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It was a cool summer evening, soon to be night. The wind was picking up, fiercely attacking the lithe frame of a pink haired woman as she sat before two grave stones. The wind did not seem to faze her, no shiver ran down her pale skin nor did a cough shake her small frame. She seemed to be gone from the outside world, so lost in thought. Falling cherry blossoms surrounded her as they died with the oncoming cold. Animals ran home to the warm comfort of their families. Nins and civilians alike rushed to warm, welcoming homes as they greeted their loved ones and enjoyed a happy evening laughing around the dinner table and comfortably heading off to bed.

Yet the woman did not notice this. She remained kneeling before the headstones, lost in thought, a soul drifting from life. Slowly a single bitter tear rolled down her smooth cheek and onto her clenched fists resting on her bent knees. Her short petal locks blew madly all around her with the quickening wind, softly hitting her face while in a state of chaos. She did not bother to remove stray strands from her face or calm her shaking form. Her trembling became worse and her fists clenched tighter as a sob racked through her. She hunched over, her silky locks falling before her face, hiding the broken expression from the naïve world. A silent cry broke from her trembling, pale lips. A shattered soul.

Sakura could not believe it had been so long, so long since her parents' death. She had taken them for granted for so long, never learning from Sasuke's nor Naruto's lack of them. She never thought they'd be a target in order to get to her. Four long years since they'd been taken from her in a most cruel way…forcibly…by her own two hands.

Their death was unexpected to say the least. The Leaf Village was at war with Sound three years after Sasuke had left. That was expected. Orochimaru surprisingly had not led the Sound nins, it was a new, stronger leader, one unknown to all, even his own followers. Sasuke was not with them either, he had apparently killed Orochimaru a year before and released himself from the Cursed Seal in the process.


Sakura had just turned 16 a month before the war. Then one day during training after one of her A ranked missions, Sakura and all the other Jounins were called to the Hokage's office in an urgent note.

Tsunade looked sadly over her top ninjas. They had gotten so far and become so strong. They truly were the best.

"Tsunade-sama?" Sakura asked noticing her teachers woeful expression. Tsunade smiled at her slightly before beginning.

"The Sound is advancing on the village as we speak. Our spies could not determine their true number, but have found that there are many. We may be outnumbered. Do not be discouraged. We have the best nins in the five countries and we will defeat them. I want you to assemble all Jounins, Chuunins, and Genins in the village square. There you will be split into your positions during the fighting."

It was sudden, but they had been expecting it. Everyone nodded before disappearing from the room, leaving Tsunade with Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura.

"Tsunade-sama, do you think he…"

"I don't know Sakura," the blond sighed, rubbing her head in frustration.

"Baa-chan, Sasuke-teme would never fight his own village. He might have joined Orochimaru, but that was to get to his brother!"

"Yes Hokage-sama, besides, I've heard that he left the Sound and is on his own now," Kakashi spoke up, for once without his beloved book in his hand.

"I have heard the same Kakashi, but we will not believe gossip. If Sasuke is truly with the Sound against us then it is your mission by my order to kill him. This is a mission I give to all of you. Do not dare hesitate or you too will be betraying this village." She looked specifically at Sakura.

"Yes Hokage-sama," they replied in unison before they too disappeared from the room.

"Kami, please don't let him be with them," Tsunade whispered, fearing for the mental states of her most loyal nins.

The village was put on high alert and all Leaf nins were assembled in the village square. There they were given their positions during the fighting.

Most of the top Jounins including Naruto, Neji, Lee, Kiba, Kakashi, Asuma, Gai, Gaara and would be at the border to filter off as many Sound nins as possible.

Then the Chuunins would be some miles behind them to hold off the Sound nins that had gotten through the Jounins.

Another unit of Jounins including Tenten, Hinata, Temari, Kurenai, Shino, Ino, and Choji would take care of the nins that had gotten through the second line of defense.

Genins and other Chuunins would be in the village moving the civilians to the mountain hideouts.

With Tsunade in her office, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Shizune would handle directing the defense and offense, giving directions and strategically orders.

