Title: Blessing
Summery: Mara asks for Leia's blessing in a strange way
disclaimer: characters are not mine
Spoilers: Vision of the future
Notes: I haven't read this book yet but my friend has and filled in the blanks so mistakes are due to my ignorance of this period.

They were hanging upside down.

This wasn't the way Mara Jade had planned telling Leia Organa Solo that Luke had proposed and she had said yes. No Mara had planned it to the last detail, a good assassin had to be ready for every eventuality.

Mara twisted her body as far as she could. Each woman had been tied up around their torsos and hands and feet hanging from independent hooks that were embedded into the stone so all Mara could see was Leia's head. The other woman had a long scratch from her eyebrow down to her eye which made Leia's features seem even more stern then usual.

Mara didn't know what Leia thought of her relationship with her brother, Mara certainly had never gone out of her way to seek her approval beforehand.

This was different.


In response Leia turned her own body so that they were face to face with each other, it took some doing as every time Leia managed to accomplish her goal she swung back again like a pendulum.

"Luke asked me to marry him" Leia's body was turned away from her own so Mara had decided on a split decision whim to blurt it out. It wasn't as if she was scared of Leia, but she was well aware of Leia's prowess with a blaster and her growing skill with a lightsabre.

For a moment Leia's own movement came from the chain that suspended her to the wall.


"That's it?"

"Mara we're hanging upside down by a chain in a cell, what do you want from me? You want to talk wedding dresses and flowers?"


"Luke's a grown man he can make his own decisions if he wants to marry the woman who vowed to kill him, well it wouldn't be the worst date he's ever had"

Mara felt a smile forming. She knew there was a reason she liked Leia. She was the only sane half of the Skywalker twins.

"So you aren't bothered by having an assassin in the family?"

"Mara, on my last count we have a sith lord, a smuggler and a Jedi knight and two eccentric droids and an eight foot wookie. All I can say is: Welcome to the family"


"No problem"

They swung silently for a few moments when Leia's voice came back through the gloom.

"Mara, were you asking for my blessing to marry Luke?"

"No" the defensiveness made Mara's teeth ache.

"No of course not" Mara could hear the smile in Leia's tone.

"But if you decide to kill Luke, I'll have to come after you"

"Only right" Mara replied pleasantly

"So any thoughts on how we're going to get out of here?" Leia asked

"Aren't Skywalker and Solo on their way?"

"Yes but one thing you learn in this family is that they are rarely on time and often only make things worse"

"So we're on our own" Mara paraphrased.

"Get used to it" Leia advised.

Mara allowed a smile to form; maybe she wouldn't be out of place in the Solo-Skywalker clan.

As she and Leia formulated their escape plan they heard the distinctive howl of a wookie, the snap hiss of a light sabre and the rapport of a gun.

They rolled their eyes.

What had she married into?