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Happily Ever After

It had been just seven years since the Van Helsing's encounter with the dark lord Dracula. Now all was well with the family. They lived in a large castle on the western shores of Ireland. It had always been Verona's dream to move to the Emerald Isle. So Gabriel's gift to Verona was a castle from the late 1500's.

The castle was stunning. It had large medieval turrets that bared flags with the Van Helsing family crest. It had a large wooden drawbridge with iron hinges and chains. The interior had over one hundred rooms. No one was exactly how many rooms were in the castle, but they did know each room was stunning. The walls were adorned with large tapestries and beautiful paintings. The floors were made of polished marble and dark woods. They also had the best silver and china adorning the tables.

The castle grounds were massive. They had beautiful gardens filled with colorful flowers and thick hedges. They had graveled paths that led from the gardens to a beautiful crystal clear lake. A little ways from the lake were the stables. The Van Helsings had three horses that they often rode to the lake to watch the glassy surface reflect the rays of sunset. They enjoyed the outdoors and lived every day to the fullest.

Verona sat in the sun in her art room and took in the fresh air. It was about 10:00 A.M., and she was painting her newest picture. She looked at it and smiled at the newly formed faces of her husband and son, Velkan. She loved to paint and found that it could take her anywhere. While she painted she often thought about the events that took placed those seven years ago. She had never really told Gabriel about that cold day in the tower, when she prayed to God for the first time. She asked him to relieve her pain and to help Gabriel with his fight with the son of the devil. In the end God sent her back to live out her years with Gabriel.

Verona was bought back to reality by a scent. This was the familiar scent of Gabriel. She took in the sweet aroma and said, "Don't think you can just sneak in here, Mr. Van Helsing." Gabriel walked up closer behind her and said, "Oh, so now it's just Mr. Van Helsing." Verona tried to act angry, but a smile appeared on her face. She turned to Gabriel and laughed as she jumped into his arms. "I've missed you so much." He held her close and said, "I've missed you too. Guess what…" Verona looked into his eyes and said, "What?" "I got a vacation." She smiled and said, "Really? How long?" "All summer." "You're kidding." "Nope, as of now I am free all summer." "That's great!" "Carl's off too. He said he and Anna would like to visit sometime." "That would be great, just tell me when and we'll be ready."

Gabriel smiled and kissed Verona. He pulled away and looked around and said, "So, where's Velkan?" "I'll give you three guesses, but you'll only need one." Gabriel rolled his eyes and said, "Hmmm…let me guess…at the lake." Verona laughed and said, "You got it." "How am I not surprised. That kid and his water." "Yeah, I know." Gabriel held out his arm and said, "Shall we?" Verona took his arm and they headed to the lake.

"So, how was your mission?" asked Verona. Logan rolled his eyes and said, "Same as usual. Just had to capture a couple warlocks." Verona smiled and said, "Capture or kill a couple warlocks." "What? There's a difference." They drew close to the lake and heard a splash. They looked at the lake and spotted Velkan. He looked more like his father than his mother. He was built like Gabriel and kept his hair in the same fashion. Their hair was almost the same color as Gabriel's, but it was a bit darker. The only thing that Velkan shared with his mother were those beautiful dark eyes.

They walked to the edge of the lake and heard, "Dad, you're back!" Velkan ran up to his father and wrapped his arms around him. "You miss me?" asked Gabriel with a smile on his face. "You bet I did", said Velkan. "Do you have to go away again?" asked Velkan with a hint of sadness in his voice. Gabriel heard this disappointment and said, "No, this time I get to stay home all summer." Velkan's face lit up and he said, "Really?" "Really." Velkan looked at Verona and said, "Did you hear that mom? He's staying home!" "Yes, I heard him", said Verona smiling.

"I got you something from Spain", said Gabriel. "You did?" asked the excited boy. "Of course I did. You think I would travel all the way to Spain and not bring you something." The boy's face lit up and he said, "What is it?" "Well, I don't know if I want to tell you." "Oh, dad pleeeeease." "Hmmm…I guess I can tell you, but only after you've gone to change out of those wet clothes." "All right!" said the boy excitedly. Before Verona and Gabriel knew it, Velkan took off for the house.

Verona laughed as she watched him. "What", said Gabriel looking at Verona. "He is so much like you", said Verona chuckling. Gabriel smiled but he knew that, because Velkan was so much like him, he would have to tell him about what happened so long ago. Verona read his mind and said, "Don't think like that Gabriel." "Like what?" he said trying to hide his emotions. Verona took his hands in hers and said, "We'll tell him one day. When the time is right. Now he just needs to be a kid." "I know…you're right. Come on I have something for you too", he said now smiling. "Oh really?" "What is it?" "You're just as bad as Velkan, you know", said Gabriel. They both laughed as they headed back to the castle.

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