The Sound nins had come through in a storm of murder and destruction. The first line of Jounins had difficulty holding them off due to the vast number of attacking nins. Many of the Sound were killed off, only half making it through. The Sound nins trickled through the first defense and met the line of Chuunins head on. Many casualties were met on both sides, but more so with the Sound. Many of the Sound nins broke through the Chuunins, who could not receive relief from the Jounins who were faced with another wave of Sound nins, and met the second line of Jounins. Most of the Sound nins were killed off, but while the Jounins were busy with defending the borders, a stray unit of Sound nins had used the distraction to attack the Chuunins and Genins leading the civilians to safety. During the fighting, Sakura's parents, who were with the group of civilians, were taken by the Sound.

Word quickly reached the Hokage's office of the true intent of the attack by Sound. All available Jounins and Chuunins were sent to relieve the attacked Chuunins protecting the civilians.

"Tsunade-sama! You have to let me go! My parents are with that group of civilians! The wounded will also need a medic-nin, please!" The Hokage could do nothing but nod sadly.

With Tsunade's permission, Sakura also rushed to the site. Her body trembling in fear for her parents.

When she arrived she was shocked at the massacre of Leaf and Sound nins. While the Chuunins were fighting the Genins were leading the civilians. Sakura quickly went in to relieve the exhausted Chuunins.

During her fighting she saw two familiar figures coming towards her. "Naruto-kun! Kakashi-sensi!"

"Oi Sakura-chan, we kicked butt over there! Thought you might need some help here!"

They had come to her side, just like old times. Standing by one another, they kept a wall between the Sound nins and the civilians. They were able to successful keep any Sound nins from passing by them. They were soon joined by the Jounin from the first line.

After finishing an attacking nin off, Sakura turned to look at the civilians to see if her parents were there when she noticed a trap only a few feet away from the advancing group.

"Naruto-kun! Kakashi-sensi! Take my back! I have to get to the civilians!" Naruto and Kakashi nodded, automatically covering her. Sakura, with Hinata who also noticed the trap, rushed to the group. They were followed by a few cloaked Sound nins. Neji and Tenten came by them and covered them while they reached the group in time.

"Turn right! There's a trap a few feet ahead!" Sakura shouted. She and Hinata led them through the trees and away from the trap. However, another trap was set off and hundreds of kunai aimed for them were launched. 'Damn!' Making a series of hand seals, Sakura formed a barrier of air around the group, successfully deflecting the attacking weapons.

Releasing the seal, Sakura and Hinata safely led the civilians and Genins to the cave hideout. With them safely within, the two kunoichi quickly headed back to aid their friends.

However, half way back they were met with an ominous shadow. He had on the clothing of the Sound nins' leader and reeked of blood. He had a murderous look in his dark eyes, one craving for their blood. Hinata and Sakura immediately fell into battle positions, kunai and shuriken out and ready to be thrown.

The figure however disappeared, and after several minutes of restless anticipation for an attack, Sakura signaled for Hinata to go ahead and travel back to the fighting.

"Quickly Hinata-chan," she whispered, "he may still be here, I'll cover you from behind."

"H..hai," Hinata quickly ran through the trees and Sakura made to follow her, but felt a presence behind her.

"Who's there, I know you're here, you can't conceal your presence any longer. Who are you!" she shouted once Hinata was out of hearing range.

"You may call me Karasu." came a voice akin to the sly slither of a snake.

Chakra concentrated in her fists, Sakura spun around and attempted at punch at her guest. The figure easily jumped out of the way and disappeared again.

"Quit with these games!" Sakura shouted in frustration turning her head from side to side in attempt to find his chakra, "What do you want!"

"That's quite simple my little flower," at his eerily calm voice Sakura's body tensed up and anger coursed through her veins. "I want you."

Her head spun in the direction of a tree to her left. There she was able to get a good look at the stranger. He was a tall, lanky man with an chilling aura that craved for blood. His dark eyes glistened with malice as he smirked at her anger. His clothing indicated that he was the leader of the Sound, which brought into question of what happened to Orochimaru…and Sasuke. His cropped black hair fell in his face, covering part of his pale features.

"You can forget it," she hissed, launching a series of kunai at him only to hit a log. 'A replacement! Kuso!'

