clock of fate started to turn

When faith started to abandon us

When the time had finally come to put a full stop

The beginning of the end

We lost everything that we had built together

We lost everything that we tried so hard to prove

We lost everything that we had shared

We lost everything that we believes

We lost hope

We lost our heart

Scattered pieces

Mismatched puzzle

We learned to accept love is not everything

We learned to let go

We learned to get use to the emptiness of our heart

We learned to closed our eyes and sink

We learned helplessness

We learned embracing the pain

The only reminder of our crossed path

When luck had failed us

When faith had failed us

When everyone had failed us

When we had failed ourselves

Giving up our love

Giving in our fate

The only choice left to be made

When dreams we shared together were shattered

The only thing that we can grab hold of are our memories

Bitter and sweet

Laughter and tears

Both of us got lost in the path road of life

Failed to reach the place we promised each other to be

No late excuses

We are the greatest liars in our life