True Dream

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A/N: Basically during a University tutorial yesterday we were discussing the nature of so called 'true dreams'. This is supposedly when someone remembers something they heard when they were asleep or unconscious or something like their own birth or alternately see their own future… A pretty strange concept but it gave me an idea for a pair of Susan/Marcus ficlets - and It sounded kind of Minbari-like so yeah... Please bear with me.

Marcus had always been a loner; there had been people who touched him, people he loved – his family for a start. He would have given his life for them but this was different. The body lying before him wasn't someone who had needed him before – on the contrary, most of the time she was exasperated with him, she was strong, she didn't want him around, and she made it fairly clear that while she thought he was funny that she also found him annoying. She didn't need him.

Well she hadn't before now.

For what he suspected was the first time in a long time Susan Ivanova was helpless, unable to even say anything, her sharp tongue immobilised by painkillers that he had set at a level that would keep her blissfully unaware for the next few hours.

He felt something hot touching his cheek and reached up to brush at the wetness on his face. He was surprised, it had been a long time since he had cried, he had thought for a long time that the part of him capable of crying was dead.

Then again he had thought that the part of his heart that could care for others in a personal way was dead. She had brought that back to life. He looked down at the machine that was drawing his life from him, he knew that soon he wouldn't be able to think let alone speak, and before that happened he wanted to say something, something he had known he would tell her someday, known for days now how he would say it. Ever since the dream…

He shivered, he'd never had a dream like that before, it had been a daydream actually. He had stood on the bridge of the Whitestar waiting until they got as close to Mars as possible before waking Susan.

Suddenly he had felt a dreadful certainty, and his feet mindlessly carried him to her side. He looked down at her sleeping face and for a moment she seemed to stir and a smile touched her lips as she dreamt of something known only to her, the slightest smile tugged at hi lips.

"You'll never know." He hadn't known how he knew but he knew. She would never know. He had been told by the Minbari that a warrior sometimes knows that he will die in a battle – even one that may well be won. Somehow Rangers sometimes saw a part of their death – a bit like the Centauri did.

He hadn't believed but suddenly he knew, he would die in this fight, he already knew how he would die, giving his life to protect Susan. It was just a matter of how and when and now he knew.

The room was blurring and darkening; he glanced over and saw her vital signs rising slowly. She even seemed to stir, vitality renewing her body. Slowly he lowered himself so he was half lying on the bed next to her, looking up to see the side of her face he whispered the words he had known would be his last.

"I love you…"

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