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Summary: Partially AU Jessica Mastriani, the well-known Lightning Girl, is waiting. Waiting for her savior, her knight in shining armor you could say. She isn't known for her patience, but for this one thing, she'll have to wait. Wait patiently.

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Waiting Patiently


My name as Jessica Mastriani. You probably know me as Lightning Girl.

About a year ago, I got struck by lighting. To this day, I still say it's all Ruth's fault. She's the one that wanted to walk home during a frigging storm that could practically be the storm of the century. I guess I could've just hitched a ride with someone, but no, I had to be the supportive best friend, since asshole Jeff Day had to call her fat. Really, he has no consideration for anyone's feelings whatsoever.

But I digress.

So anyway, I got struck by lightning. Not only was that bad because I passed out for a few minutes from it, but it also gave me certain . . . powers. Powers that have gotten me in a lot of trouble this past year. I almost died a few of the times, since no one was there to save me.

You know in tons of stories how the main character gets herself in a shit load of trouble and then her savior comes and . . . saves her? Yeah, well, that's like me, only I have no savior.

Nope. No boyfriend for Lightning Girl. I'm single all the way and kind of hating it.

I'm no biggie on commitment, but come on. You gotta have a boyfriend by your junior year in high school. Seriously.

Its not like I'm ugly or fat or anything. While I wouldn't consider myself a hottie, I still don't think I'm overweight or ugly.

So why don't boys look at me other than the short girl that likes to beat up football players?

Oh . . .yeah. That could be it.

Intimidation, perhaps?

But, seriously. I'm a lot shorter than them, I hate to admit.

This sucks.

Anywho, back to the whole ESP thing.

All of the kids I've gone to rescue, I ended up getting into more trouble. Like with the True Americans, I had to act like I was one of them. And then try and sneak the kid out. Luckily that one dog, Chigger, was on my side. And with the whole guy-getting-revenge-inside-of-a-cave thing? Yeah, the guy tripped over a rock and knocked himself out. I thank God for his clumsy-ness. And with the whole Sean kid thing, yeah, I rescued him, but I got in so late, while sneaking the poor kid into my room, that my parents actually grounded me for a whole week. Oh, and I rescued a cheerleader from a couple of murderous football players. And I managed to get out without getting killed. Fortunately, I knew the one cheerleader and she called the cops right away before they could do any good damage on me.

Did I mention the FBI?

Yeah, the Feds are after me. Not 'cause I did anything wrong, but they want to use me to find missing people in the world that are a danger to our country.


Like that would be happening.

So I have to keep lying to them and be careful what I say, since they parked their stupid white van out in front of my house. And they caused my eldest brother, Douglass, to go into another one of his episodes, which immediately set me off. Those bastards.

I could say I hate this whole thing. I really could.

And I do.

I could say that I wish it never happened and if I had a chance to go back in time and change it, I definitely would.

But I can't.

I've learned to live with it. It may get me in trouble from time to time, but I've learned to cope with the consequences.

But the one thing that I haven't learned to cope with is that I have no one to be there for me when I need help.

So . . . what'd you think? Like it or not?

I basically took all of the events from the books and just summarized them, but changed them a little so she saved herself. But an event that will happen in this story, she will need someone to save her. Desperately.

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