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Title: Caught in a storm

Author: Trinilee Greenleaf

Disclaimer/sob/ they're not mine…not even legolas/sniff/

Rating: K

Summary: Young Legolas gets stuck in a storm. This is the story that is mentioned in my other fic: 'Storm's are scary.'

Author note: All names apart from those of Thranduil and Legolas, are creations of my imagination. They do not mean anything at all except Legolas' mother which means 'Woodland Queen'.

Authors note: Legolas is roughly the age of 4 in human years. This fic is set before Good Intentions.

Authors note: I believe that Greenwood did not turn into Mirkwood until after legolas had been born and had grown up a little bit so in my story I refer to him sometimes as the Prince of Greenwood.


Ada – father
Saes – please
Ion nin – my son
Aran nin – my king
Neder – nine
Caer – ten
Meleth nin – my love
Thelal nin tharo? – Will you help me?
Hannon le mellon nin – Thank you my friend
Avo bedo o channad ernil nin. Nathon sí achen, avo gosto – You're welcome my prince. I will be here for you, do not fear.

Chapter 1 - Hide

"Can I ada? Saes!" The pleading eyes of the blond elfling were totally irresistible, especially to the child's father.

Sighing loudly, knowing that he could never refuse his son anything, the King agreed.

"Yes, you may go," the elfling beamed at him and turned to leave, "on one condition." Slowly turning back round, Legolas looked up at his father apprehensively. "You do not go deep into the forest. Do you understand me? You and your friends must stay near the palace walls at all times. Promise me ion nin."

"I promise ada!" and with that, the young prince scampered away.

"And don't be late for dinner!" Thranduil shouted after his son, "That boy will be the death of us Tawiandrís."

When her name was spoken, the woodland Queen stepped out of the shadows where she had been standing, watching the whole conversation with amusement.

Chuckling, Tawiandrís nodded her head, "You are right meleth nin, but is that not why we love him so?"

Laughing now himself, the king put his arm round his wife and lead her out of the door, "Aye, it is."

"Neder, caer! Ready or not, here I come!" the young prince of Greenwood ran away from the tree that he had been counting next to, and ran off quickly, checking the trees and the undergrowth for any signs of his friends.

A giggle off to his right made him turn that way but he could see nothing. Another giggle, yet to his left this time, made him whip his head round in the opposite direction, his golden hair flying about his face. More giggles sounded, seeming to come from everywhere. Legolas stood still and put his hands on his hips. His friends were using one of the oldest tricks in the book to try and distract the poor elfling.

Looking behind him, the Palace walls loomed above the blue-eyed boy. Keeping his promise to his ada, he and his friends had not strayed very far from the borders of his home. They were so close in fact, that the guards could be seen, smiling at the elfling's antics. After all, they were far too young to be out alone in the forests of Greenwood, even though it was quite safe.

Looking to one of the guards, Maylion, Legolas sighed desperately. Sensing the child's frustration, Maylion let his eyes wander to the top of a tree not far from where Legolas was standing. Legolas followed his friend's gaze and saw Tylnel sitting on one of the lower branches, perfectly camouflaged in the green foliage. Nodding his thanks to the guard, the elfling smiled.

A huge crash of thunder sounded above their heads and Legolas looked up. He would swear that those dark, menacing clouds had not been there before.

A tingle of some unknown fear ran up his spine and Legolas shivered despite the humid air around him. Looking up and seeing the clouds part, the fear was not unknown anymore. Sprinting as fast as his little legs could carry him, the blond Prince ran into the forest, narrowly avoiding the bolt of lightening that struck the spot where he had been standing not moments before.

The guards called out to all the elfling's to get back inside the safe walls of the Palace. A storm like this though uncommon, was not unheard of. Giving no warnings of their impendent arrival, these storms were deadly. Lightening started it off and soon the rain would fall, very heavy rain.

Collecting all the elfling's, Maylion and his partner Garon ran inside as the huge gates were opened from the inside to allow them entrance.

Running as fast as his little legs could carry him, Legolas didn't look back once, afraid of the bright light's that kept flashing behind him. Another clap of thunder made him squeal in fear and he put on another burst of speed.

The heavy rain had started only a few minutes ago and yet the poor prince was already soaked to the skin.

Knowing that he couldn't keep up this pace forever, and knowing that he was already past his limits, the elfling slowed to a stop. Not wanting to stay out in the open where the big lights and huge drums could get him, he looked around for a suitable hiding place as he did not want to try and find his way home in the storm.

Spotting a tree that seemed to have a small hole in its trunk just big enough for a small elfling to climb into, Legolas slowly moved over to it, his legs aching from his terrified flight. Looking up to the top of the tree, he noticed that it wasn't as tall as some of the others around it and from what he had been taught of storms, he knew that the big lights usually hit very tall things.

"Thelal nin tharo?" he asked the tree in a very small voice. The tree waved its branches as if it was nodding. It was usual for elves as young as Legolas to have such a strong connection with nature, but as his parents had always said, he was special. From a very early age, he had been able to commune with the trees and with all kinds of woodland creatures and they were able to converse with him too.

"Hannon le mellon nin," and Legolas put his hand onto the tree.

Avo bedo o channad ernil nin. Nathon sí achen, avo gosto.

The tree's words echoed in his mind. Smiling to himself and feeling quite satisfied with that thought, he climbed into the tree. He was still soaking wet and the tree didn't shelter him from the strong winds that blew the rain in his direction and made him shiver with cold, but at least the lights couldn't get him, and that was all that mattered to the frightened little prince.

Trembling with cold and fear, Legolas sat and waited for the storm to stop, or for someone to come and find him, whichever came first.


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