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Casablanca Lilies


Leave me in the dark…


It was the best thing to do. She had no other choice… staying was no option… not anymore…

… not anymore…

… never again…

"Raven?" A voice from behind her called out and she turned her head towards the door of her room, only to be greeted by a blonde seventeen year old girl with blue eyes and a tall African-American girl with dark, fiery eyes.

"Are you ready?" The blonde asked a pleading look in her eyes. Somehow it seemed as if she hoped that she wasn't ready.

Raven looked away from her friends and her eyes wandered to the mirror in front of her. Her eyes met big, amethyst eyes, which were set in a smooth, pale face. Strands of deep violet hair framed her face and feel softly around her face, barely reaching her shoulder.

'Am I ready?' Her reflection seemed to ask and for a split second she was attempted to back down, but as fast as the thought occurred, it vanished. She couldn't back down… she just couldn't… so, with a nod to her mirror she grabbed the suitcase on the floor and turned towards her friends.

"Yes, I'm ready!" She said determinedly and proceeded to walk through the door.

"Rae, are you sure you don't want to inform Richard…?" The tall dark young woman asked tentatively, gently as if she feared to break her friend.

Raven didn't look at her friend, but continued to walk. "It's better that way, Karen…" Was her only answer.

"But… he is your best friend… how can you just walk away on him…?" The blonde protested, but was stopped from Karen's hand on her shoulder. "Terra… don't… "

"He has Kori now." Raven cut in and finally faced her friends. "He doesn't need me anymore…"

"Raven, you…" Terra tried to reach out for her.

"It's ok… just let's go…"

Terra sighed and Karen just shook her head and with that they followed their friend out of the house and towards Karen's car.

Silently, Raven found a place in the backseat of the car, pressing her head against the cold glass and waited for Karen to start the engine. With a roar the car spun to life and car began to move.


"Richard?" The twelve year-old Raven called out for her dark-haired and blue-eyed friend on her bed.

"Yeah…" Was his grunted reply. He was too busy with his Game boy than listing to his friend.

"Do you… do you think we will be friends forever…?" Raven finally managed to bring out.

Richard didn't even look up from his game to answer. "Of course, but only if you stop disturbing me, because if I loose this game I don't think we can be friends anymore." It was meant as a joke, but somehow it had the opposite effect on Raven.

"What when we drift apart? What when you… you don't want to be my friend anymore? What…"

Richard's blue eyes lift up from his game and bore into Raven. Raven wasn't behaving like herself.

The Raven he knew wouldn't ask such question… unless something had happened… unless… "Raven…?"

"… what when my parents decided to move away… from here…?" Raven finished and bit her lips scornfully, her eyes looking everywhere but at him.

That was when he realized, that was when he finally saw what she meant… and he did the only thing he thought would help her… would help him…

He pulled her to the bed and straight to his chest. His strong arms wound themselves around her much smaller and slender body.

"We'll be always friends… the best of friends and nothing will change that…" Richard whispered into her ear as Raven's arms tightened around his shoulder. "Don't worry, we will find a way… I promise!"

Raven drew back from the boy and smiled sadly at him. "Don't promise something you can't keep." She chided him.

"I always keep my promises…" He murmured and pulled her back into his arms…

Raven smiled into the window as the memory faded away. Yes, he had found a way and kept his promise… at least some part of his promise… but Raven knew that some promises were made to be broken…


"I'm so stupid… so stupid!" A sixteen year-old Raven stood in front of a mirror in the girl's locker room.

Her make-up was smeared from her tears and she looked at herself with disgust. "How could I think that even think that I'm beautiful…" She pulled at her black dress. "I'm not beautiful, I'm not beautiful, I'm…"

"…beautiful…" A voice from the door answered. Raven spun around, almost frightened to face the person.

"Richard?" Raven almost gasped.

A tux-clad Richard nodded and walked closer to his friend.

"What are you doing here?"

