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Three Stupid Words
Chapter 1: Morning After: Gippal

You just don't wake up in refreshing, unspeakable, phenomenal bliss.

There is no sensational, heavenly, soothing feeling anywhere in existence. There is no holy, shimmering, golden ray of sunlight bathing you in pleasurable ecstasy, welcoming you to a morning filled with promise and anew. There is none of that. Absolutely nada. But there is pain. And there is regret. And there is the feeling of nausea churning in your gut.

I am very aware of the heavy body of flesh lying on top of me, and I am carefully contemplating on whether or not I should open my eye again. Maybe it was all just a hallucination; my head is throbbing achingly after all. Certainly – surely I wasn't that stupid as to –

Ah, shit.

I groan angrily and immediately turn away at the evidential sight that had greeted me. I don't need to look under the covers to further confirm the situation. My mind is already swollen with anxiety.

This was not how I wanted to wake up, despite what many may think. For even if it were another girl, any other girl at all, I still would prefer it if I had a fragment of my memory to assist me the following morning. But this time, not only is it her, but I am unable to recall even the faintest image of what had occurred last night.

I want to die.

Well, not really. I'd want to learn of what chain of events led up this moment first. And then, before Cid finds out, I get run over by a stampede of Shoopufs. Yes, that seems like a much better idea. But then again, I've always imagined my death to be something more… extraordinary. Making the headline with that woman, Shelinda's voice reporting, 'And in other news, the leader of the Machine Faction has died a rather unusual and gruesome death following the attack of wild Shoopufs…' It's just not a magnificent enough end for someone like me.

A quiet groan envelops from her mouth.

No, the more likely end for me upon the world finding out about my little affair with the Al Bhed leader's daughter, would without a doubt include Syrisina and a jackhammer aimed at splitting my skull in all jealous girlfriend fashion.

Oh, fuck. Syrisina.

Without hesitation, I quickly open my eye and hastily climb out of the bed, deliberately forcing myself not to glance back. The cool air prickles at my skin where her warm body had lay and almost, almost makes me want to lie back down with her. I cannot help but gulp as I look around the room for my clothes. For starters, I had no idea whose room I was in, but I think it was safe to assume it to be Cid's Girl's. Secondly, everything from furniture to books to tools and machina gadgets were knocked over and lying strewn across the floor.

I grunt as I hastily bend down to grab my things, all the while trying to imagine how crazy last night must have been with my infamous ex. Damn. How could I not remember? Wouldn't Cid just love to hear that.

I pull on my jeans and throw my shirt over my shoulder. I glance over uneasily at the sleeping figure on the bed, still resting peacefully in whatever world her little hyperactive mind was dreaming up. A rush of guilt and regret overwhelms me as I notice her naked shoulders. I am about to turn away when the sight of a pile of empty beer bottles behind her catches my attention.

Ah… Of course. It's always the beer.

And then little snippets of images come to mind: there were… streetlights – really bright streetlights and… screaming, shouting more like it… drinking, annoying music… and strawberry fruit juice…? Shaking my head in hopes of snapping the rest of my memories back into place, I dizzily walk out of the room and find myself in the living room of a small house.

Syrisina, I remind myself and stumble through the room until my hands fasten around the doorknob to my getaway. But then I suddenly find myself stop, and pause, and think.

I hate thinking. Because I know what will come next. I will discover all the faults in whatever decision I am planning to make, and I will be forced by my oh so pure and angelic conscience to stop and reevaluate the pros and cons of my choice. Hm. So... Walking out on Cid's little girl after a night clearly pleasurably spent, leaving her without so much as an explanation or apology or indication that I had been there in the first place.

No good can come of this. Except maybe that there's the tiniest, minuscule chance that I can make it out of this unnoticed. Besides, there's this aching feeling in my chest that's trying to tell me something. Something important. Something important about today.

Eh. Can't be that important.


Ah… right. Syrisina. Today… Err… It – It must be a…a… an anniversary of… something. The first time we met? Our first date? The first time we slept together?

Actually, I think that was all on the same day…

I close my eyes thoughtfully, forcing myself to try and remember what special event today is supposed to be. I can't have Syrisina upset with me for forgetting again. I can't risk her getting mad at me for the tiniest bit. It's not like I'm afraid of her fury – she wouldn't hurt a fiend even if it threatened to take her life – but more so of the power she has in our relationship, the power to break it.

Because for once, I'm not such a big fan of one-night stands anymore. That's right, the mighty Gippal has spoken: he wants a long, genuine, real lasting relationship. Now, one very bright individual might ask, 'Gee, why would he want a thing like that?' And to be truly honest… I don't really know.

I glance back into the doorway of her bedroom, hearing her groan faintly.

I guess it's because the last time I had a genuine relationship with someone I really cared about, it felt… so great. And I miss that feeling. And despite the relationship ending in a catastrophic explosion of fiery words and strings of unheard of curses, AND she being the only one to ever break up with me, I can't say I don't miss it. I still miss that feeling.

Then again, that's just a guess.

Either way, I have to make my new thing with Syrisina work. I have to show her that I am determined to stay with her, and am crazy about her, and want nobody else but her. That even though I can't remember what special event it is today, that doesn't mean she's not my top priority. That doesn't mean that I have given up – in anyway – on our relationship.

A sudden flashback of a certain hyper little Al Bhed girl pops in my mind like a smack to the conscious.

Okay, last night doesn't count if Syrisina never finds out, right? Right. I should probably leave as soon as possible, while I still have the chance to slip out unnoticed.

My hand has already opened the door when I stop once again from the guilt, and the thinking returns. Even though I do not want to remind her that it was me who knocked her up last night and am desperately praying that she was too drunk to even remember, it feels somewhat morally wrong to just plainly leave her.

With a groan, I scramble around the room for a paper and pen. Finding a marker and one of Rin's advertisements later, I press the sheet against the wall and scribble,

Thank you.
I'm sorry.

I go back into her room and place the note on the pillow beside her. Then, without a second glance, I quickly walk out of the door.

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