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I have no idea when James and Lily's anniversary is, so I decided that it's July 29th. Harry was born in 1980. Snape is OOC. Also, when this starts, Snape is at (big surprise on the name) Snape Manor.

/…/ thinking

"…" speaking

>…> parseltongue

Ch 1-Severus

July 29th

/Here it is again.

The day she married him.

It was for our own safety.

No one could know about us.

I consider this the day I lost her to him.

The next year she had a son.

His son.

Not mine.

She swore she still loved me.

But having his child-that said otherwise.

Didn't she know actions speak louder than words?

This is also the day I left her.

Two days before the child was born.

A year later she tried to talk to me again.

I wouldn't.

Eventually I agreed to meet with her to talk.

We were going to meet on November first.

I regret not talking to her sooner.

Maybe we would have been on better terms when she died.

Maybe she'd have been able to tell me what was so important.

Too late now.

Ugh, I need a drink./

At this Severus Snape got up and went to get himself some Scotch. Hell, it wasn't like anyone was going to bother him today. Both Dumbledore and Voldemort would leave him alone. Neither knew the reason, but both knew better than to call for him, unless they wanted to deal with an angry and depressed drunk, and that was if they caught him before he passed out.

/They're wrong, I don't hate Potter for being James' son.

I hate him for not being mine./

(A/N- I almost stopped it here and made all of that a oneshot and put the rest as a sequel…then Shinju read it and threatened to kill me if I did…she wouldn't be able to kill me one of the perks of being older and stronger, but I have to live with her so she could still make my life a living hell)

At this thought Severus got himself drunk as all hell and kept it up until he passed out.

He never saw the owl come in and drop off the letter.


July 30th

Severus, as he had for the last 15 years, woke up on the 30th with a hell of a hangover. He took his anti-hangover potion and got up.

/A letter? Must have gotten it while I was passed out./

He picked it up and saw the writing.


Opening it he checked the date-July 29, 1981-and started to read.


I hope you never get this, but if you do it means that I died without ever telling you the truth.

I know you don't believe it, but I always loved you. James was my friend, but I never loved him like I loved you.


He shook his head.

/Then why did you have his son/

You're probably shaking your head now, and thinking, 'Then why did you have his son?'

/…She knew me too well./

My son…When you get this he should be turning sixteen in two days.

/And I care why/

You're wondering why you should care. You're thinking, 'Why is she telling me this? It's not as if he's mine.'

But that's the thing, he is yours. He was only James' in the public eye. Even Dumbledore wasn't told.

I know, I know, 'He doesn't look like me, he looks like James, how could he be mine?'

As soon as I was able I cast a glamour over him to make him look like James. Everything in him that looks like James is what would look like you.

That's part of why I'm writing this. Since I'm dead and you got this I never had a chance to tell you.

The glamour has probably been getting weaker over the last month, and he will probably have started to look like you again.

Please go find him and claim him. The only reason I did the glamour was to keep us safe, so that the three of us wouldn't be in danger.

I love you Severus. Never forget that.


P.S. I sent Harry a letter too.

He stared at the letter in shock.

/Potter…is my son. Not James. …Should stop calling him 'Potter' as he isn't one. What am I going to do? If I claim him I'll have to present him to the Dark Lord, but if I don't he might think that I don't want him./

Lost in though he hadn't noticed when Dumbledore apparated in.


Severus blinked.

"Yes, Albus?"

"Are you alright? You weren't responding."

"I'm fine, I just got a letter with some surprising news."

He handed the letter to Dumbledore, who took it and read it.

"I see. What do you plan to do."

"I plan to speak with him and work from there."

"Well, I suggest you wait until tomorrow to give him time to think on this."

Dumbledore disapparated as Severus' Dark Mark began to burn.

Severus Headed to the Death Eater meeting, putting all thoughts of the letter out of his mind.

/I'll worry about that later. Can't have our dear Dark Lord find out, can we/

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