"Trying to help you…?"

"You're in a girl's locker!"

"So what?"

"You… girl's locker… you… forget it…" Raven finally said and turned away from him.

"Raven… you are beautiful…" Richard said gently as he stood next to her. "The most beautiful of all the girls…" He added, wiping away her tears.

"You're a terrible liar, you know that, don't you?" Raven told him and fought away his hands.

"You could have any guy you want…" Richard softly said, never looking away from her amethyst eyes.

Raven's eyes winded and her eyes met Richard's blue ones and for a moment Richard thought she would hit him for such a remark, but he was more than surprised to hear her answer.

"Really… any guy…?" She asked fearing his answer.

Richard smiled and his right hand softly stroking her cheek. "Any guy!"

"Any guy…?"

"Any guy!" He repeated. "Although right at the moment he has to be blind, but…"

A smack on his head, a groan and a laugh followed…


'Seems as you were wrong after all, Richard… I can't have any guy… I can't have the guy who matters…'

"Rae… Raven…" A voice broke through her memories and she realized that the car had stopped. "We're here!" Karen announced.

Raven just nodded and stepped out of the car, her suitcase in her hand.

She turned to her two friends. "You don't have to come inside… I can do it alone… from here…" Raven said and wasn't surprised a bit as both protested vigorously.

"You don't think that we letting you go without sending you off… without saying goodbye, do you?" Terra scolded her in mock anger.

"No, I don't," Raven smiled softly and together the three woman walked into the Jump City airport.

Moments later, they stood in front of the gate. Raven turned to her friends. "I guess, it's time to say goodbye…" Her voice trembles slightly.

Terra looked at her for a moment before throwing her arms around the slightly taller girl. "You'll come back, don't you?

"Take care of Garfield… you know how he can be…" Raven ignored Terri's question. "And tell him that some of his stupid jokes are indeed funny…" She pulled away from the blonde girl who couldn't stop crying and turned to Karen.

"Tell Victor to not eat too much meat… it's not good for him… and that I'll miss the work on his "Baby"… and…" Finally her voice cracked, revealing that she hold back tears and Raven's arms sneaked around the taller girl.

"Raven, you can tell them all that on your own… you'll be soon here again and then you can… Raven… Rae…" Terra tried to bring out the words, but… nothing…

Again, Raven pulled away from the hug and looked sadly at her friends.

"You will come back, don't you?" Terra asked again. "You'll just see how your father is doing and help your mother and you'll come back and…" Another sob went through the girl.

"I'll miss you…" Raven just said and starts to leave. Suddenly she turned around and said, "Ah, tell Richard…"

"Yeah?" Karen asked with a hopeful glimmer in her eyes.

Raven trailed off. With a smile and a shake of her head, she spoke, "Nothing. It's okay… just tell him that I'm sorry…"

A smile…

A wink…

And then she turned her back to her friends and with a sad smile on her face – as if confident that she was doing the right thing – Raven walked through the gate… leaving Jump City AND Richard behind her…


Richard Grayson parked his bike and climbed off the machine. His shaky left hand went through his messy and black hair while his right hand clutched tightly at the bucket of white Casablanca Lilies… her favourite… and he was the only one who actually knew what her favourite flowers are.

Just like he is the only who knew that she loathes broccoli or that he is the only one who knew that she likes to enjoy thunderstorms… and there is so much more he is the only one to know, because Richard Grayson is Raven Roth's best friend… or at least he hoped that he was still her best friend.

After what had happened three days ago, Richard wasn't so sure, but then again they always fought and Raven would always forgive him and today would be no difference or would it?

Somehow, Richard had a bad feeling… like something bad has happened and he's had this feeling for about two days now, but he shook it off as a silly feeling and didn't think about it… until now… now that he was standing in front of Raven's small apartment ready to ring the bell and face her.

