Thank yous!

First of all, I have to give myself a big ole' pat on the back. I look at The Line and it blows me away to see how far I've come with my writing. I also get very excited about the future stories I can't wait to tell. I'm also really struck by what a great character Bronwyn turned out to be. She really grew as a character and I think it's a very realistic change.

That being said, and I want you all to read this next paragraph VERY carefully, I CANNOT DO THIS WITOUT YOU. You all provide me with such motivation and support, it's really overwhelming. I'm writing this story for you to read. That being said, if I can ask a few more moments of your time, at the end of my thank yous, I have included a number of questions for you about the story. It REALLY helps when I start revising to know your actual thoughts (good or bad!).

So, as promised, here is my small way to say thank you for all your support:

Graceful Dream – my first reviewer. It always means a lot to get the first review out of the way and from such an awesome reviewer – all the better. I hope you can eventually revisit The Other Line. Although, I'm also toying with writing Mandy's junior year…and in the current version of The Line, she and Jerm stay together with no interfering from that pesky bass drummer.

clarinetbandgeek07 – no chapter was complete without "I love it and I hope you will update soon!" Thanks for your continued support and reviews of almost every chapter. It means a lot to me. Go woodwinds!

Percussion Chick – from this former percussion chick, it means so much to read reviews from girls who are actually on the Line. I appreciate all your reviews!

Mad-4-Manga – I love reviewers when I can really hear their voices, and yours is always one of them! Glad you've enjoyed the story and my other stories. I think you're one of my only cross over readers.

cpt702 – I do have dreams of The Line one day becoming a big screen success. Now, if only I could get the book published…

flying drumsticks – just so you know every time I see your name, I just picture the stick toss from The Line (flying drumsticks)…thank you so much for your multiple reviews and lots of comments! Did Bronwyn's sophomore year turn out like yours?

padfoot803 – thanks for your multiple reviews!

Robert – well, what do you think, did Keeping in Line turn out better than The Line?

Meep – great name and thanks for the comments. I always strive to "churn" out chapters. ;)

Elaine Kaelar – I love to write "spiffy" chapters. How did your winter line experience turn out? I never really marched it and will (hopefully) end up writing about it someday. Maybe you can give me some notes about your experiences. It would be interesting to write about Winter Guard…

SLeePaHoLiCzZzZz – I've got a few bass clarinets/clarinets reading the story. And hey power to woodwinds…in the off season, I played oboe. P.S. I'm a sleepaholic too!

xkiss.the.skyx – thanks for the review!

m&m – you'll get your wish to hear more about Lucy. I'm working on her senior year and so far, so good. Thanks for the multiple comments.

Mozambique – ­thanks for all the encouraging words and comments. You are also an awesome writer and it means a lot when other writers in this genre take the time to comment on my stuff. What made you (in the beginning at least) like Bronwyn's story better than Lucy's? Sorry college is kicking your ass! I found it got easier once you got to major level classes.

- - Heart2Handgun - - thanks for taking a personal interest in me and continuing to support my stuff. I'm glad you started writing your own stuff, I feel like it's somehow a big complement to me.

Steph – "one of the best band stories" – wow! Thank you so much!

Lizai – thanks for telling me to keep up the good work! No need to feel cheesy about that, I actually do need to hear that now and then. Also, I really do like your reviews, especially towards the end, I could really hear your voice coming through.

Blooptrumpet – I also like your handle. Bloop!

EmotionalElement – w00t back at you. Thanks for all the reviews. They always mean a lot to me.

Extreme (msn address) -- all I have is your e-mail since you didn't sign in…but did you end up writing a one shot? You totally should!

Drumbum – another great handle name. I'm beginning to think I should get a cooler one. Thanks for the review! And yes, I am an evil author for cliffhangers!

Hottiesplomiegurl – thanks for reading and commenting on this story. I always appreciate it! A+ for my trampoline scene? Thanks teach!

BassClarinetSweetie – another one of my woodwind kindred. Thanks for the review.

Amy – hmm, who's story could this sound like? Thanks for reviewing.

Somewei – I can't believe you didn't start reviewing until Chapter 10. As I've told you before, I was always waiting for your enthusiastic reviews and who knows? Maybe come this fall I'll be able to check out your half time show. Us SoCal gals have to stick together. Please keep reading, reviewing (and writing!), your reviews always help to motivate me.

Wolf of Fire – thank you for your review.

F. Whumple – what does your handle mean? I love it! Is whumple a made up word?

Aelwyn – thank you so much for continuing to read and comment on my works. It really means a lot to me. I hope your senior year turns out great! What are plans post-school?

Misswildfire – thanks for the reviews.

Hovizi – thanks for your multiple reviews

TwoTrack – what's the story behind your name? I never did answer your question – our auxiliaries dressed the same every day. I kind of understood it (seeing them on the field and stuff), but another part of me was just like, huh? I'm kind of anti-conformity.

air snare – it really means the most to me when people really put some thought into their reviews. It helps me grow as a writer and motivates me to write that much more. Did Bronwyn end up with who you wanted her to? She still has two more seasons to write about…

Legolanderin – congrats on bass section leader. I never got to be. Sad, but that doesn't mean Lucy won't! Ha Ha! Read and find out. Thanks for your reviews.

icecrystals68 – thanks for your review and readership of both stories. When people who haven't reviewed before decide to review, it makes me think I am writing better stories. Keep your fingers crossed on me getting published!

Daphnebandweenie – great name. And are you from Alabama? I marched when I was in HS in Georgia. Thanks for your review!

(Amy) -- you already know how grateful I am for your commentary and editing prowess. I am deeply grateful for your help and would LOVE to see you write a one shot about Lucy (or any of my characters).

(Marie) -- I'm totally flattered that you are the only person you have ever commented on and you've also read my other story. Thanks for the reviews.

Jpuffinstuff – you should write your guard story. Finishing anything is tough, but it is a goal to reach! Thanks for reviewing.

(Steph) -- awww, you flatter me. Thanks for reviewing.

If I've forgotten anyone – my deepest apologies! Each one of your reviews means something to me.

Now, onto the questions! The more in depth answers you provide, the better this story will turn out when I edit it. You will NOT hurt my feelings. I promise. If you leave something that you feel is honest and valid, you will not get some sort of angry e-mail or message from me. You are entitled to your opinion and if you think it, you are probably not the only one, so let it out! If you don't want to put your answer in a review, I'd be happy to get a e-mail. Just title it something like Keeping in Line and I'll be on the look out for it.

So, what I, humble author, would like to know…

1. My all time favorite scene/moment/line of dialogue was…

2. Overall, I think your strongest ability is…

3. Overall, you could really work on…

4. Do you want to see Bronwyn's senior year?

5. I wish I could've seen more…

6. My favorite character was…

7. I (do) or (do not) or (do not even read) the song lyrics at the beginning of some of the chapters (just something for my own curiosity!)

8. And what about Lucy? Too much? Too little? Just enough?

Thank you, thank you. Grazi! Merci! Gracias!

Best regards,


One very last note…if you are reading this months later, it still means a lot if you review. Don't think for one second that just because it's complete, that it doesn't mean I'm not still working on it.