Summary: When Chairman Zala and Representative Athha almost worked themselves to death, it was their friends' turn to give them a vacation...or perhaps a honeymoon? AthrunxCagalli

A/N: Set post Destiny, and depending on the series' ending, might stands as an AU. Thanks to SJ for the correction. I always forget that. :p


Peace for Two




"I'm worried about Cagalli lately."

"Oh, I heard from Kisaka she's awfully busy."

"Haven't seen or heard from her for about weeks."


"The last time I went to her office, I couldn't find her among the stacks of files forming on top of her desk."

"Let me guess...she's buried beneath them?"

"The first thing you'll notice if you meet her is those blood-shot eyes..."

"She's not scaring off the other emirs?"

"And those black lines under her eyes..."

"Insomnia, it seems."

"And I swear I'm starting to see her skeletal form under that uniform too."

"You didn't convince her to take a break or anything?"

"Oh, I tried taking her to the dining quarters, even asked the maids to bring her lunch to her room."

"And she kicked you out of the room?"


"...Do you remember the ring Athrun gave her?"

"What of it?"

"We know she hasn't worn it for years, but yesterday...I saw that ring on the chain around her neck."


"She was fingering it cautiously, and when she realized I was looking, she immediately removed her hand and quickly changed the subject."

"You know, I once asked Cagalli where did she meet Athrun. I can't believe all the time I wasted that night to look for her, and they were busy flirting off in some unknown island."

"I see..."

"...are you thinking what I'm thinking that you're thinking?"

"It depends on what you're thinking..."


(Athrun) Day 1

"Shelley, are those files ready yet?"

A beep from the other line.

"Just a minute, Chairman Zala. By the way, your plane for Carpentaria base is ready to launch any minute now."

"And you're still dawdling?"

"Sorry sir-"

"The files, Shelley."

"I'm on the way, Sir."

Five minutes later, I was chasing the plane while my secretary was tailing on my back, holding stacks of pre-approved plans and maps of new PLANT units. Then I saw Yzak, standing on the gates of the air station, one of his feet propped on the wall. I remembered this scene from years ago, when he declared that one day he'll recruit me into his squad. That I-won't-lose-to-you glare never changed along these years. The only difference there was our once elite soldier uniforms were now chairman suits.

"Going to Carpentaria, huh?"

I blinked. "You're going too?"

Yzak scoffed, lips twitching in annoyance. "Like hell I am. I have a mountain of files on my desk to be signed by due tomorrow."

I couldn't help but notice that his eyebrows was frowning more than it usually did. Lately has been more than hectic for us, and the last time I looked into the mirror I couldn't recognize the person looking back at me. But something mischievous actually gleamed in those usually furious eyes, and Yzak was glowering at me now.

"And what you're doing here?"

"Just wanted to wish you good luck, bastard," He walked over to me, gripping my shoulder stronger than he should. "One day, you'll thank me for this."

"Thanks...I guess?"

Yzak walked away, muttering something incoherent under his breath. "Enjoy your trip, and you better make it worthwhile. If not, I'll make sure you taste hell on PLANT."

I watched him sauntered off, wondering if those silver hair has actually turned into white.

Unknown for me, fate already has plans in store for me. The fate called "meddling-friends".


Hey, Athrun?


Why do you always look at me like that?

...I don't know. Why don't you tell me, princess?

Hey! You know I hate being called a princess!

You're beautiful, Cagalli.

...You're really cheesy, you know that?

Then why are you blushing?

! I-I;m not! I-it's just t-tha-a-t it's suddenly gotten really hot in here!


Athrun, stop it, or I-I'm gonna punch you.

You already did.


I remembered the earth's sea once, gleaming under the sunset. The orange ray always reflected off Cagalli's hair beautifully, and she would ask me why I was looking at her like that. If I just smiled...she would punch me hard and said that I was an idiot. If I wanted to be honest and told her that she's beautiful, she'd punch my arms and said that I was being cheesy, and her cheeks would flush even more. It made me easier to kiss her when she's off guard like that, and I could feel her melt into my arms by the time our lips touched.

"-man Za-"

Really, of all those things that I loved about her, either when she's only in a dirty military outfit and combat boots or in an elegant evening dress, she always looked the best with her cheeks flushed.

"Chairman ZALA!"

Opening my eyes, I woke up to see a frantic looking pilot and a shaky cabin. He looked terribly relieved, and before I asked him what the problem was, he already shoved a parachute at me. "We're terribly sorry chairman Zala, but there has been a minor damage on the engine. We'll have to do an emergency landing right away."

That actually washed away all the sleepiness I have left, and I sat up from my chair immediately that vertigo assaulted at once. Never mind the fact that I forgot the last time I had a decent sleep. Clutching on the plane's front seat, I intended to head over to the cockpit, but all of the sudden the co-pilot appeared from the door and quickly ushered me to the emergency exit. "You have to leave immediately, Chairman Zala!"

"Wait, what about you?" I asked, bewildered.

"We'll be a-okay! Don't worry about us!" He actually answered that too quickly while still pushing me away, I noticed.

During the flight frenzy I could still hear him reporting back to the hidden communicator inside his shirt. "Red knight safely dispatched, over!"

I should have known that some mischievous conspiracy was brewing back there, but I was already jumping off from the height of 5000 feet by then. Never mind the fact that the plane actually took off with overwhelming speed once I left. ...the hell? How come they said the engine was broken?


"So, I'm back to this deserted island."

The surrounding looked familiar once I landed on the beach, soaking with sea water. The parachute was a done deal, and I dragged my feet over to the surrounding forest.

I took a quick trip around the island, and found that food was scarce indeed. There were little fruits, and without a sharp weapon, nothing would be obtained. Back in my ZAFT days, I used to bring a pistol, and a device that would exactly pinpoint any soldier's location when he was cast off some unknown land, anywhere on the world. I would bring that, but after I got appointed as a Chairman, those tools were...hardly needed. Especially in the days of peace like these. Boy, was I wrong.

Just then, I heard a noise behind me, and I instinctively hid behind the cliff. At first I thought it was a small animal, but judging from the way and sound that it moved, it was something the size of a person. Reaching for the knife hidden in my uniform, I readied myself until the creature finally appeared and tackled it off, sending it on its back.

Drawing my knife on its neck, I felt that this scene was somehow familiar. And then, another familiar voice shrieked out from the creature under me.

...It wasn't an animal, and she was looking at me quite angrily. "Cagalli?...!"