Erik whispered this in my ear when I was complaining of writers block, so I figured I'd write it. Thank you, Monsieur Destler!

No problem.

What was that? Anyways, this takes place way before the play/book/movie begins. I do not own The Phantom of the Opera. I only own Erik. In my dreams. Also, this is probably Kay based the most. Enjoy.

He crept silently along the hidden corridors, looking for only one: his Christine.

She was not in the girl's dormitories, only the usual gaggle of girls sat, doing each other's hair. They were always in there, five or six of them- including little Giry. His Christine was never a part of such a crowd- they were much too silly for her. However, he could tell that she longed to be- the Giry girl spent much too much time with them, and never bothered to introduce her to them. He couldn't help a frown from forming beneath his mask- she too was an 'outsider'.

He was about to continue on his way, when he heard something odd. Something that made him stop in his tracks, his fists to clench.

"I am so horrendously ugly!"

He spun around immediately, his teeth barred. WHAT did she say?

It was true- one of the girls was standing in front of the vanity, poking at her cheeks with her forefinger.

"My cheeks are much too chubby, and my hair is pure frizz!"

They were lies. The girl was attractive. However, it did not stop the rest of the gang to jump up and comfort her.


"No, not at all!"

"Marie!" It was Giry. "YOU are not ugly. I am ugly. Have you seen my toes?" She held up one of her legs, and removed her slipper. She pointed to her foot. "One of my toes is larger than my big toe!"

"No, Meg," another girl piped up. "I am ugly! My eyes are small, and I am much too fat!"

They continued to moan and complain about their looks, each one shouting out their worst qualities.

"My eyelashes are thin!"

"My nose is too big!"

"My ankles are large!"

"My fingers are stubby!"

It wasn't worth his time. He forced his anger down as he turned away, prepared to continue his search. That, however, was when Giry's voice rang out again.

"No! Do you know who really is ugly?" She asked, grinning wickedly. He watched with baited breath as they all begged for the answer.

"The Phantom of the Opera!"

The girls burst out. Some laughed, others screamed, but they all agreed- he was the ugly one.

"At least you have hair, Marie!"

"At least you have clearly defined eyes, Chantel!"

"At least you have a nose, Jacqueline!"

"At least you aren't a skeleton, Elizabeth!"

He fought the urge to appear before them, without his mask, and kill them all. He clenched his fists and grinded his teeth as he leaned against the wall. How…DARE they! How dare they speak so ill of someone they had never seen, someone who could be listening….

His nails cut into his palms, his eyes watering. I should kill them all…

He shook his head, resisting. It wasn't worth it. It wasn't worth being locked away, it wasn't worth losing Christine's trust. He got off the wall, shaking as he stared upon the girls in disgust. He walked away quickly, intent on finding Christine and blocking the memory to the back of his mind.

They really didn't know how lucky they were.

There. I'm happy now.