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Prologue: Graduation

Dear Journal,

I can't believe the seniors of the Class of 2007 are gone. It seems like just yesterday I was meeting all of them as a naive freshman... AAHHH! I am totally getting ahead of myself. Where are my manners? Since I'm starting a new journal, I'd better reintroduce myself. Not much has changed in the 4 days that I ended my last journal and began this one. My name is Bronwyn Elizabeth Flueger. I am a (recently turned) 15 year old and officially (school got out today) in between the summer of my freshman and sophomore year of high school. In most respects, I'm pretty typical. Well, I guess I'm normal… My favorite band? (Besides marching of course) Dashboard Confessional. My favorite color? Black. My favorite ice cream flavor? Phish food. (drool) I have one younger sister who is pretty cool as sisters go. I have a gynormous cat named Garfield. He is my love bug. For posterity, I'll also give a brief description of what I look like. I'm 5'5, with red hair. I wish it was pretty red like Nicole Kidman or Julianne Moore…but it's kind of a garish scarlet color. It is my own natural color which is cool, but it is a wild curly mess and some days I'd rather I just didn't have any hair at all.

So…why did I go to graduation if I'm not a senior? Well, my version of a good time is hearing 500 names called out of course! J/K! I was there to see my friends on their big night. The seniors of the Brookwood Drum Line. Oh, did I not mention that? If, for some reason, all my other journals are lost, then that would be a) terrible but also b) you wouldn't know what a crazy percussionist I really am and how it pretty much is what my life revolves around. Which is why I have to totally brag at this point that I am going to be marching SNARE next year! Well, not next year, but actually in just a few weeks. Snare sectionals are going to start in July and I am so pumped! So by next year, I meant this coming season. It's hard to understand the difference sometimes.

Ok, ok…back to graduation. I went because my own personal hero was graduating – Lucy Karate. I think everyone should have a hero, it's like the Foo Fighters song:

"There goes my hero
Watch him as he goes

There goes my hero

He's ordinary."

Except I make the lyrics she and her and stuff. Why is Lucy my hero? Well, you'd have to consult journals 7-9 for those stories, but I'll give you the short version – she's everything a drum line girl could hope to be…except maybe Captain, which is totally what I want to be, but I wouldn't have wanted to be that if it wasn't for Lucy. She and Lisa really took me under their collective wings last year and literally transformed me into a different person. Without getting all Lifetime Original story on you, I can assure you that when I started High school I was this shy, dorkasaurus who didn't know how to flirt, let alone talk to boys my age. Now, I am still trying to flirt more, but I have a lot more confidence. I had to or I would have never had the cajones to audition for snare. Now, Lucy isn't a good drummer like I am – don't get mad, drums aren't her first instrument, and she's an awesome bass drummer, but even she would tell you that she doesn't know crap about snare. Now, I don't like to toot my own horn, but I am a pretty damn good snare player. I'm going to have to be this year. I was the only freshman to make the jump to the snare line and of course, there's the whole girl thing to go with it. Also, I'm like the first girl in 5 generations of the Brookwood Line to be on snare. So, I have a lot to live up to!

Again, back to graduation…in addition to Lucy and Lisa I'm also very sad to see Mark go. I had a super major crush on him…but some things were not meant to be. He always made me laugh and he was really cute. But, when you're a freshman…sometimes the best you can do is just admire from a far. Afar? Is that one word or two? Ok, so I'm going to miss Mark and Lucy, they were my favorites…but I have their e-mail addresses. I'm a little nervous to e-mail Mark by myself, but I hope Lucy and I keep in touch. She's going to State which isn't that far and promised to try and come back for a game.

Ok, so I'd better go and practice. In fact, I'm surprise J.D. hasn't already called me to see if I'm practicing. J.D. is a senior and this year's captain. Oh, I mean Captain with a capital C. And actually, if I wrote his name like all the auxiliary girls say it I would say Jay Deeeeeeeeeeee and go all googly eyed. Cute he may be, Lucy warned me to stay away from your DL Captain. I don't know why, it's not like she and Barry were ever involved. She did say it was ok to get involved with guys on the Line but to be Very Careful. Capital V, Capital C. That's ok...I've got my eye on some other sections as it turns out. More on that later...

I'm not the singular "girl" on the Line either. Maggie and Valerie are girls in Pit and freshmen (freshwomen?) this year. I met them at the "Warm up Week" we had for all the incoming 8th graders. They seem cool enough, but that means, like Lucy, I am the only girl on the Battery. I'm cool with it. I just hope I can get to the point where Lucy was at. Everyone respected her, but they also totally knew she was a girl too.

More later,


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