"You cannot hit me with such mediocre attacks, flower." While talking, he did not notice two large shuriken coming from behind him in the shadows of the trees. When they were about to pierce through his black, his body shifted in a black blur to a higher branch, a safe range away from the attack. He began chuckling.

Sakura clenched her teeth in anger, "Don't call me that bastard! And what makes you think I'll join you!"

"I don't think, my dear, I know, for I have something you want."

"Wha…" Then it suddenly hit her, a wave of nausea washed through her, her body tensing in anger. The only thing she had to worry about that anyone could use against her were her parents. And she had not sensed their presence nor seen them while leading the group of civilians. "You bastard! What have you done with them!"

"My my you really are the brightest kunoichi of your time, however you have such a dirty mouth. It must be from that nine-tails fox that you've been teamed with."

"Don't get off subject. Tell me where are they!"

"Follow me." Was all he said before disappearing. Looking back to where Hinata had run, Sakura also disappeared and followed him.

They soon reached a dark, silent part of the forest which reeked of death. Sakura only glared at the back of the unknown man. Performing a series of jutsus, Karasu called forth a hidden opening in one of the large trees and merged with the darkness. Sakura entered, all her sense on high alert. The hole behind her closed and she found herself in a barely lit room. Seeing all the Sound nins there, she automatically knew that this was their hideout.

Her eyes suddenly widened in realization, 'They've been planning this longer than we'd expected. How long have they been here! Why have we not picked up on their presence! I have not sensed Sasuke-kun's nor Orochimaru's presence anywhere, where could they be? Are they even around anymore?'

"Yes, my dear. We've been here for almost 6 months now, right under your nose. But enough beating around the bush. We'll go straight into negotiations."

"What negotiations! I want my parents back! And I want them alive and unharmed or you'll have hell to pay." Sakura hissed vehemently, her green eyes narrowed in anger. They began to turn darker as her Inner-self struggled to take over.

"You truly possess it; you have the rogue spirit that has been searched for, for so long." At this Sakura's eyes dropped a degree in anger and held a look of slight, weary curiosity.

"What are you talking about?"

"You truly don't know anything about your inner-self do you! Do you think that it is a trait most people possess? Only those who can control can possess one, and that is rare in itself. You most likely have only heard its whispers and silent demands, forcing you to do things you would not normally do. Yet you have not ever awakened its true form nor called on its presence." Sakura's eyes remained guarded as her brain tried to process the new information and solve it.

"If that is so, then why has no one else picked up on it? Why have you been the only one to know?"

"Easy. No one knows of it, and if they do they only believe it to be legend or myth. You have not shown enough symptoms of it to really direct suspicion. Your Hokage, Tsunade-san, may have suspected, but she never voiced her belief in fear of it being true. However, in your moments of anger your eyes glaze over and you act out of character. Discreet and subtle changes and unnoticeable to an average person unless they were carefully studying your actions."

'Could he be right? Is this possible? I've never heard of such a thing. Should I believe him? Kuso! I must get my parents back at all costs!'

"So what if I do, what of it? It does not incline me to join you in the least."

"Would you if your parents' lives hung in the balance?"

"You bastard!" she hissed in anger. Her anger rose tenfold as a sense of insanity took of. Rage boiled in her blood, hatred rang through her veins. Her eyes transformed to a deep forest green, her pupils disappearing into the glistening green, and her features turned wicked. She began attacking him in a mad frenzy in attempt to take out her anger and frustration. She no longer took into account her surroundings or what her purpose was. All she wanted was to hurt the man before her, to tear apart and disembowel him bit by bit. 'I want his blood!'

Karasu quickly countered her attacks, blocking each hit, but not attempting to fight back knowing it was pointless. In this form and state of mind she was too strong. She no longer knew limits nor bodily restrictions. She was drawing on the power of the spirit and forgetting herself in it. She no longer had the mental restrictions of a human.

'She's stronger than I thought, I can not beat her without killing myself. Her fighting style is suicide, these attacks could easily kill her in the process. How does she know these forbidden jutsus! She's using the clan bloodlines, this spirit is stronger than I believed, allowing its container to even call on bloodlines.'

