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Seven days

Summery: Netto and Rockman has some interesting people coming to their house. Jasmine,Medi, Laika lover and haters. This story is for you!

AN: This is a work with my friend MelanieHinoken.

Chapter 1

Netto picks up the phone and then there was a spooky voice...

there was heavy breathing from the other end of the line. "Netto..." Rockman looked up through the PET screen. "who is it Netto-kun?"

Before Netto could say anything to Rockman, there was a voice. "I'm back..."

With the voice, Netto got scared. This voice sounded familiar yet he could not remember. He did not know what to say expect the word "YES?"

"7 days"

Netto tried to remember about 7 days. Nothing came to mind, so he asked: "WHat about it?"

the other end hung up on him. Rockman hid somewhere on his PET homepage. "it's like from that old movie 'The Ring' you have 7 days to live Netto!"

Netto stared at Rockman. "What are you talking about? Isn't that just a movie?"

Then there was a knock at the door.

Netto decided to open the door. At the door was...

Laika. "yeah mind if I stay here for 7 days?" Rockman sigh in relief.

"Um yeah but you have to sleep on the floor since I don't have an extra bed. Are you broke or something," asked Netto.

"Nah I was given time off since my boss said I was working too hard. But I forgot to bring my wallet with me so I can't go anywhere else"

"Don't you have to tell mom?" asked rockman

"Yeah I guess so, send mom a message," whispered Netto to Rockman

Laika crashed onto the couch and flipped the tv one. He then asked if there was coffee.

"No sorry, only tea," replied Netto since nobody drinks coffee here.

Mind getting coffee for me at the supermart?" asked Laika.

"Wait a minute,"pipped up Netto. "Since when the great Laika needed help?"

" Since never, I only order people around. Now go!"

Netto looks into the fridge. There's was nothing much exepct for some moldy chesse and a can of soda pop.

"Uh we got a can of soda pop left, mom had gone to shopping I guess..." said Netto

Laika sighed & stared at the ceiling. "nothing at all? then why aren't you out eatting? it seems odd for someone like you."

"Since when the Laika I knew care what other people though?" asked Netto curously.

"I don't. I just want you in top shape in case of emergency."

Before Netto could reply, there was a knock on the door. He went to the door and opened it.

"It's Jasmine," sweated Netto. Jasmine just gave a smile

Laika looked over his shoulder at her & snorted. "Is she staying too?" Medi joined Rockman on his PET homepage.

Rockman sweatdropped. "Hi Medi"

"Hi Rockman it's been a long time we havn't seen each other," said Medi as she latched onto Rockman.

Jasmine looked over to Laika. "oh, I guess you already have company..."

Netto dumbly nodded at Jasmine comment as if he didn't hear what Laika said. " What brings you here?" he asked her.

Jasmine shuffled her feet nervously. "...I just..wanted..to you know, hang out?" she took a small glance at Laika again.

Netto stared at her once again. Since when did she acted like this? True they didn't hang out often, yet she was given quick glances at at Laika. Nah it must be his imagination. So he reply, "Sure, why not?"

Jasmine grabbed his hand. "yay yay! you don't mind if I stay do you? I don't want to take the plane back to Choina so soon." Laika glared at her over the back of the couch. Jasmine looked at him over Netto's shoulder. "What?" Laika snorted & turned back around.

Netto had no clue what was going on between the two. Yet it seemed so wow! He finally could get to know them well for once and for all! But if she stayed, it couldn't be in his room since Laika had it. So he said to her," Sure but you have to sleep on the sofa instead,"

Jasmine smiled. "ok, can we go somewhere? like to eat? The blue haired whackjob's freaking me out abit..." Rockman sweatdropped. "her uppyness probly annoys him."

When Jasmine asked that question, Netto's stomach did the answering for him. It rumbled. She giggled at it while Netto was somewhat embrassed.

"let's go then!" She said, dragging him out the door, before poking her head back in & blowing Laika a raspberry, which was dismissed by a flip of the finger.

Meanwhile at the same time, Medi dragged Rockman away to Internet City to have fun like their operators.

Rockman waved goodbye to searchman, before letting himself get dragged off by Medi. Searchman sighed. "women.."

I never will understand them," said Laika. "Searchman see if there's store around this area,"

"you got it." Searchman brought up a window with a map of the town. "A few blocks down & left, on 5th street."

There Laika got up and left to get his daily fix.