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Chapter I - He's Mine

He's mine you know.

He's always been mine.

I'll admit, when I was younger and had far less understanding I wanted to kill him. I killed his father, I killed his mother and I would have killed him but for that woman's magic. I do not wish to kill him now.

I have changed. And with my change I can see the truth.

I need him. His power is the same as mine. I felt it when he was born. That Muggle loving fool Dumbledore felt it as well. I do not know the extent of his power. That is something I will examine when he stands by my side. He might be more powerful than me, he might be my equal or he may not be as powerful. I doubt that last though. With his bloodline I fail to see how that could be true. Still I no longer fear his power...

Fear... Yes, that's right. I did fear him, what he could become but no longer. He's mine and he will not hurt me.

I have evolved... I have grown... His power no longer concerns me except in that it is appropriate. I do not claim lesser beings. If I did not exist he would be the most powerful, stronger even than Dumbledore but he is mine and his power is mine so I am the one.

I have hurt him, I know but it has been necessary. Even for a Dark Lord there are certain expectations. One cannot be seen to go from hate to affection. He is mine. My Death Eaters know that and they will not touch him. Oh, they may hurt him but nothing that is irreversible. They will not kill him. They know he is mine and they think I have claimed that right for myself.

How little they know...

He is mine but the pleasure he will give me is not death. He will give me what I want. He will do so willingly. It might hurt but the pain will be the lesser part and he will enjoy it.

I have hurt him. I know he sees me when he sleeps. I know he sees me, I know he sees my followers. Does Dumbledore really think I was unaware of the connection between us, the connection I forged on that fateful night when a child reduced me, a full-fledged Dark Lord, to nothing? Does he really think that such an act would leave either of us unchanged?

I am aware of the bond. And I am aware of the pain my actions cause him. It is one of the reasons I have not yet attacked. I have been careful.

Careful with him.

They think I do not torture, do not kill because the victim is beneath my notice. Not so. I have restrained myself. It is an honour for me to kill but it is something for the moment I have refrained from. It hurts him. The pain the victim feels he feels and I do not want to damage my prize. In time it will no longer hurt but my restraint is necessary for now.

The things I have ordered my servants to do, the ceremonies I have allowed him to witness through our bond have all been for him. He learns. With everything that he sees he learns. It is fitting that I educate him while Dumbledore trains his magic, fitting, and necessary, for I cannot afford weakness when he stands by my side.

He will stand by my side. Lucius, the Lestrangers, Nott, Crabbe, Goyle, McNair, Avery, Snape, Parkinson, Zabini... They all seek my favour but he... He who almost killed me, he who holds power is the one who will stand by my side.

He is mine. He fights me now but it will not be much longer. The plan is in place. It is already moving forward. Each day he learns more of the truth and when he comes to seek me I will be ready. He will be ready to stand by my side. He has the knowledge. He took from me far more than my body and I will give him the desire.

It's beautiful really. The curse his mother rebounded back on to me required both her sacrifice and his power. And in surviving that curse the path was opened within him for more power. Powers not of this world but powers only one of his blood can wield. They say Salazar Slytherin's blood is dangerous. Hah! They never considered the powers of the other lines. There was a reason there are four Founders to Hogwarts. They all had their own powers but Gryffindor and Slytherin... two powers that were considered deadly. But only Slytherin's is reviled as such when Gryffindor's could destroy the world. That's why I wished to kill him. I knew this power would come to him. But in moving to kill him it was I who caused this path to be. In my time at Hogwarts I was considered the most brilliant student. I passed all of my classes easily. Perhaps they should note that I even passed Divination. I saw my death in his life. I saw the power he would wield but I did not see the path to that power.

How was I to know that I would be the cause? Ironic. But he is mine and his power will serve me.

Soon he will submit to me and I will show him the pleasures of darkness and he will take his place at my side. The Minister does not believe that I have returned. How dare he doubt my mate? Perhaps I will present the man's head to the boy as a gift. It's only what any good Dark Lord would give their leman at the moment of our ascension.

Soon not even that Muggle loving fool Dumbledore will stand in my way.

I have returned and soon he will be mine.

May the world tremble.

Notes: I realise the concept of the Dark Lord taking Divination class is almost hysterical but remember if Divination works... Knowledge is power, so how much power does knowledge of the future give you? If Voldemort can accurately predict the future, he's won, and he knew that back in school so that's why I have him taking divination.