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I Am The Master Now

A mysterious figure, cloaked in black roamed the brisk halls of Castle Dracula. The wind howled throughout the vacant corridors. The sound was haunting, as if the walls were warning anyone who walked through their evil. The figure did not waiver. She walked confidently through the halls. She had one goal, to bring back the dark lord who once inhabited the castle.

She walked into a large room filled with strange instruments, it appeared to be a laboratory. This is it. This is the place where that legendary battle took place. Soon the dark lord will be mine. She searched the room for the evil remains. It did not take her long to find them. She saw a large black pile of ashes on the floor. They seemed to be staring back at her with an evil smirk. This man has power even in death. The power that will soon be mine.

She walked up to the edge of the ashes and knelt down. She pulled a golden dagger from her cloak and made a large cut in her scarred arm. She felt no pain, it had been a long time since she felt pain. Her past had made her immune to it. The blood slowly ran down her arm. She let the blood drip into the black ash. She stood and thought, it is time.

She held her arms high above her head and started to chant:

Seven years it has been since you fell,

I now wake you from the fires of hell.

I command your soul from the deep,

To be now mine to keep.

Rise now from that fiery depth,

I command you now to return from death.

The black ashes began to smoke and slowly rose from the ground. They spun around until they formed into a man, Dracula. Dracula looked around in shock what is happening? How can this be? The dark figure took a few steps back. Dracula shot around and saw the figure. He was stunned at the sight of the figure. He had seen evil before but never like this.

He jumped back at the sight of the figure. It was cloaked black robes and had a dark hood pulled over its head. All he could see of its face were two red eyes glaring at him. These eyes never blinked; they just stared right back. "Who are you?" he said with a firm voice. The figure just stared back. "As the master of this castle, I demand to know who you are!" he said again more firmly. At that moment the figure's hands shot up and lightning flew from them knocking him to the ground. The figure spoke with a demonic voice, "You demand nothing from me. I am the master now. You will obey me."

The count jumped to his feet and said, "How dare you speak to me that way." He transformed and lunged for the figure. It held up its hand and Dracula froze in mid-air. It flung its arm and sent him flying across the room. Dracula slammed into a wall and fell to the ground. "You have no powers against me. You are mine now until you complete your task."

"What?" said the confused count. "I resurrected you for a reason", said the demonic voice as it walked closer. "You are to rid the world of the Van Helsing family, only then will you be free." Dracula stood and said, "I am through with Gabriel Van Helsing. I will not try again." Lightning shot from the figure's hands again and struck Dracula. He fell once again; he could hardly breath and found it hard to stay awake. "You have no choice, serve me or die again, only this time it will be much more painful," said the figure who seemed to be smiling under that dark hood. The count looked up and said, "Who are you?"

"My name is Malina and I am a Shadow Mage, the last of an ancient race. We used to bring balance to the world by battling the forces of good. Now all the mages but me have died, shifting power to good. This I cannot allow. Now you must serve me and kill the Van Helsings." Dracula slowly stumbled to his feet and said, "Why does it matter if you kill them, they are not the only force of good." The mage walked closer and said, "I am aware of this, but they are the key and only hope for the good powers. That is why you must kill him." "Why me?" asked Dracula. Malina got more serious and said, "Who better to bring down an angel than the son of the devil."

"Come, walk with me," said Malina. "What makes you think that I can beat Gabriel now? As you know he killed my brides …" Dracula stooped and thought, suddenly he longed to see his brides, Aleera and Marishka. Malina stopped, turned, and said, "Do not think of your brides. You will have new ones, brides of my choosing. That's right, I can read your thoughts. Do not waste your time longing for something you cannot have." "Why can't I have my brides back! I refuse to do this without them." The Mage lifted her hand and Dracula fell to the ground once more and said, "You are greatly mistaken if you think you can disobey me." The Mage turned and continued walking.

Dracula got to his feet and followed. Soon they were in the dungeon. They walked down to the lowest dungeon and Dracula heard two voices. Dracula passed Malina and ran to the door of the dungeon. He looked through the bars of the door and saw two figures on the floor of the dungeon. "Look familiar?" asked Malina. "Marishka, Aleera?"

The figures ran to the door and reached through the bars touching his face. "Is it really you, master?" said Aleera. Dracula saw the condition of his wives, turned to Malina, and said, "What have you done to them?" "Well let's just say they were here long before you were." "What?" "I brought them back first because I figured you would be a little reluctant to obey me. Let's just say they are a little incentive to make sure you do your job." "Master, help us. I do not know how long we can last here," said Marishka. Malina spoke again, "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, they are no longer the cursed. So their lives are delicate and may end when ever I feel like it."

Dracula touched the faces of his wives and one tear ran down the side of his face. He backed away and touched the lone tear, "What's happening to me?" "Oh how it must hurt to care for them. Like I said, I will do anything to make you obey, even if that means you have to feel. Why do you think you hurt so much?" Dracula knew it was hopeless, she was going to get to him one way or another. Now he was cursed with feelings. He looked into the desperate eyes of his wives and said, "I will get you out of here, I promise." He turned to the mage with hate in his eyes. "What must I do?"

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