Hello all. This is a StellarxShinn ficlet that was an entrant at seed fic contest on livejournal (where it won, surprisingly enough). The theme was 'blue.' It takes place in episode 21-22. The word Shi translates to die/death, which is of course Stellar's block word.

This Moment is Everything

Ficlet #1- Shades of Blue

By Kelly O'Connor

She saw the good of her world in shades of blue.

The fabric of her dress as it twirled about her lithe form, when she performed a solo waltz during those snatches of carefree moments

There was the remarkable shade of her Neo's eyes, the few times she'd chanced a glimpse of them through the ever-present mask that shrouded his features.

Then there was the room. The esoteric chamber with its walls of deep cobalt. Where she slumbered in the bizarre velvet cushioned enclosures she understood not the meaning behind. She didn't know what the room was for, because she didn't remember. However, indeterminate flecks of memory told her she'd often entered in great pain, and woken up at peace, the blue of the room surrounding her.

Lastly there was the ocean. Calming, beautiful, serene. Stellar Loussier spent hours upon hours gazing upon that endless azure sea. And when she could, she would touch it. Feeling the cool of the sand beneath her feet and between her toes as she traipsed through the shallow waters.

Stellar never dreamed that blue could be something dangerous. Not until her waltz was interrupted the day she tumbled into its endless depths and became familiar with its far less peaceful side. She could not breathe, life's necessary oxygen nowhere to be found. She could not walk or dance or fight her way to safety as she fell down, the sea engulfing her form.

But he could. He fought the sea and he fought Stellar. Insistent on retrieving the wayward girl despite the unforgiving waters and the violence of her panic.

When they reached the interior of the cove, refuge achieved Stellar noticed that her savior wasn't blue. There was not a speck of the color on him. He was all blacks and grays, but mostly he was red. His eyes stood out amongst the rest of his features, crimson like a warm consoling fire.

Stellar had always hated the color red. It was a color that exemplified death. Shi.

But for now, she was gladdened to see this boy's shade of red. Shinn.

And for now, she was perfectly content without a single trace of blue.