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"Hi my name is Edward Elric, I work for the military as a state alchemist, a year ago there was an accident and everyone died. My superior and I were the only ones who made it out alive, but then we were taken away by a secret agency and became subjects for testing, they thought we were infected by the disease that killed everyone in the military, that was the last I ever saw of my superior or Roy Mustang as some call him, I was taken away to be tested on, that was the last time in a while I could see light."


Edward lay in a white chair in an empty room. He stirred slightly before waking with a jolt. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" He yelled as he sat up in the chair. He noticed that there were wires attached all over him, He screamed as he pulled them out of his head, legs and arms.

He got out of the chair slowly and looked at his surroundings. "Where am I…" he thought to himself, and then his memory came back about what had happened. He remembered the accident the monsters and then him being taken away and "Roy" Edward said quietly and he turned the doorknob.

Ed walked out of the room and into the hall his footfalls echoing which made him shudder. He darted his eyes across the halls as he walked. He finally stopped as he came to an exit door. He opened the door and walked out.

Full Metal walked down the streets looking at his surroundings, "oh my gosh, all this destruction, could it possible be the monsters, could those monsters still…be alive." He ran his auto mail hand through his long unbraided hair.

He picked up a Newspaper with the title 'THE DEAD WALK' He read it lightly seeing that there were zombies and some vampires free about town. "From the looks of it the whole town is practically dead. But then where are the creatures. " He thought aloud.

Ed looked down at his attire, which was a white robe, he thought "well. First things first, I should get some real clothes. He looked down the street, still no sign of the monsters. He looked at all the broken windows and bloodstains, and then he finally came to a clothes store.

Fullmetal sighed and looked at the clothes racks. He finally chose a Crimson tank top, black leather pants, and boots; he also put his hair in a braid. He walked around the store looking for a weapon of some sort; he finally came to the decision of transmuting metal objects into guns, knives, stakes, and Holy water. (AN: remember there are vampires) He put these items in a duffle bag he found on the floor of the store he was currently in.

He walked out of the store and down the street and thought, "well I guess I should look for survivors, but I doubt there will be any."

Edward was about to pass a church but then noticed a herd of zombies by the church so he quickly jumped behind a bush not wanting to be seen. That's when he heard a scream coming from the building. "I have to save that person or people!" He thought.

He ran around the church building avoiding the zombies. He was at the back of the church and noticed a ramp and a motorcycle. (AN: oooh Ed whatcha gonna do to save those people)


Faith walked down the church isle with her gun in hand, she had just killed this demon that had supernatural powers and moved quick as lightning. "Now to find Silus." Faith said to herself throwing her semi long dirty blonde hair over her shoulder.

"Silus." Faith called out, then she heard a sound ruffle by her. "Silus is that you!" Faith asked softly. Then a hand flew out of the darkness and grabbed her and put its hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

"Shhhhh, its just me." Silus started to say, "there's something out there" he whispered and took his hand off her mouth.

The creature lurked on the ceiling watching the two humans. He swiftly moved she he was right above Silus and Faith.

Silus felt that something wasn't right so he looked above him and quickly pushed Faith out of the way, "Hey! What are you doing!" Faith started saying before she saw the creature knock the gun out of her hand and under a table, "oh no…" Faith said as she looked at Silus who currently wasn't carrying a gun.

"Hurry this way!" Silus said as he grabbed faiths arm and pulled her to the other side of the church. "Shhhh" faith shushed. "Maybe if we are quiet enough it will leave and I'll have a chance to get my gun." Faith thought.

The creature spotted them but right before it attacked a motorcycle broke through the window.


Edward jumped off the motorcycle having it run into the monster. He landed on the ground and quickly took out his gun and shot the motorcycle making it blow up on the creature, killing it.

Ed got up from his kneeling position and walked over to Silus and Faith. Faith quickly kneeled under the table and grabbed her gun and pointed it at Edward, "Who the hell are you!" She yelled towards him. Edward brought up his gun and aimed it at Faith, "I'm Edward Elric"

"Do you know about those creatures and why they are attacking innocent people!" Silus Demanded. Edward looked at Silus and asked, "Are you infected did one of the creatures bite you and what are you names?"

"I'm Silus and that's Faith and no we were not bitten."


"Now could you please tell us why they are here." Faith asked. "Well there was an accident in the military and this was the results." Ed told her.

From the door they saw that the church door was starting to break open from the monsters hitting it. "We need to get out of here, we need to get out of this city, and if we stay we will die." Edward stated as he started towards the door. "Here you might need these." Ed turned back and threw a gun at Silus. "Thanks." Silus said as he and faith followed Edward.


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