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Seven days

Summery: Netto and Rockman has some interesting people coming to their house. Jasmine,Medi, Laika lover and haters. This story is for you!

AN: This is a work with my friend MelanieHinoken.

Chapter 5

Girls are scary

Mel was already at the table & looked at him "piss Laika, you look paler than usual...did I hear a gunshot?"

"Women are evil," muttered laika as he ate and look paranoid. Netto and Jasmine were chatting happily with Haruka.

"aw" Mel pet his hair. "does that mean you're going gay? that'd be cute"

"Don't touch me!" he said as he jumped away from her, ate his dinner quick and ran up to Netto's room.

She stared at him as he went "who shoved a bayonet up his ass?"

"oh don't mind him," said Haruka. "Dessert anybody?"

Jasmine clapped. "I've got mine" she said hugging Netto

Mel dismissed herself from the table & went upstairs. "who shoved a bayonet up your ass?"

"you're talking to me?" asked Jasmine

Mel turned. "no Laika, but you seem to be awful pissy like that too." she continued up the stairs & sat beside Laika.

Laika being wary, scooted far away from Mel. Meanwhile, Jasmine was trying to get a way to have her dessert. Netto was eating curry ice cream as Rockman was trying to make the two navis have peace.

"piss, are you like this on the battlefield?" Mel said, backing him into a wall.

Jasmine looked at Netto oddly. "do you have curry on everything?"

"Yep, curry is the best thing made in the world!" declared Netto. Meanwhile Laika was mumbling something.

"what about Net Navis? aren't they the best.?"

Mel poked him. "you ok over there?"

"You can't eat navis," said Netto.

Then Laika hid under the bed.

Jasmine sweatdropped. "that's not what I meant!"

Mel went under after him, pinning him to the wall. "I don't remember hearing about you being like this...or is it cause you almost got your balls shot off?"

"Well what did you mean then?" asked Netto.

Laika just whimpered.

"that curry isn't the only best thing ever made, Navis are too"

"uh...piss...how old are you?"

"Yeah if you say so," said Netto as he munched onto his food.

"if they weren't, you wouldn't have Rockman!"

Mel poked him. "how old are you? you're a wuss"

"Well yeah but still, curry is good," said Netto indifferently as he finished his ice cream.

Laika was trying to pretend there was no woman here at all.

Jasmine sweatdropped & watched him finish eating

"what're you doing?" she said, poking him repeatedly

"SO what do you want to do now?" netto asked her. She noticed there was some ice cream left around his lip.

With the Russian guy not saying anything, Mel just said: "Fine! I'll find what you lost then!" She started to look for where the bullet made a hole.

Jasmine wiped the ice cream off his face

"Piss Laika" she found the bullet hole & plucked out the bullet with a small shred of his pants. "looks like you got a hole.."

For some reason the bullet never pierce into Laika's skin. It was pretty amazing feat by sheer luck. Laika just whimpered. Meanwhile Rockman was trying to diffuse the fight between the girls.

Medi whipped a medi-capsule at Roll

Mel slid back under the bed, cornering him. "Let's sew that hole eh?"

Roll whipped her arrow out and said" It's time to Roll." Meanwhile Medi was trying to say a catch phrase using her own name. Laika decided to call Mel a pervert.

Rockman sweatdropped and answered for Medi. "I'll land you in the MEDIcal ward?"

"I'm not a pervert...but I do have you trapped here, unless you can move through the box springs & mattress."

"Yeah! that's it! Oh you're so great!" said Medi as she went and snuggle Rockman. Laika then pushed himself from under the bed and knock the bed frame causing the bed to crush Mel

Roll football tackled Medi away from Rockman.


Then Roll glomped onto him.

Medi fumed & flying side-kicked Roll in the head. Rockman stepped back

"I'm out!" said Rockman as he went and hid somewhere in his homepage from the girls.

Dragonman appeared behind him. "trouble with the girls?"

Rockman nodded and asked him for advice.

"well...I'm not sure what I can tell you, I'd say dump them both...or delete them both...aw piss my operator's suffocating under a bed."

Rockman ask him if he could do that for him while he'll get somebody to save Mel.

"what? delete them" he made a motion as if pulling up his sleeves. "I can do that"

"so is that a deal?" Rockman asked

"yup...you sure you want them deleted? aren't they your friend's navis?"

Rockman just shrugged. "I don't have time to think. Take it or your operator dies."

"ok ok I don't have a problem with it." he said, cracking his scaly knuckles & making his way over to the 2 female navis

Meanwhile Rockman activiate Hub.bat to take control over Netto body. Downstair, Netto became a zombie and ignored Jasmine voices as he went up to help Mel from the bed. Mel woke up seeing who saved her.

Jasmine watched him go up the stairs "?"

Mel punched him in the head. "I was fine!"

Netto didn't flinch and spoke in a spooky voice "Well blame your navi, Dragonman!" Mel became puzzled.

"Ah well," she said turning to Laika. "let's fix that hole...I can see your Walla virus boxers"

Then Netto became normal. He didn't know how he got here or why he felt pain. But seeing Laika in his boxers made him laugh hard.

"take em off" Mel said, holding up a needle & thread.

Dragonman stumbled back to Rockman, bruised & near deletion. "those are some mean chicks."

"Hey you didn't keep the end of the deal! Your ops slapped me for saving her! She said she was fine!" said Rockman

"oh...well...not my fault"

"Fine then I'll call my bitches after you!"

"no no they already beat me to shit!"

"then do something about that bitchy operator of yours! My ops had no reason to get slapped!"

"well what am I supposed to do?"

"make her apologize to my op for slapping for no reason!" Meanwhile Netto was with Jasmine who was healing him

"ok ok!"

Mel poked her head downstairs "sorry" she went back upstairs & confronted Laika with the needle & thread. "it's not gonna kill you."

Laika took the needle & thread and toss Mel out of the room locking her out. She pouted and decided to ask dragonman what the hell happened to him

"I got pounded by a bunch of chicks."

"you're useless" she turned to the door. "you can't stay in there forever..."

So she waited at the door while putting a bunch of healing chips in her PET. The chicks were searching for their blue man

Rockman hid behind a rock

Mel ran outside & tried getting in through Netto's window

But the window was locked too. she couldn't do anything else. Rockman prayed that somebody in a shiny armor would save him. At that time. Netto and Jasmine were at the door.

Mel went back inside & waited outside Netto's door.

Medi broke away from the battle & went in search of her Rock.

Mel waited and waited for the door to open. what she didn't know the kids were inside already. Roll was chasing Medi so she would not go behind.