Harry Potter The Wanderer's Apprentice

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Chapter Two – The Beginning

Once the light had died down and Harry's eyes had adjusted he gasped at his surroundings. It looked like he was in a giant stone entrance room. The floor under his foot was covered with a thick plush green carpet and the walls were covered with paintings of country houses and beach views.

The Wanderer stood there with a smug expression on his face as he watched his young apprentice take in his entrance hall. To think this shocked him, the smallest least decorated room in the house. He motioned to Harry to follow him as he pushed through the heavy oak doors into the main corridor of the lower floor. To Harry it just looked like Hogwarts, everything was stone with hundreds of portraits and the odd torch lighting the way. He followed the Wanderer into what would have been the Great Hall at Hogwarts, and not to his surprise it was a Great Hall. It was set out a lot different from the one at Hogwarts. Instead of the four house tables and the teacher's table there was one short table and the rest off the room looked like it was used as some sort of Gym and duelling practice areas. The Wanderer sat down at the table and motioned to Harry to sit in front of him.

"Do you have any questions Apprentice?"

"Erm…yeah, I'm going to be an apprentice to you, yet I don't know exactly what I'm going to be taught, could you be more specific in what I'm going to learn?"

"Of course young one, you will be learning everything Hogwarts could have taught you up to Master level, you will be taught Advanced Duelling, Muggle Duelling, Dark Arts, Battle Magic, Advanced Healing, Animagi, and any other ability you may poses and if you don't, I will transfer some into you. The whole course will take about fifteen years, and if you have The Ability, it will be twenty years" he listed off.

"What's The Ability?" Harry asked with a look on confusion on his face, he had never herd of anything magical without a name before.

"It is a branch of magic, more like raw power, that I have developed. It can be used to cause devastating destruction but can also be used to heal someone from the brink of death. It can also be channelled inwards and increase your body way above the norm, even for a wizard" he said with a smug tone. "But not all are able to use it as it is a great strain on the body should you learn it and if you are not be able to cope with it, it will rip your body apart. So unless I am positive you have grown strong enough in the fifteen years, you will not be learning it not many can and not many will"

"Ok, so I'm going to be stuck here for fifteen years and not be able to contact anyone?" he really couldn't bare the thought of never seeing his friends again. Fifteen years was a long time, and it was even longer if he was to never see anyone except The Wanderer.

"Did I say that? No I didn't. Once you have learnt a satisfactory amount of stealth I will let you leave on your days off to do as you will, but should you be caught I will only bail you out once, you get caught again after that your on your own." He said in a cold chilling tone.

"That's ok then, I've got no other questions thank you" Harry said slightly un-nerved with how the man in front of him could change his mood and tone so rapidly.

"Alright then, if you'll follow me I'll show you to your room" and with that he stood up and strode out of the hall. Harry had to nearly run to keep up with him and after walking through the labyrinth castle then finally came to a portrait of a Basilisk and much to Harry's amazement the Wanderer spoke the password in parsiltounge which was Speaker and it swung open leading into a green and silver common room which was lavishly decorated in comfy armchairs and sofas. There were three doors leading off from this room and the Wanderer told Harry where they went.

He motioned over the nearest one with a seal of a rose on the door. "This leads to the Master Bedroom, which is yours" He motioned over to the door with the Stag on it "This leads to the spare bedroom where in time I may let you have a friend over" and finally he motioned to the last door with a grim on it "and this is your bathroom. Now I will be leaving you, your training will start at five in the morning so please make sure you don't stay up to late. If you get bored feel free to explore the castle, but any doors that have the seal of a skull on, do not open for your own safety" and with that he left Harry on his own.

Harry stood there in a daze. This day was one of the best of his life. He never had to go back to the Dursleys and now he would never have to think about Voldemort or Dumbledore until he had finished his training. True he would never see much of his friends for perhaps years, he didn't know, and that was the only major downside to this whole thing.

Once Harry had collected his thoughts together he started to explore his new rooms. He went over to his bedroom first and looked at the rose on the door. It was amazingly crafted, he studied it for a long while and he figured out it wasn't a rose but a lily! Each room held a seal of his dead family members, he thought of Sirius as an uncle he never had. After wiping away a few loose tears he didn't know were there, he moved past the door and into the room.

He was nearly floored by the sight of the room. It was easily the same size as his dorm room back at Hogwarts, and that held five boys! At the centre of one wall was a giant sleigh bed. It was carved out of holly wood with a royal blue duvet covering. At the other side of the room was a solid oak desk; very similar to the one Dumbledore has in his office. At either side of the desk were massive bookshelves that were half filled with muggle fiction and non-fiction on the left side of the desk, and wizarding fiction and non-fiction on the right.

At the far left corner were his cupboards, his curiosity got the better of him and he looked inside. It was full of what he could only guess as workout clothes as they were all grey, made out of thin cotton and seemed to be very airy.

After having a quick look through he left the room and looked at the guest bedroom. It was more of a normal room yet still very lavish. The room wasn't the same size as his and only held a four-poster bed made out of oak, with gold and silver sheets and bedding, and some cupboards but it will still a very posh room.

