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Chapter Fourteen:

Happily Ever After

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God gave us memories that we might have roses in December. J.M. Barrie, Courage, 1922

Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely. Becky Aligada

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"I need to talk with you tonight." These were Richard's words when Raven had talked with his this morning.

It was nothing unusual that he wanted to see/talk to her, but there had been something in his voice. Something that had indicated that he was serious… something that made Raven nervous and worried.

That was probably why Raven was so nervous right now.

"He just wants to meet you, Raven. I don't know why you're so nervous." Karen tried to assure her.

"When somebody in a movie says something like that to his girlfriend it usually means that he wants to break up with her." Terra said absentmindedly.

"Oh my god, that's it: He wants to beak up with me," Raven cried out uncharacteristically and Karen, Kori and Terra looked at her as if she had lost her mind.

"What…?" Raven asked.

"You are crazy," Terra stated.

"But you just said it yourself: If guys say something like that to their girlfriends, they usually want to break up with them."

Again, all eyes were on the purple-haired young woman.

"You are crazy!" Kori, Karen and Terra said simultaneously.

"I'm sure that Richard just wants to meet you," Kori spoke with a smile. "He loves you and he would never break up with you." The red-head finished taking a comb and brushing Raven's long, soft, violet hair.

The amethyst eyed woman smiled up at Kori. She was more than happy that Kori and she had managed to stay friends. Raven loved Kori dearly and treasured their friendship. It was because of Kori that Richard and she had come together. She had always known that Kori had a big heart and wanted her friends to be happy.

Raven was just happy to have such a wonderful friend like Kori.

"Kori is right, Rae. He loves you… he wouldn't ever break up with you." Karen confirmed Kori's words.

Raven just sighed and stood up from the chair she had been sitting on.

"I hope you're right," she said before asking, "How do I look?" Raven twirled around showing off her red dress and her black ballerina flats.




"Thanks, girls! I…" Raven began to reply, but she was interrupted by the bell.



"He's here…" Raven said with a smile and waved at her friends before walking out of her bedroom to open the door.

"Hey…" she greeted shyly as she had opened the door and faced Richard.

"Hey…" Richard greeted back nervously, his hand pulling at his ebony – no long - hair nervously.

"You look… really… pretty… I mean, beautiful… you look beautiful…" He stuttered and Raven couldn't help herself but grin at his nervousness. He just looked too cute in his jeans and the baby-blue polo-shirt… and red-tinted cheeks.

"Thanks." she replied still smiling. "But you don't look so bad yourself," she continued cheekily.

"Rae…" Richard spoke in a warning manner rolling his eyes at her playful manner.

"So…" the purple-haired woman began to speak as she closed the door behind her and they walked to Richard's bike. "Where are we going…?" she asked while thinking back at the conversation she had with the girls.

And again, she began to worry… especially after she had seen how nervous Richard was.

"You will see soon it soon enough," was the dark-haired young man's only reply before straddling his bike.

"Are you coming?" Richard called as Raven didn't make any motion to move.

"Oh… yeah," she answered worried and slowly made her way towards Richard.

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The ride was long – and Raven didn't have a clue where they were heading… but she was more interested in the 'why'.

Why did he want to talk with her…?


"Rae…?" Richard called and Raven realized that they had stopped. Once again, she had been lost in her thoughts.

"Are you alright…?" the blue-eyed man asked in a worried tone and Raven knew with a certainty that she loved Richard… loved him with all of her heart.

"I'm alright… just thinking…" she answered him as she got off the bike.

"About…?" he offered her his arm which she gratefully accepted.

"About how much I love…" Raven said the words without really thinking about them and once she realized what exactly she had blurted out Raven blushed cutely.

"I mean… I…" she began, but stopped in her track when she heard Richard laugh out loud.

"You know, you look so cute when you're all embarrassed and blushing," His blue eyes twinkled mischievously as he spoke.

"I'm not… uh…" Raven turned away from her boyfriend and for the first time the violet-haired young woman noticed where they exactly were:

The wind was blowing softly and she had a beautiful view on the sea. The waves were crashing softly on the shore… the sun was setting… and the sight was just mind-blowing and breath-takingly beautiful.

"Do you like it…?" the familiar voice of Richard whispered in her ear.

"It's absolutely beautiful," Raven whispered back in awe.

"It's nothing compared to you," was all he said and Raven couldn't help herself but blush at his corny and cheesy reply.

"C'mon…" Richard said taking her hand and pulling her with him towards the shore and the water.

For a while they both didn't say a word. They walked along the shore and enjoyed the view and warm breeze.

The pink and orange sky became dotted with stars. One by one they heralded the coming night. They were quiet for awhile and Raven leaned against her boyfriend in contentment.

"Why did you ask me to meet you here?" Raven decided to ask after a while. She needed to know it.

"Rae, it's been two years since we got together, but we've known each other since we were six. And in you I found my one true love. With you by my side I learned to face my fears and found the best thing I could wish. Raven, you are my love, my life and I am grateful for every second with you. You were always there for me. You always loved, always forgave me. I am just so happy to have you in my life," he said as he gazed with his stormy blue orbs into her enchanting amethyst eyes.

He fumbled with his pants and took something out of his pocket before getting down on one knee.

Raven's eyes widened and all rational thoughts left her at this sight, "Richard…?" she began, but Richard shook his head.

"And now I'm kneeling in front of you asking you to spend your life with me."

He opened his palm only to reveal a beautiful ring with a sparkling diamond in a shape of a lily.

"Will you marry me, Raven?"

Their eyes met and Richard spoke again.

"What do you say… Rae…?" he seemed almost afraid now and with Raven it was only natural to be afraid: You never knew what she would do or how she would react… but that was one of the million reasons why Richard loved her so much.

"Raven…" He called out again, but he was cut short as Raven threw herself on him, so that they both fell into the sand and kissed him fiercely.

Once they parted, Richard said gasping for air, "I take that as a yes." He smiled up at her and encircled her waist so that she was pressed against him closely… although she was already lying on him.

Raven laughed lightly. "It could also be a 'maybe'," she teased cheekily, her fingers tracing his strong jaw.

"If this is a 'maybe' then I'm dying to see your 'yes'," The ebony-haired young man waggled his eyebrows.

The violet-haired woman leaned down, her long strands were tickling his cheeks.

"If that's what you want…" was the last thing she said before her lips met his: Their tongues intertwined and her hand went straight to his hair while his hands ran down her back in a slow, sensual movement.

"So, how do you like my 'yes'?" Raven asked breathlessly as she broke the kiss.

"Not bad… really not bad…" Richard whispered.

A beautiful smile graced her lips as Raven spoke again, "I love you…"

Richard leaned up and their lips met for a soft, small moment, "I love you too, Rae… and I'll always love you…"

And that were the last words spoken for a long time.

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All love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon sand.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox, O Magazine, February 2004

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The End

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