"Pull yourself together, Grayson! It's just Raven, you don't have to be so nervous… it'll be alright… everything will be alright…"


"Richard… how can you say that…?" Raven paced through his room as she talked to Richard who sat on his bed and watched the angered girl. "You said you never wanted to be like Bruce… how can you tell me now that you think about taking over his company…?"

Richard couldn't understand why she was so angry with him… it was his life after all, wasn't it…

"Raven, listen, I…"

"What about your dreams?" She cut him off. "What about joining the police and helping people? What about travelling around the world. What about your dreams… our dreams…?" Her voice grew softer at the end of her little speech.

"Raven, can't you see that it is better this way?" Richard tried to reason with her. "Even Kori thinks that…"

He was interrupted by a snort and Richard's eyes clenched in suppressed anger. "What was that supposed to mean?" He asked with a low voice.

"It's always about Kori, isn't it? Why don't you listen to your heart instead of what Bruce or Kori says…?" Raven said her voice had once again the angry undertone.

"You mean, why don't I listen to YOU, don't you?" Richard screamed now. "Realize it Raven, I won't listen to you anymore… I…" He couldn't say anything else… he didn't know what to say…

"Richard, I'm your friend… I just want you to be happy and you won't be happy if you stay here and take Bruce's place… the company isn't what you need… you… I just want to help you…" Raven softly spoke and took some steps towards her friend placing her hand on his shoulder.

"I will be happy, Raven… you'll see… I will be happy…"

"Richard, I know you better than anyone else… I know you better than Kori… I…"

"No!" Richard spat out. "You don't know me… not if you don't see how much Kori makes me happy… not if you don't see that my decision is the right one… not-"Richard stopped as she saw Raven's eyes widen in shock and then closing in hurt.

When she opened her eyes again, Raven just looked at him, her eyes hard and unforgiving.

"If that's what you think, then I should go now…" She turned her back to him, her shoulders crouched, and her head hanging low… and Richard realized that her retreating back was the saddest thing he had ever seen. He wanted to go after her so badly, he wanted to tell her that he was a jerk and that he hadn't meant any thing he said to her, he wanted to hold her in his arms like he had done so many other times… but didn't do anything of that.

He just laid on his bed, looking sadly after her…


That was three days ago. He wanted to come sooner, but his stupid pride forbade him to come sooner. He didn't want her to think that he would come crawling at her door, but in the end, it was that what Richard Grayson did.

He didn't know why, but Raven always that affect on him… she was his best and most trusted friend after all. She knew things about him nobody else knew… not even Kori… and some small voice in his head whispered that Raven will be always the only one who will know the true Richard Grayson. But Richard learned to ignore this little voice for a long time…

Taking a deep breath, he rang the bell and waited anxiously for the door to open up and reveal an amethyst haired young woman.

And the door indeed opened up, but in front of him stood not Raven…

"Terra…?" Richard asked surprised.

"Richard…" Terra retorted coldly and why did it seem as if she had been crying.

Richard immediately found his composure. "Can I come in and talk to Raven… I…"

"No!" Terra said rather quickly.


"She isn't here…"

Richard sighed. "C'mon Terra, I know that she is mad at me, but I want to apologize… so let me in and Raven and I can patch things up …"

Terras just shock her head. "She isn't here, Dick!"

Richard frowned and his blue eyes bored into Terra. "What do you mean?"

"She left yesterday and went to Steel City… to look after her father… you know her father is ill and…"

Richard just shook his head, his hand clutching desperately at the bucket of flowers in his hand. "When will she be back…?" He licked his dry lips and watched Terra for her answer.

"She… she… won't be coming back…" Terra spoke softly… so softly that Richard had almost missed it, but the tightening of his heart in his chest reminded him that he indeed heard right.

"… won't be coming back…" He whispered and stumbled backwards.

A dull thud…

The Casablanca Lilies fell to the ground…

A sigh…

A shake of his head

Eyes wide, unbelievingly...

And with that he ran and ran and ran…

Where and how long he didn't know…


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