Summary: Sequel to 'Innocence.' Sirius Black is now the new Defense Against The Darks Arts teacher and not to mention guardian of thirteen-year-old Harry Potter. During Potions, however, Harry is turned into a toddler. Sirius now has to deal with messy eating, nap times and...changing diapers.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters—they are all J.K. Rowling's.

Chapter One

"Black!" Snape exclaimed, barging into Sirius Black's office, holding a toddler out in front of him.

"Babysitting, Severus?" Sirius asked with a smirk.

"I believe this is yours," Snape said, thrusting the baby into Sirius's arms.

"Mine?" Sirius asked, taking a closer look at the baby. "Harry—?"

"Yes," Snape said. "That is Potter."

"How? Harry's a…a…"

"A what? Baby? Obviously," Snape replied coldly.

"Harry's class was Potions," Sirius said. "So that means—"

"Precisely. Potter was partnered with Longbottom. He put in the wrong ingredient, and there's your aftermath." Snape eyed the baby with distaste. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a class to get back to."

"Guess it's just you and me now, kiddo," Sirius said to the sixteen month old. Harry gurgled. Sirius couldn't help but grin. "That's right. And you better behave—I have a class soon, you know."


"Good afternoon," Sirius greeted his class. "Now, in this class we'll be—" Sirius paused, looking around the room. Harry was gone. "Excuse me." Sirius rushed out of the room, looking around wildly. Where on earth was that baby?

"Sirius?" Remus's voice echoed off of the corridor walls. "Why aren't you teaching your class?" He demanded. Remus didn't wait for Sirius to reply, though. "I heard what happened to Harry. I came as quick as I could. Thought maybe you'd need help looking after Harry."

"I've lost him!" Sirius hissed. "Can you go fill in for me?"

"What?" Remus asked. "You mean teach—"

"Yes!" Sirius exclaimed, losing his patience. "Yes, yes, yes! Hurry! I have to find Harry." Sirius said a quick 'thank you' before hurrying past his friend to find Harry.

"Wait, Sirius!" Remus called. Sirius spun around.


"How could you have lost Harry? Is he even able to walk yet?"

"Obviously he can!" Sirius said before turning away. Where or where can a little baby go to? Certainly not that far…

"Excuse me?" A voice interrupted Sirius from his thoughts. "Professor?" Sirius turned around, looking at Hermione Granger, one of Harry's friends. She held Harry in her arms, who was gurgling happily.Harry stretched arms stretched out, waiting to be picked up by Sirius.

"There you are," Sirius said, relief sweeping over him. He took Harry from Hermione's arm. "Thank you. Very much."

"No problem," Hermione replied. "Be good for Professor Black, won't you Harry?" She asked with a grin.

Harry gave Hermione a look of pure innocence. She gave Harry a grin before walking away.

"Never run off on me again, Harry," Sirius said, still feeling his heart beat rapidly.

"I see you've found Harry," Remus said as Sirius came into the DADA classroom with Harry in his arms.

"I see you've got the class under control," Sirius observed, looking impressed. "Good. That'll be good for the future."

"Future?" Remus repeated, eyebrows raised. "What 'future'? I was just watching your class because you lost Harry!"

Sirius scowled. "I did not lose Harry. He was…just out exploring."

"Exploring?" Remus echoed skeptically. "He was exploring, was he?"

"Yes," Sirius replied shortly. "Without my permission. Anyway, I can't teach this class with Harry in his…condition. He could go off exploring without my permission again! Please, Remus? Can you just teach this class...only for a while."

"What about my condition?" Remus said under his breath so only Sirius could hear. "I can't teach your class in my condition."

"Please, Remus," Sirius pleaded. "I need to look after Harry at all times. You could be a temporary fill-in until Harry gets back to his original age. Thirteen."

"Who's going to be a 'fill-in' for me on the full moons, then?" Remus asked in a low voice.

"I suppose I could then."

"Sirius, it should be you teaching these classes all the time!"

"I know," Sirius said, running his fingers through his hair. "But how can I if Harry goes and runs off again like what happened today?"

Remus gave a sigh of defeat. He glared daggers at Sirius. "You owe me big-time."

A smile reached Sirius's lips. "I do. Thank you, Moony."

"But this is only temporary," Remus reminded Sirius. "Until Harry turns back into a thirteen year old."

"Right," Sirius agreed. "And speaking of Harry—" He grinned at the little boy in his arms. "We better go have a little chat with Dumbledore about this."


"Oh, man," Sirius breathed as he stepped out of Dumbledore's office. "Did you hear that, Harry? You could be stuck as a baby for weeks. Months. I don't know how—" Sirius paused, hearing and seeing nothing behind, beside or in front of him. Harry was gone—again.

"Sirius!" Remus exclaimed as Sirius came into view, Harry trailing along side him. "That's the second time today, Sirius! Harry's not seven years old," he reminded his friend. "Harry won't stay by your side like he used to. You need to look after him. Don't let him out of your sight."

"I know," Sirius said, giving a sigh and picking Harry up. "Sorry, kiddo," he apologized. Harry clapped his hands, blowing bubbles with his lips. "Come on, you must be tired after your exploring," Sirius said. "Thanks for everything, Professor Lupin!" He called over his shoulder.

"All righty, then," Sirius said as he set Harry on the ground, sitting down on one of the chairs as he watched Harry walk around. He kind of reminded Sirius of a penguin when he walked. "You must be hungry," Sirius said.

Harry gurgled in response.

"What should I feed you? Probably not baby food, you look around sixteen months old. How about some solid food?" Sirius paused. "How about some…spaghetti? You like that, don't you? I think I have some of that." Sirius got up and made his way over to the fridge, taking out a bowl of spaghetti. He took out his wand and aimed it at the noodles. "Aestus Estus." Immediately, steam started to seep from the spaghetti.

"Knock yourself out," Sirius said, setting the bowl in front of Harry. Eyeing it hungrily, Harry attacked the bowl with his hands. Sirius groaned as spaghetti sauce covered the boy's hands, clothes and face. "You are impossible."


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The spell that I used to heat up the Spaghetti was Aestus Estus. I'm positive that it wasn't used in any of the Harry Potter books or movies, so that is why it may not seem familiar. Actually, I did some researched on the spells and everything that were used in the books and movies with their descriptions. And I saw something that they all had in common—they were all latin words.

The spell, 'Avis' conjures a flock of birds. 'Avis' is Latin for birds.
'Accio' is a summoning charm. 'Accio' is also Latin for "To summon."

So, Sirius needed to heat up some Spaghetti for Harry. I searched the internet (you know, the English-to-Latin online Dictionaries are quite useful…) and found that Aestus Estus was Latin for "Heat." I thought, perfect! So now the Latin word, Aestus Estus, 'Heat' in English, became a heating spell in this story. Just to let you know if anyone is wondering.

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