Disclaimer: As usual, I don't own Ruroken. Nor do I own the title of this fic, which I borrowed from the Barenaked Ladies song of the same title.

Author's note: Set during end of Tokyo arc/ beginning of Kyoto arc. Kenshin's thoughts on Kaoru's love for him...

It's All Been Done Before

I see how you look at me. Recognize that look in your eye. I'm not as foolish as I'd have you all think, with my silly smiles and helpless laugh. I know what you want. And I know the price you'd pay. I know far better than you do. I've done this before.

I'm not as young as you. Or as naïve, although I wish to God I was. Maybe then my natural idealism wouldn't be quite so strongly at odds against the cynicism that I learned.

You need to trust me on this. I can think of a thousand reasons. I'm a murderer. I'm tainted. I'm twice your age. I'm not worthy...

Or the simplest of reasons. That I've done this before. And as a result, the one I held dearest is dead.

I love you.

That is why I will ignore your advances. Play the silly rurouni.

Because I'm not going to let anyone go through that again...

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