Challenge #92: Turning point
Author: Ann
Title: The things Daddy did when he fell in love…
Rating: (G to NC-17) G
Spoilers/Warnings: Ranger falls in luv

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters

The things Daddy did when he fell in love…

Wow, it was a change that was talked about for years after. Legendary. I still remember the day that he called me after it happened. I mean, you know that people in love might behave slightly different from before, but this was… Well, I really can't describe it. I was flabbergasted.

It started right at the beginning of that conversation. He actually called me unannounced (but always very welcome!) and had asked lots of questions about my day and school and sports and everything else. He usually isn't that talkative. And then, when I started to get suspicious and started asking questions back, he was talking freely. I would almost say he was… chatty! (Don't tell him I said this, I will be deported to a third world country before you finished your story.) He talked about this takedown that he did, together with Stephanie, and how they went out for drinks afterwards and had a wonderful time. That she looked really nice that night, and bla bla bla. I knew he liked Stephanie, (not from him by the way, but from Tank and Lester) but he had never mentioned anything about her. Come to think of it, he never talked about women at all, even though according to my mother he was always attracting women. (And she didn't talk about it as if that was a good thing… I would like to attract men!) But anyway, he kept on telling stories and I was getting more amazed by the minute. Was this my silent Dad? The man who had made economy of words an art form? My mother saw my face and asked to speak to him as well. Normally Dad tries to get out of that, but now he said: sure, put her on. I watched my mothers face during their conversation and she started looking angry (as always) but then quickly changed to surprise and amazement, and ending with a sort of sour smile. She had only asked short questions, so I had no idea what exactly he was telling her. After a while she said: "Ricardo… RICARDO! I get the picture. I'll put your daughter back on." Then she said goodbye and gave the phone back to me. We said goodbye as well, and he said he was looking forward to seeing me in about a month time. I turned to my mother and raised my eyebrow in question.

"What is wrong with Dad?"

"Sweetie, he is fine."

"But he was doing weird."

"Darling. I know this is hard to understand right now, but by the time you're 20 you'll understand exactly what is going on."


"Your father (sigh)… (silence)… Your father, heaven help us, has fallen in love…" She said with another deep sigh.

And wow, did we get reacquainted (I have no other word for it)… He picked me up at the airport and had said he had lots of surprises for me. First of all I met Stephanie in the car, she was really nice. And then we went to this house that I didn't recognize. It was in a normal, nice neighborhood. It still had fences around it, but it didn't look as dangerous and military as his old house. And then he said that he owned the house together with Stephanie, and that he and Stephanie lived there. And then they told me that they were in love, and that she was living with him. And then it hit me! He wasn't wearing black today! He was wearing blue jeans and a light shirt. Wow, this Stephanie must have magical powers! And they were in love, always kissing, hugging and chasing each other through the house. After the first week I was getting tired of them. They were acting like children! I was supposed to be the child here, but in stead I had to call them to come down for dinner (3 times!) and had to remind them to take me out to the mall and to the movies. We were almost late! Daddy was never late… And usually he was always working a lot, but now he seemed to be home more then at work. Luckily Lester and Tank came over to keep me company at night when Dad and Steph went out. When I asked them what was wrong with Dad, they were laughing very hard, and said more or less the same thing my mother said. He was in love. The whole state was talking about it, because he was wearing colors, leaving work early and laughing the whole time. The moment he and Steph had finally found out how they felt about each other had been a turning point, and since then they had been inseparable. Jeez, you could take that last word seriously. They seemed to be joined at the hip! I am not sure if I want to be in love like that, but when I said that to Tank he smiled and said that he had never seen Dad happier then this last month. Mmm, maybe love isn't such a bad thing after all…