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Title: Caught in a storm

Author: Trinilee Greenleaf

Disclaimer: sob they're not mine…not even legolas! sniff

Rating: K

Summary: Young Legolas gets stuck in a storm. This is the story that is mentioned in my other fic: 'Storms are scary.'

Author note: All names apart from those of Thranduil and Legolas are creations of my imagination. They do not mean anything at all except Legolas' mother which means 'Woodland Queen'.

Authors note: Legolas is roughly the age of 4 in human years. This fic is set before Good Intentions.

Authors note: I believe that Greenwood did not turn into Mirkwood until after legolas had been born and had grown up a little bit so in my story I refer to him sometimes as the Prince of Greenwood.

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Hir nin – my lord

Elleth – female elf

Non hirath hir nin, im faniant gen – I am sorry my lord, I failed you

Nae Elbereth beriatha gen – May Elbereth protect you

Urin nallon, ti thúlar – Do not cry, they are coming

Mas na ech? – Where are you?

Ion nin – my son

Le cuin – you are alive

Ada – father

Im sí – I'm here

Pen dithen mellen nin, nauthannen san ach gwann – my little beloved one, I thought you were dead

Chapter 2 – Seek

When the storm started, Thranduil and Tawiandrís were seen running to the front gates of the Palace. When they got there, they saw a bunch of bedraggled figures huddling inside the entrance. Two guards were closing the doors.

"Maylion? Garon? Are you alright?"

Both stood rigid for a second and saluted to their King and Queen and then relaxed when Thranduil nodded, whilst Tawiandrís just smiled.

"We are both fine your hir nin," spoke Garon, "As are all the elfling's who we were watching play outside."

"Well done you two. I- wait, where is my son?"

Whilst the guard had been talking, Thranduil had been looking at all of the elfling's that were standing in a big clump behind the guards, all talking quietly to each other in frightened whispers. Not seeing his son straight away, Thranduil was instantly alarmed.

"Legolas? Legolas are you hear?" called the queen. Her eyes wide with worry, the usually calm elleth, was digging her nails deep into her husband's arm looking up into his face with increasing concern when their son did not answer her call.

"I-I-thought we had collected all the elflings, I-I-just assumed Legolas was with them," looking to his partner for support, Maylion struggled to find words to console the distraught parents. "Non hirath hir nin, im faniant gen." The guilt he placed upon his shoulders was unnecessary but he felt responsible for leaving the young prince behind. He had been asked to watch over him especially by the King himself. And now, he had failed him, the Queen and the prince all in one go.

"Nay Malion, you did not fail me. It is not your fault I assure you," comforted the king. Placing a hand on the guards shoulder and softly squeezing, the King then looked to his wife.

"I will go and find him meleth nin."

"I will come too Aran nin."

"As will I."

Thranduil looked at both the guards and smiled. "I knew you would. Tawiandrís, am I to think that you will take care of these elfling's personally?"

His wife smiled, "Of course. I will get them dry and then I will notify their parents."

Moving to the door, the two guards respectfully turned away from their King and Queen, as they said their goodbyes.

"I will bring him back Taw'."

"I know you will. Nae Elbereth beriatha gen."

And with that, Thranduil, Maylion and Garon pushed the doors open and swept out into the night.

Ushering the frightened elfling's to her, Tawiandrís too them into the hall where they could dry off by the fire, all the while praying that her dear little leaf would come back safe and unharmed.

Still trembling inside the tree, Legolas slept. The tree had been singing lullaby's to comfort him and the tired prince had finally given in to the safe confines of his dreams. But they were not safe anymore. His dreams were plagued with huge flashing lights and drums that sounded louder than anything he had ever heard before.

Trying to run from them, Legolas found that he could not move his legs. He was stuck where he was and the drums were getting ever closer. Just as they reached him, an almighty boom shook the tree he was in and he jerked awake.

Calming his rapid breathing, the elfling realised that it had grown darker. He must have been asleep for about an hour. He also noticed that the storm was still raging outside. He was still soaked through and he was trembling harder than ever.

Drops of wetness dripped down his face, but these were not from the rain that still came pouring in from outside. With tears of helplessness and fright wetting his face even more, Legolas hugged his knees to him and waited.

Urin nallon, ti thúlar.

The tree's whisper made Legolas look up and wipe his tears away. Who were coming? He tried to ask the tree but it would not tell him.

Suddenly, he heard something that made him cry in joy.

"Legolas? Legolas mas na ech?"


His view of the outside was blocked as a face looked into his hiding place.

"Oh Legolas ion nin, le cuin!"

Reaching in and scooping up his shaking child, Thranduil hugged Legolas to him. Legolas broke down once he was in his father's arms and sobbed hysterically into his ada's strong shoulder.

"Shh, im sí, im sí. Oh pen dithen mellen nin, nauthannen san ach gwann."

Smiling his thanks to the guards that were watching the reunion with tears of their own in their eyes, Thranduil, still cuddling his son to him, walked back to the palace.

The reunion between mother and son was a happy one and Legolas was soon asleep, warm and safe, in his parent's lap.

You would have thought that nothing would be different after this little adventure but alas, it was not to be. Legolas would be afraid of storms for the rest of his childhood. As he matured though, his fear became less and less, until it was no longer there at all, but the memory of what happened that day was never really forgotten…

I Veth

(The end)

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