Title: Behind the Blue Moon
Author(s): SkyFire
Rating: PG13
Summary: An unfortunate accident has unforeseeable consequences for the Lord of the Western Lands.
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Possible slash/yaoi ahead. Not sure, but maybe. WIP.

Author's Notes: (1) I have a vague idea where this is going. Let me know if you want to see more.
(2) My first Inuyasha fanfic, though not my first fic (I write for "Lord of the Rings" and "Pirates of the Caribbean"). Ideas and suggestions are always welcomed. Flames will be force-fed to the youkai in my basement; what he decides to do with them is none of my business.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the Inuyasha series, movies, or manga. Though if someone would kindly donate a Sesshomaru, I wouldn't turn him down... ;oP

Part 1: The Accident

The blast of the Wind Scar smashed the demon back against the cliff face, destroying the monster and taking a chunk out of the cliff face.

The shard of the Shikon Jewel the demon had possessed was found, purified. A round of 'I'm all right, are you?'s followed, then, assured that no one had taken mentionable injury, they turned back to the road they had been walking before they had been attacked.

They had barely begun to leave the area when they heard the patter of small feet over freshly-fallen rock and the unmistakable sound of a certain small girl.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" she cried. "Where are you, my Lord? Lord Sesshomaru?"

Turning back in confusion, the five saw Rin climbing over the mass of broken stone that was the result of the Wind Scar's last terrible blast.

"Rin?" called Kagome as the group ran over to Sesshomaru's distraught protege. "Rin, what's wrong?"

The girl looked over, a relieved look coming over her face as she saw them. "It's Lord Sesshomaru! We were walking along the path at the top of the cliff when suddenly he threw me away." Her eyes teared up and she sniffled, wiping at her nose with one hand. "There was a loud noise, and when I looked back, the path had fallen, and now I can't find Lord Sesshomaru! Please help me find him," she begged.

Why would we want to do–" Inuyasha started, arms crossed over his chest in refusal, only to be cut off mid-refusal by the others' rush to the rock pile. "Hey! Whatcha doin' that for? It's not as if he'll be grateful at all. And besides, he's probably fine."

"Inuyasha," Kagome said, climbing with the others onto the unsettled ground. "Forget all that and come help."

"But I don't--"

"Inuyasha." Her tone told him that unless he went over and helped in the search, that one dreaded word would escape her lips. Repeatedly.

Grumbling in annoyance –though carefully not loud enough for Kagome to hear-- Inuyasha joined the others in the search for his half-brother. The smells of dead demon, blood, and rock-dust filled the air, effectively stopping him from sniffing out the missing youkai. The sound of settling stone likewise assaulted sensitive ears as he searched halfheartedly amongst the rubble.

For nearly half and hour, they scrambled over the heap of slowly settling stone, calling out the name they had never expected to have to, the name of the demon lord who always seemed to be trying to kill Inuyasha.

But for all their calling, they received no reply; not a single word or noise answered either their uncertain calls or Rin's increasingly frightened ones. Then--

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin screamed, her voice high and terrified. "Here! Help! Help! Lord Sesshomaru!"

Converging as quickly as safely possible on Rin, the group arrived to see Rin on her knees on the pile, pulling rocks aside to roll down the hill.

She looked up briefly as they arrived, then went back to task, tears leaving clean streaks down the dirt and dust on her face.

Right before her a pale, clawed hand stuck up out of the heap of rocks. A pair of pale purple stripes curling around the wrist confirmed its owner's identity.

As quickly as they dared, knowing that moving the wrong stone at the wrong time could result in the pile shifting, cause further injury to the buried youkai as well as possible doing the same to them, they dug.

Carefully, they moved stone after stone, growing only more concerned the further they dug as there was still no noise from the buried one, nor even a twitch from the arm that, they could now see, was twisted awkwardly away from the body; aiming straight up while the body itself was yet nowhere in evidence.

It was with trepidation –and a worried glance at Rin, being held away by an equally-concerned and solemn Miroku-- that Sango had reached out, pressed knowing fingers to the hollow of the wrist. Sighed in relief when she felt –somewhat weaker that hoped for, but not as much as feared-- the faint flutter of a pulse.

And so they kept digging, each wondering how extensive his injuries must be that he had not simply gotten back up after the fall. All knew the horrendous damage Inuyasha could take and shrug off, and he was only a half-demon. How terrible would Sesshomaru's damage prove to be...?

Kagome was on the ground, doing her utmost to keep Rin and Shippo occupied as Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku finally uncovered the youkai lord's torso, then head.

Red. Everywhere.

Once silvery hair was clumped and matted, soaked with blood that oozed down across what they could see of his face. The chunk of rock that had lain across his head and neck had needed a good amount of Inuyasha's strength to budge; it was nothing short of a miracle that Sesshomaru's skull hadn't been crushed. What they could see of his armor was bent and twisted crazily, pressing against the injured one in a way that had to be anything but comfortable, especially considering the extensive bruising that had to be forming.

Even Inuyasha had nothing to say as they set to uncovering the rest of his half-brother.

At last, the last of the hindering rocks was thrown aside.

With a gentleness that seemed incongruous when considering both the clawed hands and the viciousness with which the brothers tried to kill each other on a regular basis, Inuyasha lifted Sesshomaru from the pit in which he lay. He carried the limp figure carefully down the heap, then lay him gently down on a patch of grass at the side of the road.

Again, Kagome kept the younger members of the group distracted while the other three tended to the demon lord's wounds.


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