Sakura had begun using the spirit's infinite memory to remember every kinjutsu she'd ever seen as well as the advanced ones and those of bloodlines. Sharingan appeared in one eye and Byakugan in the other. She launched Chidori and Rasengan consecutively and went on to use the Hyuuga 64-point technique.

'Damn her, aside from the spirit she's exceptional smart, a true genius. Her chakra control is too perfect and precise. The spirit chose a perfect vessel.

In that moment she looked like an angel…of death. Her petal locks spun around her with each movement, an ethereal halo. Her dark eyes gleamed beautifully with wickedness Her toned, slender body moved in a deadly dance. She was the devil's mistress, mistress of all hate and rage.

'I must pacify her, she's too strong. Her supply of chakra is endless, I must bring her human consciousness to control.' She directed a fist charged with chakra towards his solar plexus with deadly accuracy. He barely had time to avoid it only to be hit in the stomach with kunai and punched in the head while distracted, sending him flying across the room into the opposite wall.

While struggling to raise himself, he looked up to see her aiming a fist at the ground. 'Kuso! She's going to break through the ground and have it impale me on the spot. I must act now.' Getting up quickly, he motioned for a nin cloaked in the darkness to bring the hostages forth.

Just as Sakura was about to punch the floor, the nin reappeared in front of his leader with her parents.

Her mother immediately cried at the bloodied form of her daughter. "Sakura-chan!" her eyes moved over her daughter wildly, motherly compassion forcing everything else from her mind except the beaten form of her daughter. She looked up at her husband only to find him staring in shock at their daughter.

Almost immediately, Sakura's eyes reverted back to normal, her logical mind gaining control once more. Blinking a few times, 'Ma…mama? Pa..papa? What the hell happened?' She finally noticed the tied up figures of her parents who were looking at her with worry and fear. 'He…he was going to have me hit them if I didn't stop, that merciless pig! They are helpless!'

"You monster! Let them go!"

"Now that you are in a more logical state, your parents for your oath of loyalty. With you I will destroy this measly village."

"Don't do it Sakura-chan!" her mother screamed, her eyes flooding with tears.

"It's not worth it!" her father yelled in anger.

Looking at them in their terrorized state, her anger only increased. "What! If I were to promise my loyalty to you, you'd use me to kill them anyway! They're innocent of anything, you do not bring civilians into a war! It was agreed on by the five countries!"

"I do not believe in such ridiculous agreements. But you are correct about your parents," he laughed, "however, if you concede it will be a painless death for them, otherwise I will torture them before your very eyes."

"Bastard! Do not do this to her!" Her father struggled, trying to loosen the ropes and help his daughter in some way. Seeing his struggling, the nins quickly beat him to submission.

Shock and horror ran through Sakura at the sight of her father's bloodied form. 'To..torture th..them, no No NO!' She attempted to attack the leader, but was immediately held back by two nins hidden behind her.

"Let them go! You can't do this, you can't! I won't join you, I've pledged my allegiance to Konoha and the Hokage when I chose to become a kunoichi, I won't turn my back on my country! Fight me! Fight me now damn it! LET THEM GO!" Tears fell from her eyes, her small body trembled madly, her mind filled with fear and rage. She struggled against the tight hold of her capturers only to find herself put into a paralysis jutsu. 'They purposely kept me distracted!'

"Very well, you've chosen. You shall watch them parish before your very eyes."

"no..," she whispered, "NO! YOU CAN'T! Let me go! Release me!" All the while her parent's watched as their only child struggled to do what was right. She had no way out, either way they'd be destroyed and she would become Karasu's weapon.

Sakura's father looked over at his wife and saw her body shaking as silent sobs racked through her body, 'She's in shock' he concluded. Closing his eyes woefully, he decided what must be done. Opening his eyes, he met the eyes of his wife and she merely nodded.

Looking back at his torn daughter. "Sakura!" her father shouted sternly. The trembling girl looked over at him with red eyes. "Let it happen, do not betray your village. This is inevitable regardless of what you do. Close your eyes, don't look," he ordered. Sakura looked at him in shock, her eyes widening, her pupils shrinking in horror at his words. "Make us proud" he whispered.


