You were my angel, my star and my hope

Now that you're gone I know I can't cope

Being away from you is killing me

Knowing that yours is one smile I'll never see

You were my light

An angel's delight

Now you're gone it's tearing up my soul

And now I know what it feels like to be half of what was whole

Now that you're gone I have no heart

My inner sorrow has ripped it apart

Into small and useless shreds

Of what was full I am but the dregs

Night and day you know it's true

All that I can think of is you

Why did you leave where did you go

You were my sweet sharp only Romeo

Locked in the darkness you were my light

You taught my soul the science of flight

You were my love and my only escape

Your beautiful hair like an iridescent cape

People preach of afterlife, I can just but hope to see you there

I can just hold the empty dream, of seeing the wind through your hair

No-one to see or hear my pain as I'm encircled in death's embrace

Now the half has become the whole we are now face to face.