Title: Consequences of Lost Love

Summary: He lived his life without her and as he prepared to attend his retirement party from Quidditch. He thought of his past and present. This is a very realistic H/Hr story from the point of view of Ron.

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of J. K. Rowling, and Time Warner. This is strictly for non-profit Internet entertainment use and if they sue me, I do not have a dime to my name.

Author's Note: I've been rather disappointed with HarryHermione and DracoHermione writers who unrealistically portray the characters of Hermione, Harry, and especially Ron. A lot of these writers refuse to believe that you can actually portray Ron in-character and likeable to write a HarryHermione fic. With my fic I'm going to prove them wrong as it only requires a bit more work, research, and creativity to do just that. Now no matter what you think - this will be a Harry Hermione ship from beginning to end.

Do NOT leave a review until you read the entire story first! How stupid can you be to criticze something without actually reading it first? Don't get me wrong but if you write "I don't have the time to read the rest of the story" on a chapter 1 review then why bother leaving a review? However, if you read the entire story first then feel free to flame or praise away. All I got to say is it's a good story and worthy of your time.

Chapter 1 – The Beginning

It wasn't as if Ronald Weasley didn't have a bit of fear about going through with his plan. To be honest he was scared of dying, who wouldn't be? He simple couldn't bare the opposite of dying; living day to day in a heartless world with little to nothing to show for it. Quite simply he had enough and tonight would be the date marked on his tombstone.

As he put a cork onto the vial of Eternal Sleep that he would drink later tonight, he briefly wondered if anyone years later would go visit his tombstone marker out of respect or love. The answer to his own question made him cast his eyes downward as he slid the potion underneath his dress robe.

No one – not even Her.

Fifteen years earlier

Ron seemed to wonder how he found himself on the living room couch with his nose stuck deep inside a book during his summer vacation. The answer why, announced herself in a puff of displeasure.

"Humph. Honestly, Ron, you should've been finished with that book an hour ago."

"Hermione, I don't read History books as fast as you. No one does!" Ron retorted too his girlfriend as he watched her crossed her arms over her chest at him.

Truth be told, he was having a hard time finding anything interesting about the life of Rowena Ravenclaw in the search for possible Horcruxes.

"Ron we need to – oh never mind!" Hermione exasperated with him snatched the book out of his hands and started to read it for herself.

"Hermione!" Ron cried resentfully. "I was reading it and if you don't want my help then why did you bother to ask?"

Hermione returned a pointed look at him before she bothered to answer him as if trying to summon the patience to answer a small child. "Because you're the only one I could come to. Harry is too—"

"Still brooding hmm?" Ron answered her with a look of concern as she mentioned Harry's bottled up anxiety of the loss of Professor Dumbledore and Ginny.

"Yes, I wish he would talk to me about it. I just can't seem to break him out of these mood spells he has." Hermione spoke of Harry with concern well-written all over her face.

Ron could understand his girlfriend's concern. Harry had practically closed himself off to the world even after getting him from his Uncle and Aunt's house a few days ago. They were all staying at the Burrow for Bill and Fleur's wedding before they would eventually leave to find the rest of the Horcruxes.

"He'll be fine. We just need to give him some time and space." Ron answered as he also noticed Hermione wearing a nice pair of blue jeans.

Hermione merely nodded in understanding at Ron, but continued to chew on her bottom lip in nervousness. Pushing thoughts of concern for his Best Mate toward the back of his mind, Ron took a longer look at how well Hermione was filling out her pair of blue jeans. By the time he stared up at her worried face all thoughts of his Best Mate or the search for Horcruxes was long gone. He thought with his Mum busy in the kitchen that he and Hermione could take a nice little walk outside to the swing and then maybe a nice long snog to follow.

"Hermione, why don't we take a break and walk outside. Maybe even take a swing for a few minutes." Ron asked, as he felt his voice drop a few octaves when he asked.

Hermione seemed to notice the change in his voice too and merely raised an eyebrow up at him as she calmly replied, "You mean another songfest. Honestly, Ron is that all you think about?"

Yes. Ron thought before he lied back to her. "No. That's not all I think about. I was just trying—"

Hermione interrupted firmly with a cold declaration. "I know what you were thinking and my answer is no."

Ron's face fell as he softly grumbled to himself about the loss opportunity they could've had. She didn't seem concerned as she stood up with the History book and spoke. "I'm going upstairs to talk with Harry."

Ron rolled his eyes at her that he understood more than her that Harry didn't want to be disturbed but ever since dating Hermione he's been letting her have her way more often then not without their usual arguing rows. As he started to stand up slowly to follow her, she held her hand out at him to stay.

"No, you stay here." Hermione ordered, tossing the History book back to Ron. "I'll go up there and talk to him – you read."

Ron frowned but held back his usual retort that she was going all about it wrong. He meekly nodded to her and reluctantly re-opened the book to the last page he was on as Hermione stormed up the stairs toward his room in the attic.

A few hours later he went upstairs to his room to tell Harry and Hermione that his mum had dinner ready. When he opened his door he found a smiling and giggling Hermione and to his surprise a smiling Harry sitting beside one another on his bed as if they were sharing a joke between them.

"Hey," Ron said to the both of them and briefly noticed a flash of disappointment on Hermione's face. "Mum has got dinner ready."

"Great, I'm starving." Harry answered back before almost dashing past Ron to go downstairs.

Ron gave a query look over at Hermione about Harry's new found mood and she only responded by shrugging her shoulders. In retrospect, what he should've noticed was the small red blush on Hermione's face as she quietly walked past him and headed down toward the kitchen without saying a word to Ron as she was deep in thought.

Years later he would remember that night as being the first of his many hints that something was wrong. He often wondered and wished had he had gone up with Hermione to talk with Harry that day, that things would be different in the present. The present he was determine to leave forever.