After having a quick nose about in this room he left and went into the bathroom. It was almost exactly the same as the Prefects bathroom at Hogwarts except it only had one of everything apposed to the one at Hogwarts that had five (AN: only a guess) and it still held the swimming pool sized bath tub.

He went back into his room and browsed his bookshelves and came upon a wizard's novel about the Wanderer. It was a fiction book but Harry still took it into his common room to read it. Maybe he would be able to find some kind of information about his tutor.

- - -

Harry had sat for the entire night reading the book completely enwrapped within it. From this book, he gathered that the person who wrote it looked upon the Wanderer like he was a God on Earth. 'And he wants me to replace him, do I really have what it takes to do it?' Harry mused to himself. There was no way he was going to be good enough to fill the shoes of his master.

Harry eventually finished the book and dragged himself out of the chair and into his bed after kicking off his clothes and fell asleep before his head hot the pillow.

- - -

It was early the next morning just as the Sun was rising that a rapping at his door awakened Harry. He groggily opened his eyes and groped around beside his head looking for his glasses. He stuffed them onto his face before crawling out of bed and stumbling over to the door to answer it.

"Good morning Harry!" the Wanderer said brightly as soon as Harry had opened the door, much to Harry's chagrin. "How can people have so much energy this early in the morning" Harry thought to himself before grumbling back a reply. "Well since you seem to be in such a good mood this morning if you would get dressed quickly then come down to the Great Hall as soon as you can so we can get breakfast, we have a lot today and its best if you do it on a full stomach." The Wanderer said with a bright smile before turning around and leaving just as abruptly as he came.

Harry dragged himself into the bathroom to do his morning rituals and came out only slightly more alert; he dressed himself quickly and trudged off downstairs in the hope of grabbing some food.

He quickly marched down to the Great Hall where on the table sat a small array of breakfast foods and the Wanderer sat in one of the chairs stuffing his face. He was shovelling food into his face at an alarming rate. To the left of his current plate there was a small stack of empty ones.

Harry sat down opposite him. Grabbed a bowl of cereal and started to spoon it into his mouth, almost ten times slower than the Wanderer was. Once Harry was finished he sat waiting for the Wanderer to finish as well.

Another twenty minuets later when breakfast was done the Wanderer stood up and motioned for Harry to follow him to a pentagram carved into the floor at the centre of the hall.

"The first thing we will be doing today is a minor ritual. And before you give me that look, rituals aren't evil they are just very very difficult to do and can be fatal if not done correctly. That is the only reason your Ministry" he sneered, "makes them illegal, if they cannot do them, no one else should be allowed to either" the Wanderer explained.

"Now this ritual is only a minor one. It will correct your body, get rid of your need for eye sight, make you taller, stronger, and make your magic run through you more efficiently."

"You mean I wont be scrawny anymore?" Harry asked with hope filling his eyes.

"Do you really think I would have a small scrawny little kid replacing me? Please. When I'm done with you, physically and magically you will resemble me. You might not be as strong but that's simply because I have years more training and refining my strength."

"Now first, I need you to memorize this spell" and the Wanderer passed Harry a sheet of parchment with a long Latin chant on it. Harry took the sheet of parchment and stared at it, reciting it over and over in his head. He did this fro about an hour or more focused completely on the spell till he was sure he could recall it perfectly. He handed the slip of parchment back to the wanderer and looked at him expectantly.

"Now, I can talk you through this ritual as you do it so we need to do much rehearsal but you DO need to listen to everything I say and do it, no questions asked. Understood?" Harry looked at him and nodded his eyes shining with a fierce determination. "Good, now strip off and sit in the very centre of the pentagram" the Wanderer commanded.

Harry stood up blushing then slowly started to peel of his clothes till he was in nothing but his birthday suit and sat down in the pentagram cross-legged. All around him was an array of knives, which Harry looked at curiously. There was also a vial of a deep red liquid that to Harry looked suspiciously like blood. He looked at the Wanderer waiting for instructions on what to do.

"Good, now pick up the knife with the white handle and gold blade" Harry looked about for it then picked it up returning is attention back to the man n front of him." Right good, now, I need you to make a fairly deep cut on both of your wrists parallel to your veins and the same on your ankles, then I need you to cut around where your heart would be roughly and add a shallow cut on your neck, then rub in that blood that's in front of you in that vial into all of your cuts while reciting the spell. OK?"

Harry looked at the Wanderer wide eyed before paling and nodding his head. He gripped the knife tightly before cutting his wrists deeply hissing at the pain, then with trembling hands started to cut his ankles. The pain was starting to get to Harry by now since it wasn't something he could fight off since he was inflicting it on himself. He slowly started to carve a circle around where he thought his heart was. Now was the hard bit. He sucked in a deep lungful of air, squirming at the pain he was feeling on his chest with each breath. He lightly placed the knife to his neck and pressed down hoping he didn't cut open the artery in his neck. He dragged the knife along with a trembling hand. Then it was done and with a shaking sigh Harry placed the knife down.

He grabbed the vial in front of him full of blood. He started pouring it onto all of his cuts in the same order as he made the cuts while reciting the spell trying to stop himself from shouting in pain as the cuts seem to burn and hiss as he placed the blood onto his wounds. Ten minuets later after he had recited the spell there was a flash of white light. And Harry knew no more.

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