The leader chuckled at their display. "It seems that they have no qualms with it, so let us proceed."

Sakura's mother closed her eyes as a sob could be heard emerging from her pale lips. Her husband clutched her hand and squeezed it tightly. "I love you," he whispered.

"We'll always be together, even in death, watching over our baby," she whispered, squeezing back.

They were then torn apart and held a few feet apart by two different nins. They were blind folded so Sakura could not seek comfort from their eyes, however, right before the blindfold was put on they both shot her a look of pure love and compassion.

Then it suddenly happened. The first strike, a kunai was pushed into their skin and dragged across their body. She could only watch in terror as her parents were beaten and tortured. She could only listen as their screams permeated the room, their horrible blood curling screams. She'd never heard anything so horrifying, so…terrible. She could only scream silent pleas.

When she tried to close her eyes and block out the site of their blood and insides gushing around them, she found she could not move them. Karasu had purposely left them open, jerking away any forms of comfort and alleviation for her. She was forced to watch her parents' bodies mangled by various weapons and burned by fire and beaten by fists and so much more.

With each moment and each hit, her anger burned deeper, her rage rang fiercer, her hatred came stronger. Her eyes shifted in color again, her pupils sank into the deadly green surroundings. Her eyes wandered madly, insanity taking over. Her madness swallowed her whole essence. Her chakra moved around her in intense winds, forcing the nins holding her captive to let go or be disintegrated by the concentrated power emitted from her anguished form.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated on her chakra, fueling it with anger, hatred, rage, disgust. She felt something snap. She felt free, as though there were no restrictions, no limits. She could do anything. She finally called on the spirit. They had finally merged and would fight as one.

Opening her eyes, the other nins in the room could not help but cringe at the mad look in her dark green eyes. Clenching her fists she broke the jutsu and ran towards Karasu. No thought was put into her actions. Hatred and rage propelled her into action. However, she did not seem to notice the jutsu aimed for her.

Karasu smirked, he'd been waiting for this moment. He watched as the jutsu almost hit her head on, but she disappeared from its path at the last moment.

She suddenly reappeared behind Karasu and was about to strike when her body suddenly froze. She could not move! Her rational side came forth and she could only watch as her body was controlled by the disgusting Sound leader.

"Good my pet," he purred as she obediently walked over to him.

'No, NO! What am I doing! Stop, stop you damn body!'

Karasu chuckled at the stunned look in her eyes. He raised his right calloused hand and stroked the side of her pale face fondly. "Such beauty," he purred. His hand traveled down her cheek, caressed her neck, passed over her small shoulder, squeezed the swell of her breast, and came to rest low on her hip. Too low, the tips of his fingers resting on her behind.

Sakura could only look on in disgust as he fondled her there, digging his fingers through the cloth of her skirt to the point she could feel them piercing her skin. But she was put into shock when her body instantly responded to his touches. Against her wishes, her left hand came to rest on his, bringing it lower before slowly leading it up her body and resting it on her cheek. Her body slithered closer to his, pressing tightly against him.

Karasu could not contain himself, this was perfect. He laughed at the horrified look in her eyes. 'She can do nothing to stop me. After this I will have my way with her enticing body.'

Bringing his lips to her ears, his hot breathe caressed her smooth skin as he whispered, "Kill them my pet, remove their blindfold, personally torture them. Slowly, painfully. Make them wither in disgust and shock, let me see the betrayed look in their eyes. Please me," he licked her ear slowly, relishing the sweet taste of her skin "and I will please you."

Inside Sakura was repulsed and disgusted, she was screaming in anger. However, fear swallowed her as she watched herself smile teasingly at Karasu, placing a wet kiss on his chin then nipping it slightly before stepping away. She walked towards her parents, her hips swaying teasingly. The nins torturing her parents quickly moved away to observe the beautiful mistress as she did their master's bidding. Bending before her parents, she slowly removed the blindfold from her parents' crumbled forms.

Feeling their blindfolds being removed, Sakura's parents weakly opened their eyes and looked up to see why their torture had stopped. They were shocked to see the smirking face of their daughter, her eyes glistening with a malicious glint.

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