Ice is a very strange substance. Although it's, essentially, used to cool things down, the very opposite effect occurs when applied directly onto human skin.

When held for a good, long, time, a cube of ice, when removed, causes bizarre sensations on individuals. You burn intensely after the ice is eradicated. A blind person just might believe their epidermis were ablaze.

Ice equals … well, Lilah – cold, hard, bitch. But once interaction is made with her, your skin will feel as if it's up in flames. The ever-lasting burn always remains on your body.

Wesley knows this for a fact.

This strange drabble is based on a weird occurrence I've noticed … though, maybe it's just me that feels that way when I touch ice. I'm not sure. Anyway, I felt that the analogy was suitable for the dark relationship of Wes and Lilah. Please feel free to leave any kind of comments, as I always appreciate my reviewers.